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The HD screenshots continue with an article from Gamewatch delivering more scenes from the Re:CoM portion of the game. While half of them have been already released from Famitsu, there is still a good 20 or so you that can be seen.

kh03.jpg kh04.jpg kh05.jpg kh06.jpg kh07.jpg kh08.jpg kh09.jpg kh10.jpg kh11.jpg kh12.jpg kh13.jpg kh14.jpg kh15.jpg kh16.jpg kh17.jpg kh18.jpg kh19.jpg kh20.jpg kh21.jpg kh22.jpg kh23.jpg kh24.jpg kh25.jpg kh26.jpg kh27.jpg kh28.jpg kh29.jpg kh30.jpg kh31.jpg kh32.jpg kh33.jpg kh34.jpg kh35.jpg kh36.jpg kh37.jpg kh38.jpg kh39.jpg kh40.jpg kh41.jpg kh42.jpg kh43.jpg kh44.jpg kh45.jpg
As done with the Final Mix and 358/2 Days portion of the 1.5 HD ReMix, Famitsu has begun releasing screenshot previews of the second game to come with the collection; Re:Chain of Memories. along with the screenshots, a small interview is posted with Art Director: Takeshi Fujimoto, and Animation Director; Koji Hamada. All the information seen online will be part of the February 21st issue of Famitsu Weekly.

Recom1.jpg Recom2.jpg Recom3.jpg Recom4.jpg Recom5.jpg Recom6.jpg Recom7.jpg Recom8.jpg Recom9.jpg Recom10.jpg Recom11.jpg Recom12.jpg Recom13.jpg Recom14.jpg Recom15.jpg Recom16.jpg Recom17.jpg Recom18.jpg
Japan's 7-Eleven has released a special promotion for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix. When you pre-order the game from their store, an exclusive product code is added, which features a downloadable custom PS3 theme. This deal lasts until March 11th 2013 and has a decreased price of 6,280 Yen. Afterwords, the retail price returns to 6,980 Yen.

Pre-order Link

Credit to calxiyn for the news information.

Square Enix's official website for the HD Collection has recently updated by adding in the 358/2 Days section. Similar to what they did for the Final Mix tab, a Characters, Screenshots, and New features page have been added. Pictures for the Characters and Screenshots can mainly be found in past Famitsu articles, but can be seen below. The New features tab, again has been seen in past articles, and also shows a comparison between the DS and upcoming PS3 version.
khdays_render_01.png khdays_render_02.png khdays_render_03.png
khdays_render_08.png khdays_render_09.png khdays_render_10.png khdays_render_11.png khdays_render_12.png khdays_render_13.png khdays_render_14.png khdays_render_07.png khdays_render_15.png khdays_render_16.png khdays_render_17.png khdays_render_18.png khdays_render_05.png khdays_render_06.png
KHDays_Screen_01.jpg KHDays_Screen_02.jpg KHDays_Screen_03.jpg KHDays_Screen_04.jpg KHDays_Screen_05.jpg KHDays_Screen_06.jpg KHDays_Screen_07.jpg KHDays_Screen_08.jpg KHDays_Screen_09.jpg KHDays_Screen_10.jpg KHDays_Screen_11.jpg KHDays_Screen_12.jpg KHDays_Screen_13.jpg KHDays_Screen_14.jpg KHDays_Screen_15.jpg KHDays_Screen_16.jpg
This original and ever so eye pleasing boxart to the 1.5 HD collection has been revealed! While no set date has been confirmed for countries outside Japan, it was recently teased that there will be localization on the way!

Credit to Roxam and Libregkd for the update.