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Oh yes, more hype for the Japanese release! Some lucky person in Japan has gained their copy early and has been kind enough to post them online for fans' viewing pleasure. You'll notice they have posted the Box Case, Disc, Trophy List, and more! This thread will be updated with anymore photo's the user will upload.

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With the Japanese release only days away, Ruliweb has been gracious enough to post a recording of the playable demo at the Korea "Play the Playstation" event. The demo features a few playable moments on Destiny Islands, including the race with Riku and battles with Tidus, Wakka and Selphie.

Credit to Libregkd for the news link. The footage has been uploaded to the KHV Youtube channel.


We're all stupendously excited to see that Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix will be seeing an international release in the Fall of 2013. Square-Enix Community Manager Rob Peeler has been answering some questions about the game over at the PlayStation Blog. Some of the highlights:
Now that a few days have passed since the announcement, shops are slowly making preorders available. No bundles have been advertised yet, and I have a feeling we probably won't see them, at least not to the extent that we did for Dream Drop Distance. The game seems to be retailing for $40 (£29.99), which isn't much considering you're getting two games and a three hour movie!
With the box art revealed a month ago, the backside of the physical Japanese copy has appeared on the internet. As the HD collection is just over 2 weeks away from it's Japan release, news should be popping up as the release date inches closer.

Image find credited to Libregkd


Square-Enix (North America) and Square Enix (Europe) has confirmed that the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix will be releasing around Fall 2013. Fans can expect the same exact version that will be releasing in Japan on March 14. Yes that's right! This includes additional enemies, abilities, weapons, cutscenes and much more that were once part of Final Mix when it first released.

The Kingdom Hearts (North America) portal has also been transformed. Take a look at the new portal and browse through all the games. http://www.kingdomhearts.com