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After years of fan wishes, the Kingdom Hearts HD collections are coming to a current-gen console! Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX are being ported to the PlayStation 4 as a one-disc collection, and sooner than you think! The game will release in Japan on March 9, 2017, with subsequent releases for North America and Europe on March 28 and March 31, respectively.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX contains the full games of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, with a cutscene compilation of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days; Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX contains the full games of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Birth by Sleep Final Mix, with a cutscene compilation of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. With these and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, the entire Kingdom Hearts series will be available on the PlayStation 4 before the release of Kingdom Hearts III!


Hey, all!

It's been a hot minute since our last big archive update, but today I'm happy to present the entirety of Re:Chain of Memories and Reverse/Rebirth in HD! And for the completists out there, we also have all the text bubble sequences available as separate downloads. You can access it all from our Cutscene Archive.

Apologies for the massive delays. For a multitude of reasons, the entire project fell into limbo for quite a while. But I recently acquired the means to pick things up where we left off, so barring my untimely demise, you can expect to see more updates from us in the coming weeks. It's been long overdue, but we want to put the "Vids" back in KH-Vids.

Big thanks to @libregkd for sprucing up the archive, and putting everything in its proper place.

More to come soon!
Kingdom Hearts co-director Tai Yasue has spoken with GameSpot while attending E3, where he doesn't rule out the possibility of 1.5 and 2.5 HD ReMix being released for the PS4, stating:
On the subject of 'Kingdom Hearts III', Yasue mentions that development is "moving along fine," while also stating that the highly anticipated title, like every entry in the series before it, will not have a Final Fantasy world, saying:
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Kotaku recently sat down with KH3 co-director, Tai Yasue, to ask a few questions on KH3 and the HD remasters. In the interview, Yasue mentions how 1.5 and 2.5 helped with KH3's development, the relationship with Disney, and how Square-Enix is continuously hiring for KH3. The full interview interview can be read below:

Source: Kotaku
With the release of the original soundtrack for the Kingdom Hearts remasters in Japan today, the 7-Disc OST (containing up to 180 remastered tracks from the series) was then listed in Square-Enix's European store, set to be released on December 15th with a price of €64.99. While there's still no word on a North American release, hopefully this news means that the OST for the HD ReMixes will be available in other places pretty soon. As for all you Kingdom Hearts fans in Europe, this is definitely something you would want to add to your KH collection.


Via Square-Enix EU Store

UPDATE: And it looks like the OST was added to the North American Square-Enix music store as well, to be released on the same day with a $79.99 price tag.