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In the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation, 'Kingdom Hearts' director, Tetsuya Nomura, talked a bit on both 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue' and 'Kingdom Hearts III'. While a full translation of the interview isn't out yet, KHInsider user Zephyr was able to translate some of the main points of the interview, where Nomura discusses things such as no new boxart for 'Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5' on the PS4, how the remasters have never affected development of KH3, and the return of Reaction Commands in KH3 (now called Situation Commands and evolved to be less like simple QTEs). The main points can be read below:
This post will be updated with the full interview as soon as a translation is out.

EDIT: The full interview is as follows (thanks again to KHInsider for providing the translation)

Source: KHInsider
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According to YenPress' official Twitter the English versions of the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts II will be released in the United States.

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Both the Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days will be in one omnibus each, while Kingdom Hearts II will be split into two omnibuses. No release date has announced yet, but when we know we'll let you know!

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Thanks to the twitter (@kazu4281) we are able to see Aqua's new model along sides with Terra and Ven. As far as we know, this is a one page print in this weeks, weekly Shonen Jump. But it gives us a great insights to gameplay, worlds and our precious babies and their models!

(Translations soon to come)

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Alan Young, who has voiced Scrooge McDuck since 1983 (including in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), has sadly died at the age of 96 at his home in Woodland Hills, California. For many who enjoyed listening to him voice Scrooge McDuck over the years (myself included), this is truly heartbreaking.

R.I.P. Alan Young

No doubt to celebrate Kingdom Hearts 2.5's release in Japan yesterday, and its upcoming release in North America, Europe, and Australia, PlayStation posted some lovely new screens to their Facebook page! In contrast to some of the previously advertised screens, this set features a mixture of images in 720p and 1080p. Check them out below (click each to bring up a larger version and to quickly scroll through them).

KH25_bbs_bt2.jpg KH25_bbs_bt1.jpg KH25_bbs_bt3.jpg KH25_bbs_ds3.jpg KH25_bbs_mov1_FIX.jpg KH25_bbs_bt6.jpg KH25_bbs_ds1.jpg KH25_bbs_bt4.jpg KH25_bbs_bt5.jpg KH25_bbs_mov3_FIX.jpg KH25_bbs_ss3.jpg KH25_KH2_bt3.jpg KH25_bbs_ss2.jpg KH25_KH2_bt2.jpg KH25_bbs_ss1.jpg KH25_KH2_bt1.jpg KH25_KH2_ds2.jpg KH25_KH2_kn2.jpg KH25_KH2_ds3.jpg KH25_KH2_ds1.jpg KH25_KH2_kn1.jpg KH25_KH2_mov1_FIX.jpg KH25_KH2_mov2_FIX.jpg KH25_KH2_mov3_FIX.jpg KH25_KH2_ss1.jpg KH25_KH2_ss2.jpg KH25_KH2_XIII3.jpg KH25_KH2_ss3.jpg KH25_KH2_XIII1.jpg KH25_KH2_XIII2.jpg KHRecoded_EB.jpg KHRecoded_EC.jpg KHRecoded_EA.jpg

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix will be available in North America, Australia, and Europe on the 2nd, 4th, and 5th of December respectively. You can find information about preordering in your region & from select retailers on this handy page.