KH-Vids Podcast KHV Podcast Episode 8 - KHV Awards 2011 Part 1

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    Hey everyone!

    Did you miss me? :D surprised you, right? well it's been a while since our last podcast we are sorry about that but some of use had to go to school and settle into new places such as University and college. If you were here during the summer then you must have seen the numerous polls that were popping everywhere on KHV. It was that time of year again, the KHV Awards :D Now we have all the winners and runner-ups. Ty, Rvr, Chev, Plums, Stardust and I have decided to use our amazing voices to tell you the winners because we are that awesome.

    So please.. let our "enthusiastic" group overwhelm you xD

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    Intro song
    Artist: Theophilus London
    Song: Lighthouse
    Album: Timez Are Weird These Days

    Background song
    Artist: Kid Cudi
    Song: Mojo So Dope [instrumental]
    Album: Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

    Outro song
    Artist: Band of Horses
    Song: The Funeral
    Album: Everything All the Time

    Part 2 will be up soon <3
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Sabby, Sep 19, 2011.

    1. Plums
      Define "amazing". ;n;

      But anyway, this was really fun to do this time around.
      Congrats to the winners, runner-ups and you, the voters. c:

      expect to hear my awkward shrills and squeaks later guys
    2. Princess ♥✝
      Princess ♥✝
      Can't wait for this. This is going to be epic.
    3. Misty
      Chev, you know you love my circles + smudging. >:L
      you poopyhead

    4. Llave
      Ah finally! I wait in anticipation... Thanks Sabby for the podcast!
    5. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      You guys sounded more tired this time round. I worry! D:

      Something weird always happens on the show at some point. Like the music box. What the fu-

      Love you guys! Kiss kiss!
    6. Sanya
      Just remember guys if your parents happen to hear the tasteless words spewing out of Ty's mouth, let sabby rape your parents talk to your parents and she'll make everything better.
    7. Llave
      This is the picture i imagined to represent the excitement of that podcast:


      You guys did sound tired, and i can imagine going over awards may not be a fiesta. I do hope you guys get some rest if you need some, and i hope to hear all of you nice and chipper next time!

      You did a good job nonetheless!

      And Plums, I only heard you talk about twice D: I was expecting you to run the show the way you do KHV!
    8. Ienzo
      What? xD

      Also, I love Spam! Finally, I tell my friends and they all say things like "Ewww... isn't that really bad for you..." and I'm like... ;-;

      Anyway, I am still listening to it and it's amusing, lots of love flowing through it all xD Thanks guys!
    9. Cat~
      Y'all DID sound like you were high.

      Sabby haters need some sammiches~
      Someone has a Lux-like voice (probly Ty or Plumseh, but whatevs)

      And Star is too socially awkward for her own good... Hi-5 sishteh!
    10. Daxa~
      This was just lovely.

      But one thing.
      I was listening to this at half one in the morning,alone in my house.
      Not a good idea.
      Lets just say I got very afraid and paranoid.

      But lovely work as usual my dears,and lets all be honest,I listen to these just to hear your voices.
      I like your voices :3
    11. Llave
      Indeed, the entire time i imagined RvR just sitting there, wondering what the heck is going on, and Plums fell asleep.
    12. Sanya
      Plums is surprisingly shy- *shot*
    13. Llave
      Does he turn Cherry Plum-red when he blus- *shot*
    14. Sabby
      I'm shoving you in another Podcast >:
      lol You're welcome
      <33333 thank you. I like to creep Star out
      You. hush your mouth because you were quiet as hell. >:
      >> don't even remind me. I blame some people D:
      Spam is so freakin' good XD eat it with egg. YUMMM <3
      LOL I'd slap someone in the face with a sandwich

      *smiles sweetly* Want me to play it again? ;D
    15. Sanya
      It's hard to talk over Ty- *shot*
    16. C
      That was one awkward podcast... I love it! It was lots of fun to listen to. Sabby and Ty were very lively, so you even got both ends of the scale c:

      Can't wait for the next part!
    17. Iskandar
      so when are the results going to be typed out?
    18. Misty
      That's up to me, I'll hopefully have it soon. =]
    19. Iskandar
      I tried listening to the podcast, but I could barely tell what anyone was saying, and I couldn't even tell when you guys actually started saying who won what or anything. Nothing against you guys, just my lack of patience