KH-Vids Podcast KHV Podcast Episode 7 - Kingdom Hearts News is Back!

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    Hey, guys!

    I had to make this on short notice so we couldn't do questions like we always do. I am very sorry for this.

    How is your August going so far? Well, here to start off the new month is the seventh episode of the KH-Vids podcast! Unfortunately, with your lovely Asian host, Sabby, in Hong Kong, she could not participate in this episode, but don't worry - she will be back in the next one! Because of this, the podcast was hosted by myself, Ty. Joining me was sectional moderator Clawtooth, administrator Misty, and special guest, premium member tummer. In this episode, we talk about all of the new Kingdom Hearts news that has practically popped out of nowhere, discuss what we would like to/could see in the future KH titles, and the new server that has made its way to KH-Vids!

    tl;dr Ty's mic. sucks

    iTunes Download:!/id403893861?i=96180669

    Have suggestions or questions for the members of the KH-Vids Podcast? Let either Ty or Sabby know, or bring it to our attention in the posts below! Just be sure to follow the rules and guidelines here.

    We hope you enjoy the podcast even though it was a tad rushed!

    Songs used:
    Beginning: Tyler, the Creator featuring Hodgy Beats - Analog
    Ending: Bowerbirds - In Our Talons

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Ty, Aug 3, 2011.

    1. Daxa~
      Clawtooth <333333

      Well anyways,downloading it now,cant wait to hear it xD
      Im sure it shall be great,like all the others <3
    2. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Just like to say again thanks for inviting me to do this guys! It was a real blast!
    3. Llave
      I'm really excited to listen to this!! I love the podcasts. maybe one day i'll have the honor to be on one... but you guys always do great! Thanks:)
    4. Misty
      If you (or anyone!) is interested in being a guest on our podcast, there is information here.

      Anyway, had a lot of fun. =] Hope you guys can at least pity-laugh at my jokes~

      Also, it's up on iTunes, though you will probably have to hit the Refresh button to get it right away.
    5. Llave
      Hahaa thanks, and i agreed with everyone on pretty much everything! Somethings i haven't even thought of... i wanted to jump in the conversation because it was so interesting.

      Good Job Guys!!
    6. Princess ♥✝
      Princess ♥✝
      The bass in that intro is sexy.

      Looking forward to this one.

      EDIT: Cars sucks.

      EDIT2: Oh god these pick up lines.
    7. Sabby
      I listened to this while on the airplane. Just want to say.... KILLING YOU ALL WITH SAMMICHES >: Prepare to die.

      But I had a good laugh. xD I can finally listen to the whole podcast without skipping my voice xD
    8. Clawtooth
      Sorry Sabway-chan *gets smashed in the face with a baguette*.

      I like to know that there at least SOME people in the world who don't detest my voice as much as I do ...
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    9. C
      So I finally got around to listening to this, only eight days after everyone else xD It was an entertaining podcast. Don't have much else to say about the actual contents though.

      I do enjoy the tagents you guys go on, it tends to lead to the most amusing conversations which is always a fun part of podcasts like these. However, you seem to have a lot of trouble getting back on track, do you have what you're going to talk about written down on a piece of paper and then just cross them out as you go on? It seems like it could help a bit since you seem to forget what you're talking about after going out on the tagents.

      Also, I liked your jokes Mistykins c:
    10. Plums
      I thought I commented on this. ;~;

      Anyway, great job as usual guys, even without the usual take out from Sabway.
      Also, lololol Stabby reference. Stabby 5eva.

      There were tangents, but to me they actually felt like the conversation was flowing naturally, and Ty and/or someone else usually snapped the focus back to the topic at hand pretty quickly.