KH-Vids Podcast KHV Podcast Episode 12 - Phil Snyder Interview

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    in your hearts

    Bonjour, KHVidians

    This is a very special episode because we were allowed to have the honour of interviewing Phil Snyder who is the voice of Jiminy Cricket in KINGDOM HEARTS RE:CODED. We asked you, the members, to ask him questions and he was able to ask them. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. We only had a certain time and was not able to ask all the questions you asked. However, we hope you enjoy this episode's podcast. Please listen and tell us what you think. Sabby, Ty, Misty and Stardust really had a good time with this interview.

    iTunes Download:

    Of course again, we encourage questions, comments, concerns, advice, request and etc for future podcasts. We enjoy the feedback you give us because we want to perfect the podcast as much as possible.

    Couple More Notes:
    I just want to take the moment to thank everyone who has been a follower of the KHV podcast. I never knew it would be a big thing to KHV and the support of you guys makes it wonderful. I'm really glad that this finally was able to pull through. Thank you so much for pretty much commenting and wanting more of the podcast. Always asking me "when will the next podcast be?" because it really warms my heart that you guys really do listen to it. Honestly, I could not have made the podcast possible without the support of you guys and the endless amount of help from the KHV staff. Thank you everyone. *tears*

    One last thing, if you listened to the podcast, this was Ty's last podcast for the time being. He was a great addition to the podcast, he brought so much life into the episodes and always makes the podcast such a wonderful time. Everyone, please thank Ty for the amazing work he has done. We will miss him but hopefully he returns in the future. <3 Thanks Ty, you're the best.

    Intro song
    Florence + The Machine
    Title: Strangeness and Charm
    Album: Ceremonials

    Background song 1
    Yoko Shimomura
    Title: Cheers for the Brave
    Album: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Soundtrack

    Background song 2
    Yoko Shimomura
    Title: Dearly Beloved
    Album: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Soundtrack

    Background song 3
    Title: Hilli
    Album: Kurr

    Background song 4
    Title: Mylo Xyloto
    Album: Mylo Xyloto

    Background song 5
    Yoko Shimomura
    Title: At Dusk I Will Think of You
    Album: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Soundtrack

    Background song 6
    Yoko Shimomura
    Title: Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
    Album: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Soundtrack

    Background song 7
    Los Campesinos!
    Title: Hate for the Island
    Album: Hello Sadness

    Outro song
    Judy Garland
    Title: Over the Rainbow
    Album: As sung in The Wizard of Oz

    Have suggestions or questions for the members of the KH-Vids Podcast? Let Sabby know, or bring it to our attention in the posts below! Just be sure to follow the rules and guidelines here. ​
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Sabby, Nov 15, 2011.

    1. Noroz
      Listenin tiem :D will edit afterwards

      Alright, done!

      You might wanna have the background music a little bit lower, it doesn't overpower the voice, but it's a little bit distracting.
      Also, the questions you chose were good mine was the best and it was a good interview and interesting to hear!

      L.L.A.P. :)
    2. starseeker3
      i cant listen to it my computer cant stream pod cast...stupid 11 year old computer
    3. Llave
      Hahaa that was cool! Really fun to listen to and you all were great. And yes It's 'Yah-vay', who said Lav? Star? xD

      lol, Pavé Enzo, totally going to use that now. Thanks for the new name Phil! Also, great answer at the end Phil, keep wishin' on that star. (No seriously, if one of you guys still keep in contact with him, tell him that. Alll of it...)

      Fare thee well Ty, mah homie. Hope to see you around soon.
    4. Iskandar
      This sounded like a lot of fun. I certainly heard a lot of laughter.

      I wish I could take place in even one podcast, they sound like they would certainly be entertaining. And Phil isn't the only one that messes with his voice. All the time I always make weird voices and noises, I actually do it enough it creeps out my family
    5. starseeker3
      same here...except im a bit bad at voices that sound remotely cool but can someone put up a watch now i need to see it and cant stream vids like barely lets me use youtube
    6. Misty
      Star was the one that mispronounced it, yes haha. Five years of Spanish taught me that ll = y.
      If you have an iPod the majority of our podcasts are up on iTunes. =] The newer ones aren't but will be (hopefully) soon.
    7. Llave
      Oh those five intense years of grueling studying just to find out that the double L is a y. You are ready to speak Spanish now!

      C'mon Lexi, I cried... ;__; At least you didn't say "Jave" like Chev.

      But I wonder as to whom shall be the next guest...
    8. Daxa~
      I love Phil Snyder.
      Oh so much.

      And he is a lovely singer.

      And Ty,I shall miss seeing you around the forum and on the podcast,but do not worry,if my stalker rounds ever pass near where you live I shall be sure to to drop by and watch you sleep

      Also. Creepy music box at the end. D:
    9. Fork
      That was great. Phil Snyder is sounds like a really fun and down to earth guy.
      Also his singing and voice impressions are amazing haha.
    10. starseeker3
      sadly for me, tht is not the case. even if i did own an ipod this computer dosent do itunes very well and will delete things off of i pods get rid of already purchased music and whats worse wont load podcast that you buy sadly and i wanted to know if i had 1 of my q's answered
    11. Excasr
      Yaaay, gonna watch it right now, I'll edit this here when I'm done.

      Buuut, first off, I thank you guys for the PodCast's; especially Ty. Great Ty, we'll miss ya, just come back fast ok? =]


      Great PodCast guys! Thank you for answering ours questions! It was so fun hear you singing! And...
      Is that hard to say my Username? xD

      Anyyyway, thank you guys and hope to see Ty back in no time! =]
    12. Clawtooth
      You asked my question <3. This was such a good podcast, I wish I could have been there, but maybe I will be soon ^^.
    13. Sabby

      the stream for the podcast is up!!!!!! woo LISTEN TO IT GUYS <3
    14. Misty
      They are also all up on iTunes now. =]
    15. C
      About gosh darn time the stream came up. I vowed never to download it since it said that the stream would be up fairly soon. Anyway-

      Phil seems like a very cool and whacky guy and it seems like he just really enjoys doing what he does and such. It's kinda funny listening to these and noticing how you guys don't really know how to react at times :B Like when he said something like "When I was a little kid, like you guys-" it sounded like he was expecting you guys to protest, especially since he corrected himself moments later.

      What a fun podcast with just the right amount of awkward and silly antics.