Fandub [KHV] KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Fandub Production (The Incomplete Heart Returns)

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    As the KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep fandub production nears it's final ending, the next requested video is now complete. Although, the video is very short, there is a high spoiler warning for those of you that don't want to spoil yourselves. If this is the case, do not watch the video or continue to read the rest of this description.

    The scene "The Incomplete Heart Returns" focuses on the boss battle, which would be Vanitas in this case. "It's time to create the X-blade". Will Ventus join Vanitas to complete the x-blade or destroy himself just to save his friends? Come on guys. It's a no brainier (laughs).

    Of coarse the video ends before the battle is over. To continue to watch the rest of the scene, click the link below.

    Video Cast:
    Translator: Strwbrymilk
    Video Editor: Mike (CGNET)
    Video Provider: KH13
    Productions: CGNET

    Voice Over Cast:
    Vanitas: Creater_bloo
    Ventus: Mike (CGNET)
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Mike, Apr 19, 2010.

    1. Sion
      This one was better in terms of lip synching. However, Mike, you shouldn't really shout so loudly as it tends to distort the audio quality/emotional portrayal. Try and temper your voice when you go for that extra strength to the words. Sorry if I'm rude. ^^;

      Props goes to Creater_bloo for the creepy Vanitas laugh. I actually shuddered. xD
    2. chessplayerjames
      Good job Mike. I always like your Fandub productions. But this one has been on for a few weeks. What is next? I would like to see some ones with some of the pre-organization members, such as Even, Dilan, and Aleus. Thanks!
    3. Mike
      To be honest, I'm closing production due to different reasons. First off, the production is now dying. After almost a year, fans haven't been keeping the same interest. I'm assuming that you guys just want to hear and play the official game by now. Another reason would be the major concern over spoilers. Some of my team members, including myself don't want to spoil the whole game for ourselves, so that is why we only did some of the significant scenes.

      Lastly, I'm a bit worried. I'm not sure how Terra and Aqua are going to sound voice wise. I want my voice over team to sound somewhat like the official cast and we can't because North America has awful promotion. At the rate it's going, they will most likely show a trailer a month or two before release and at that time fans will just want the game.

      I'm so glad that you enjoyed the production and that you stuck with our production. It's not fully over. I have a lot more videos in mind as the game is released and other titles are announced.

      The production has wrapped up with 108,989 views.