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    Calling all Artists and KHV Chorus singers! Keep reading for more info!

    Hello again. I have some new information for you all!~

    First off, a big thank you to everyone who participated in our last two choruses! We've recently released Thriller and You'll be In My Heart and I'm so proud of you all. They're beautiful.

    We're also casting for Everybody Loves Me, WHILE voting for our next batch of songs! To help vote for the songs, click here. The thread is consistently updated with new poll options when we finish a couple of songs and we're currently voting between the following:

    ⬈ Sis Puella Magi

    ⬈ Secret

    ⬈ The Freakin' FCC

    ⬈ Two Perfect Girls

    ⬈ Under the Sea

    ⬈ Connect

    ⬈ Exile Vilify

    ⬈ Cha-La Head Cha-La

    See something you want to sing? Go vote for it! Links to the original songs are included in the thread, if you don't know one of them.

    Calling all Artists & KHV Chorus Singers!

    Everybody Loves Me will mark our 16th release. It's not a particularly special number, but it is a pretty good number to get a sort-of CD out of. Once we're all finished with the song, I'm going to be compiling a zip file of all of the songs we've done so far including some bonus tracks (RAW vocals, bloopers, silly adlibs and such). All of the files will be in high quality MP3 format.

    The ZIP file will also include Album Art, a message from the singers, AND instructions on how to actually burn yourself a physical CD that you can play in your car and...other places people use CDs.

    ...This is obviously where you come in.

    If you have participated in KHV Chorus at all, ever, you can PM me a written message you would like to be included in the package/zip. I will put all messages together in a pretty fashion so that when you download the CD you can see what everyone wrote. I'll only be including POSITIVE messages so please don't expect to show up if you're being a jerk.

    If you are either a traditional artist or a graphic artist, you can PM me some examples of your work and any ideas you have for the album art and an estimate of how long it would take you. If you draw it, you don't have to draw the art electronically, but if you do choose the pen & paper method, please make sure you'll have a way to capture it digitally and send it to me in high quality. :)

    The current deadline for the message and the artwork is set to April 1st.

    Duet Roulette!

    One more thing! There is a new project that's been released that's directly linked to KHV Chorus.

    Interested? Go check out the full thread! Anyone can join. :D

    F A Q

    ★ First of all, yes. Anyone can join. You can even invite friends to sign up for KHV and join the chorus. As long as you have a microphone, you are welcomed to sing with us.

    ★ KHV Chorus is a community project, but not one SET group of people. If you sign up for one song, you are not in any way obligated to participate in any more. That being said, if you never signed up for a song before, there is no special process you have to go through. All you have to do is pick the lines of said song you want, sing them, send them and then you're done!

    ★ You also don't have to know how to sing. NO ONE is judging you. No one. If someone says something rude, I'll beat them up for you. But I truly don't see that happening. We're a loving bunch. Don't be intimidated! <3

    ★ Don't worry about your microphone quality, either. It's all for fun, after all! You don't have to feel pressured into buying a microphone for the project or anything. Whatever you have is cool.

    If you have anymore questions for me, let me know. You can PM me, VM me, or ask the questions here. ... Wherever, really! I will answer everything that I can. If any of the new rules/requirements seem impossible for you, please let me know. I am willing to compromise and work with you. We'll figure it out. <3

    Happy singing!
    I love you guys. ;n;

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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Jayn, Mar 19, 2012.

    1. Excasr
      Ho ho ho, that's great! :B

      JOIN PEOPLZ! It's really good project to be in, personalty I am loving it. Can't wait to see this new project, I know I will enjoy it just like I do with the Chorus. Great work to everyone!

      Also, I want to send the writing message thing, but I didn't know that the 9th grade would keep me so busy. :V I will send it the sooner I can. :3
    2. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Very nice to see this gaining some great merit.

      Also, wondered how long the message should be. I could do a line, or a whole paragraph really.
    3. Korosu
      It's really great to have seen the Chorus develop from what it was, to what it is now. Well done everyone, you've have all done a great job. ~

      A CD sounds like an awesome idea! I shall try to write up a PM later, if I'm feeling creative enough
    4. Saxima

      A CD of sorts? That sounds awesome. I might not download it though, I'm not sure. But I'm definitely excited to see the cover, especially if you're making it, Jayn.

      I can't wait for the duets to begin, it's all so wondeful ~
    5. MadDoctorMaddie
      A CD? That's brilliant 8D

      When's the deadline for sending a message? The same one that we have for Everybody Loves Me?
    6. Daxa~
      Oh my,this is just an amazing idea my dear.
      I might try and write up a message later,when I have access to a computer~
    7. phoenixkh93
      I'd really love to get involved, and I have a microphone but I really have no idea how to record or send audio files. If someone would talk me through it I would be happy to join in :)
    8. Jayn
      Thank you all for your support!

      The message can be as long as you'd like. C:

      The deadline for the art and the message will be sometime after Everybody Loves Me to give us all enough time and give enough people a chance to participate/send things in. xD For now, I'll say April 1st.

      I'll help you out! Give me a bit of time to put some information together for you, and I'll shoot you a PM. :)

    9. Feenie
      Oh wow, this is a great idea!
      Just wondering, what should the messages be about? What we think of the chorus or some such?
    10. Jayn
      Yep. Anything related to the chorus, really. What you think about it, what you like about it, a message to specific members, anything. <:

    11. greater_bloo
      Woah that's a lot of new information!
      That CD sounds nice! I'll be sure to write up a message!
    12. nickoboyzx
      a CD?

      that great

      wonder what the next project
    13. Jayn
      Hey guys.

      Just a reminder that if you want to send in a message the KHV Chorus album, you have until Sunday to do it.

    14. Jayn
      Thank you all for your submissions. We also have some lovely Album Art drawn by -diamplified! I'll be working on the album from this point on. If you've participated in KHV Chorus and have something you want to say but haven't sent it in yet, PLEASE DO. It doesn't have to be a long something, but anything is REALLY appreciated. It's a team effort and it'd be great if you guys were involved. I'll be accepting messages until I post the album. If you have any questions, please ask.

    15. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      Anyone you want me to try and chase up for a message Jayn? I'll hunt em down!

      Oh, and did you receive mine?
    16. Jayn
      Haha, thanks. But it's alright. It is optional, after all. c;

      I received yours, yes.~