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    Hey everyone. As many of you know, we’ve been accepting casual staff applications from Premium Members for a while now. The team has decided to open them up ‘for real’ again—that is to say, we’re seriously looking for new staff members, so we want you to seriously consider applying, even if you have already before. That means, yes, re-apply if you want!

    Thinking of applying but not sure what position you’d like? No worries, we have some job descriptions for you to help you decide:

    • Reporters (News/Editorials): Keep up with the latest in Kingdom Hearts news and write up articles to post on the homepage, regarding updates or rumors. We’re in need of people who can keep up with the flow of news and write well.
    • Media Content Recorders: Record media for the site—clips, music, etc. We need active users with the proper equipment to reliably and flexibly record content for the site.
    • Sectional Moderators: Assigned certain sections of the forum to keep track of. We need active, mature users who can keep an eye on forum developments, clean up spam, and help prevent conflicts between users.
    • Translators: Translate news & other media, likely from Japanese to English. Must work together with the news team, and/or update with news themselves.
    For a more detailed description of the job you may be considering, please check the application form for that particular position. All positions require an application and, should we consider selecting you, an interview. Remember, we’ll come to you if we decide to interview you.

    Please notice that we are using a new system for our applications. The application itself should be rather straightforward. You are welcome to apply for more than one position (e.g. I want to be a Reporter and a Media Content Recorder), just fill out both applications separately (I would fill out both the News Reporter and Media Content applications). If you have any troubles with the system or find any errors, either contact a staff member privately or post in this thread.

    You can apply by clicking HERE.

    Thanks & we look forward to hearing from you,
    The Staff
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Mar 27, 2012.

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    1. Sanya

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    2. Misty
    3. Llave
      The Click here button is not giving permissions.
    4. kitty_mckechnie
      Sweet! Time to hand in my Forum Helper application!
    5. Misty
      My bad, I always forget to make things active. x_x Try it now?
    6. Cloudrunner62
      I am interested in applying. I'm usually on most of the day and I'd certainly like to help out more on the site. I don't know if i've been around long enough to be considered, but I wouldn't mind being a sectional mod. It'd give me a real purpose and something to keep me busy.
    7. kitty_mckechnie
      Misty, you forgot to add Forum Helper.
    8. Misty
      How could I be so forgetful!
    9. Nate_River
      No she didn't

      Why is there an L before the quote? I didn't press L
    10. Plums
      lemme show you guys how it's done
    11. Sanya
      That was ruined when Sara quit.
    12. Droid
      She also forgot to add the application for site owner.

    13. Mish
      So here was my reaction to this thread:

      "Hey why not? Maybe I will take this seriously c:"
      *clicks link*
      *checks sectional moderator*
      "Basic Information___
      Real Name: Mic Captain Cool".

    14. Iskandar
      You know, I've always wondered. Does being a sectional mod keep you from going to sections outside of what you're assigned to? I've never seen any mod outside of certain areas
    15. kitty_mckechnie
      Mish, there is no Postman position.
    16. Misty
      As in limit you to browsing only that section...? No. You have power only in one section, but you're free to visit/post in whatever part of the site you like, lol.
    17. Sanya
      They don't have power in the sections that aren't assigned to them. They can still go there though. babies.

      -Edit- My answer is better.
      misty edit: oh really?
      rvr edit: ya rly
    18. kitty_mckechnie
      Yes. If a sectional mod leaves their area this happens to them.

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    19. Iskandar
      heheh. But yeah, I'm not saying if they have any power, but seriously, I've practically never seen any sectional mods outside of certain areas. It was kinda strange. Or maybe I never saw enough posts.

      Oh look, it's Aunt Marge's brother. Glad to see he got hit by Harry as well
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