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    Today marks six years since the official opening of KH-Vids.Net by Deathspank in 2005. In this time, the site has had its ups and downs—between being sold twice, losing Deathspank (and other fantastic staff members), a rollercoaster of activity, a number of hacks, the timewarp... we’ve been through a lot. It is truly fantastic to have reached six years of the site going strong.

    It couldn’t have been done without you, the users, who continuously come to us for all Kingdom Hearts news, videos, audio, and discussion, as well as all the other consistent activity in sections like Graphic Art, the Creativity Corner, Discussion, the Production Studio, the RP Arena, Forum Families, and, yes, even the Spam Zone. On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to extend our gratitude to all of you, for your persistent support of the site. Personally, I would also like to thank our staff team, past and present, for all the hard work they have put into making this site amazing. It’s an honor to work with you all.

    Now, for the fun stuff!

    As some may know, for both the anniversary and the holiday season, it is tradition for us to have a number of events and announcements in December. This year is no exception. The first of what is to come, it is my proud duty to unveil KH-Vids 5.0.

    Major features/changes

    • Dark and Lite flavours—something for everyone!
    • Fixed display issues that came along with our upgrade to 4.1.3.
    • Fixed width, set at 900px. Fluid width options coming shortly, for those who prefer it.
    • Removed rounded borders in many areas, to ease load times.
    • Links are finally a noticeable color!
    • Removed box shadows in many areas, also to ease load times.
    • Gradients are set up to use CSS3 in place of images.
    • Gradients/colors in places have a transparent look to them, allowing the background to show.
    • More noticeable background.
    • More color!
    • Javascript navigation, which is both more customizable & works better. Tested on Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari.
    • Moved toplinks below the navigation bar.
    • Transparent body_wrapper.
    • Snazzy post bits.
    • Made posts less massive, to reduce scroll time (previously there was a huge amount of space between the end of the post's text and the signature).
    • And much more that I'm probably forgetting at the moment. =]
    There is still a lot to be done on the skins—already there are some changes and additions (mostly some sheen and some gloss!) I am working on, but I am comfortable releasing them in their current incarnation.

    These skins are the new defaults for KH-Vids. They have a similar color scheme to the old skins, which will no longer be updated, and so it was my plan to deactivate all the old skins (except for maybe Isn't It Pretty, since that one is pretty... unique) in favor of these. Additionally, we need to decide whether the dark or the lite skin will be our default, and we thought we would listen to the users for that one--later today, you will see a poll appear in voting for that! For now, I'll just keep it as the lite skin, but based on the results of the poll, that could change.

    They have been tested by me extensively in Firefox, and revised in Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Because they utilize CSS3, if you are an Internet Explorer user, you may be missing out on a lot of the pizzazz. It is recommended that you upgrade your browser to one like Firefox or Chrome, or at the very least, to Internet Explorer 9.

    If you find any issues with the skins, browser-specific or not, please post it in this thread with the following…

    • Screenshot of the problem
    • Link to page with the problem
    • Your operating system
    • What browser you use
    • Version of the browser
    … and I will address it as soon as possible.

    Known bugs/issues

    • Bug #1: Bold words do not stand out enough. Fixed!
    • Bug #2: White drop shadow in Opera. Fixed!
    • Bug #3: Search bar is not positioned correctly in Opera. (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #4: Post templates are not added. Fixed!
    • Bug #5: Icons overlap with pagination. (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #6: Admin usergroup color doesn't stand out enough. Fixed!
    • Bug #7: Banner does not link to forum index, as with old skins. Fixed!
    • Bug #8: Default user profile customizations are not set up (see poll to choose default skin).
    • Bug #9: Notices have a white drop shadow. Fixed!
    • Bug #10: Advanced search link is no longer under search bar on navigation bar.
    • Bug #11: Similar threads thing looks terrible, Lite skin only. Fixed!
    • Bug #12: Who's online text on Lite skin is unreadable. (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #13: Drop down arrows on thread toolbar are hard to see on the Lite skin. Fixed!
    • Bug #14: Bold text has colors that override user-defined ones. Fixed!
    • Bug #15: Line breaks do not show on IE9. Fixed!
    • Bug #16: Mark Forums Read link isn't working. Fixed!
    • Bug #17: You must spread around Reputation etc is hard to read (lite skin). Fixed!
    • Bug #18: Highlight text color needs to be fixed. (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #19: Icons overlapping on Subscription page. (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #20: Go Advanced page is very small, width-wise. Fixed!
    • Bug #21: Submit and Preview buttons are not flushed to the right side. Fixed!
    • Bug #22: Pin request page is seriously messed up. Fixed!
    • Bug #23: Pagination needs to be scooted down a bit on video portal. (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #24: Pin recommendation page is seriously messed up. Fixed!
    • Bug #25: Highlighted text color should be white (lite skin only). (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #26: Recipient username thing needs to be white (lite skin only). (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #27: Username history needs to be looked at. (Screen) (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #28: Border conflicts (dark skin only) (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #29: Increase padding for tag box (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #30: Compare versions needs to be fixed (dark skin only) (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #31: Time on search results text is gray when it should be white (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #32: Who Posted? rows are white (dark skin only) (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #33: Flood warning text needs to be white (dark skin only) (Screen) Fixed!
    • Bug #34: Private message link on profile needs to be spaced Fixed!
    • Bug #35: Albums are not styled properly Fixed!
    • Bug #36: Code BBCode doesn't display properly on post preview Fixed!
    • Bug #37: Usernote button positioning issues Fixed!
    • Bug #38: Overlap issues when using quotes in visitor messages Fixed!
    • Bug #39: Icon legend is white (dark style only) Fixed!
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Misty, Dec 19, 2011.

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    1. C
      I've already said it, but I will say it again. The Lite skin is absolutely amazing, might just be my favourite skin of any site I've been to. If this is any sign of the quality of coming things, then I say present them! I think Deathspank would be proud.

      And happy KHVersary, KHV!
    2. Cat~
      Oh my god! The dark and lite skins look great!

      I can't believe that it's been six years since the sites founding but I hope that we can have six more in the future. Happy anniversary KHV!
    3. Clawtooth
      I'd just like to echo what Misty said. It's been a mad ... what 7 months since I became a staff member, and it's been a rollercoaster ride all the way through the time I've known this site, but we've got through it. I'd like to thank each and every one of you, even the ones who ... never mind xD. I looks forward to even more happy times with you :).

      Also, inb4OMGMYEYES.
    4. Llave
      My, six years and I've only experienced a year and a half and it's all been great... hope KHV stays strong!

      To be honest, if we keep one of the older ones, I'd rather keep KHV4.0: Final Mix. It's always looked good and if we totally got rid of that skin, I'd personally feel a little flustered and lost on KHV. Just me though.

      But the new skins are marvelous, Misty! I can't even begin to imagine what all you went through to make them, but I do hope a sincere thank you from me and the rest will make it all worth it.

      THANK YOU!!! <3
    5. nickoboyzx
      all of it look so wonderful
      and happy anniversary KHV
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    6. Fearless
      Because I turned on KHV when I was half awake and freaked right the f*ck out.

      A very merry anniversary to ya, KHV, let's see if we can keep it going for another six.
    7. kitty_mckechnie
      Lovin' the new skins! And I can't believe khv has been up so long! Good times here. =D

      I demand we keep the Isn't it lovely skin. Sometimes I just want to be reminded khv has a feminine side.
    8. Sanya
      I think it's too popular to take down. xD

      But yeah it's been yet another fun year guys, glad to be a part of it.
    9. Feenie
      I love the Lite skin so much, a nice change from the previous one I used.
      And happy anniversary KHVids, perhaps I shall retrieve my soul from your grasp one of these days.
    10. Iskandar
      I just noticed the skin when I got on this site just a few minutes ago. I think it looks really fantastic. I mean, that's a lot of great stuff in there.
      Although, I'm sticking with the Version 4 Final Mix one, just because all of those bright colors actually hurt my eyes when I look at the screen, and I need something a little more dark

      And I suppose happy khv anniversary as well
    11. Amaury
      The profile customization options are not appearing on the new skins.

      Also, the text on the new dark theme seems different from the new light theme, as well as the old themes.

      Here's a comparison between Final Mix and Dark regarding "Current Activity" and "Last Activity:"



      Another thing is that the skins seem to be showing more on the new themes compared to the old ones.
    12. Plums
      The profile customization options are there. ._. Unless you mean the icons next to User Notes and such being a different color than Find All Posts.

      Also, the text is different imo because it's essentially a revamp of the entire skin. The past skins were similar to each other in a sense, but these two new ones are essentially "breaking the mold" in design (Misty answer this properly plz).

      Yeah, Misty mentioned that the skins are currently in a set width and she's working on making a more fluid option.
    13. Amaury

      That's good, because times are getting cut off again on the What's New? page.
    14. Droid
      Happy anniversary KH-Vids and crew! I must say that it has been a wonderful half a year or so that I've spent here with you all.

      A note about the new skins: I'm sticking with the dark for now BECAUSE I'M EVIL, but something about the lite version that amused me are that all the normal members have light blue usernames because they're links and not colored. Not sure if that's on purpose or not. xD
    15. Krowley
      Happy 6th anniversary KH-vids.
      I've probably warming up more the light version of 5.0
      Kudos on the forum skin Misty.
    16. Plums
      Also, happy anniversary guys. :D

      It's been a great six months (waitwat) as a staffie and I am looking forward to more. Granted, we've all had our run ins at some point or another, but the fact we make it through just shows how great a community we are.

      I seriously wish you all the best, and hope you enjoy another year of KHV goodness. <3

      Maybe try editing it again? It could be because there was too much customized colors.
    17. Amaury
      I forgot to reply to your text revamp reply. If it's revamped, why is it like that only on Dark, but not Lite?

      Also, I guess "Customize" has to be clicked for the options to show up, which is weird.

      Now that that's resolved, Misty, are you planning on making the default theme for user profiles fit the default 5.0 Dark to includes all those nice and juicy changes, such as noticeable link color?

      When I clicked on "default" it just put it to Final Mix's default.
    18. Plums
      It' the same text on the Lite for me. o.o

      Also, Misty is making whichever skin (Lite or Dark) you all vote for in a poll that will be put up later, iirc.
    19. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Holy ****, KHV, happy anniversary<33 I haven't been here long compared to some of you guys, but we've had our times, our ups and downs, our lefts and rights, but we always went straight forward, never bac-wait, there was that time-warp, never mind.
      Bah, I'm not going to make an emotional post.
      But omggg, the new skins. I'm in loveeee

      Also, as Droid4Productions said, on lite, normal members have blue usernames lol
      EDIT: Also, I haven't checked the dark skin, but the lite skin's banner at the top doesn't link to the forum like usual.
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