Fandub Dream Drop Distance: [KHV] Promotional Video - IMPORTANT Update

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    Hello KH-Vids. This is my final update about the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance fandub production. Following this update will include myself posting the actual video right on or right before New Year's. The following information is important, so if you still want to audtion, or you are interested in an update read the important bullet information below.

    . NEW Deadline: We've received a lot of auditions at first, but not much right now [at all]. I'm cutting down the deadline from December 31st to December 28th.
    . Trailer will make it online between December 29th 2011-January 1st 2012.
    . We've received A LOT of auditions for Sora, Axel and Joshua. We need more for Xemnas, Riku, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Shiki, Frollo, Phoebus and Ryheme.
    . There are a lot of males that have auditioned. We're looking for females to fill in the female roles. Us guys will have a problem doing that. =)
    . We have somewhere between 20-30 auditions so far.
    . Voice Acting Alliance and KH-Vids are in the middle for roles.
    . We have an idea of who we are already picking for Xemnas, YenSid, Axel, Maleficent, Pinocchio, and Sora from recieved auditions. DON"T LOSE YOUR CHANCE!
    . The trailer is completed! All sound effects, additional graphics and editing has been completed. Restoration at 80%.

    As I said before, if you haven't already auditioned...go for it!

    Translations by SQEXGAL
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Discussion in 'Community News & Projects' started by Mike, Dec 23, 2011.

    1. NemesisPrime
      Just tell to me streght Mike, do I have a chance?
    2. Krowley
      I tried doing Maleficent.
      So close, but I just can't reach that pitch of feminism.
    3. greater_bloo
      Yes you do have a chance, everybody with a voice has a chance. I know waiting for the results are hectic but try not to think that much about it and do something else in the meantime Kingdom Hearts! =D If you're still hung up over it just audition for another character, from the above post it seems there is a lot of room for more auditions. Even if you think you can't possibly do a character do it anyway that's the fun of voice acting you can be whoever you want. You sent in your auditions, you did everything you could possibly do to make it in. If you did your best be proud of it.
    4. NemesisPrime
      I am it's just I was never all that confident.

      But I've been working at that!
    5. Mike
      Good advice man. Nemesis we shall see...
    6. NemesisPrime
      I hope so! I'd be so happy!
    7. Dawn
      Sent in mine.

      Where does Beat stand in auditioning? I'm curious 'cause he's not mentioned.
    8. . : tale : .
      . : tale : .
      I'd love to audition (for Mickey, Riku, Jiminy, Xemnas, or MAAAAYBE Frollo), but I don't know if I'll be able to find time... D:
    9. Mike
      He's there...
    10. Shinichi Izumi
      Shinichi Izumi
      meh, i probably wont make it, but ill try.
    11. . : tale : .
      . : tale : .
      Aw, don't think like that! You've got as good a chance as any! :3
    12. Beucefilous
      I might audition for Xemnas. I'll probably send it in later as people are here right now.
    13. MadDoctorMaddie
      This thread is getting more action, so I'm copy-pasting my post from the other thread here and deleting the other one...


      I'm probably gonna try out for all the female parts, expect an e-mail late today or tomorrow!

      Can anybody give me a sample on Rhyme's voice, though, I tried looking for a sample clip but couldn't find one... If there's no English ones available, Japanese will work fine, I'll try to do my impression off of that.
    14. Beucefilous
      Ok. My audition for Xemnas has been sent. I thought i did pretty good.
    15. Excasr
      Ups, I have to make my auditions today and send them to you! =X

      Think nobody would try Joshua, I'm trying him too. Trying Sora and let's see... Who knows? I might try everyone! xD
    16. eentje
      You still need females right? I think I'll try Rhyme and Shiki, I'll see how it works out, haha.
    17. Cyraina
      Woot! I just sent in my auditions for Shiki! ^_^ I hope everything turns out well... I've never really tried voice acting before...
    18. Krowley
      I managed to record Sora, Riku, Joshua, Xemnas, Terranort and Jiminy so far;

      If I can before the deadline I will send you lines for Frollo, Pheobus, and Yen Sid.
    19. Peace and War
      Peace and War
      I'll try out the TWEWY characters likely, maybe Joshua, the sly style, but maybe a little different to the official voice.

      Also might try Frollo to.