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Kingdom Hearts
series composer, Yoko Shimomura, recently sat down for an interview with RPG Site, where she discussed her music, and the process of creating her memorable tunes. There isn't really anything new, and it's mostly about her music in general, yet it's still an interesting read for fans of her music. But of course, she did have a few words regarding Kingdom Hearts:
Credit to @CyborgHD13 for the find.
Hey guys! As the title suggests, for this CI, I was looking at the TRUE meaning of the Oblivion Keyblade! For some context, while looking around on TV Tropes, I found this:

Most of the Keyblades were renamed too, though not translated - aside from Oblivion (Sugisarishi Omoide - Passing Memories) and Oathkeeper (Yakusoku no Omamori - Oath’s Charm), all the Keyblades had Gratuitous English names in the original.

This is about Sora, but the 'Part Two' is going to be about Roxas!

This time I tried to leave some of the cutscenes just on in the background as background noise, I put it SUPER low so it wasn't distracting, and I also tried to make things more like a conversation where I didn't write myself over as much when I didn't get things 100% perfect.

@♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠ I payed a lot more attention to the audio and tried to leave more natural pauses between sentences.

@Glen As you mentioned before this should REALLY be on the KH-Vids Channel as well but... uh.. I can't actually get in there yet haha BUT ONCE I CAN I'll put it there instead.
Community Castle Oblivion has Begun!

What is Castle Oblivion?

Castle Oblivion is one of the Christmas events that happens on KHV (alongside Secret Santa). In this event, members venture into Castle Oblivion and must find clues and solve riddles to reach the end and find a Christmas stocking.

Along the way, you will also learn some more about the staff as well as find things that shed some comical light on how we usually work.

At the end, you will obtain the lovely Castle Oblivion Pin for partaking, alongside the gift stocking.



For the challenger's road to victory, we have another pin! All you have to do is make it to the end within 24 hours of the opening of Castle Oblivion. From day two and on, this pin will no longer be available so if you want to get it, get to it!


How does Castle Oblivion Operate?

Well you'll just have to see, won't you?

Click HERE to get started on your journey!

Castle Oblivion Ends on January 4th so get to it!
Merry Wednesday KHV!

Hosts @Calxiyn and @libregkd are joined by staff guest @Plums and member guest @♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠ to discuss the the new Kingdom Hearts trailer that was released last Friday. We get into discussions about what is going on in Kingdom Hearts 2.8, specifically what is happening with Chi, as well as the state of Kingdom Hearts III and how Square Enix is marketing the game.

This week for Table Topics we are asked about what type of punishment we would hash out towards misbehaving parents and then slide into a question about ways our parents have embarrassed us.

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