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KH-Vids Podcast Episode #108: Cloud in Smash Bros!
It's time for the KH-Vids Podcast!

After a bit of a break, hosts @Calxiyn and @libregkd are joined by staff guest @Cat~ and member guests @Kingdom Hearts530 and @Laura Matsuda to discuss the ins and outs of the surprise announcement of Cloud Strife's inclusion in Super Smash Bros!

Our user-submitted question this week comes from @Kingdom Hearts530 and tasks us with choosing between Science and Magic. This week for Table Topics everyone (tries) to talk about their favorite family traditions and we discuss what are earliest memories are.

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Calxiyn Investigates Kingdom Hearts 2.8 █ Who is Aqua's Encouter?
Hey guys! This was joked around a bit on the Podcast but after working on the idea for a while now I feel like I'm finally able to put out the first 'episode' of Calxiyn Investigates. KHV is a big part of the fact it's finally getting done and I'm super excited to share this with you all. As the title suggests it is a theory about who Aqua will encounter in the Realm of Darkness.

Comment on the content in the video itself as well as telling me how these videos can be improved! At the end of the day this is really for you guys so I want to know what you think of not just the theory but also things like audio quality etc, especially since this is the 'plot' in the way.

If you want to submit an idea for me to talk about or want to link some of your own threads you think would be a good fit, please message me.
As we're waiting for the amazing footage from the Kingdom Hearts Premium Theater Event, Famitsu has released a full summary of the event. Something that is super cool about this summary is that included are messages from the Japanese Voice actors for Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Terra and Ventus, but there's much more information included!

Thank you to KHInsider for the Translation!
Disney held their Kingdom Hearts Premiere Theater event at D23 in Japan earlier in the evening and so far Famitsu has provided a single shot of a new attraction flow featured in Kingdom Hearts III:

They also provided another shot of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 featuring Riku, Kairi, and King Mickey (As well as part of Yensid!)

and a new shot of Dream Drop Distance HD!

Square Enix also showed off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III and the recently announced KH 2.8 collection at the event; however Square has announced that the trailers will be made publicly available tomorrow afternoon (JST).

While a summary of Nomura's recent interview with Dengeki Playstation has been leaked, a fully translated version is available thanks to KHInsider's goldpanner. First off, Nomura writes a congratulatory message to Dengeki Playstation for reaching its 600th issue milestone, saying:
As for the actual interview, there isn't much difference to what was already revealed in the summary, but it is still an interesting read, and can be read below: