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Kingdom Hearts 3: Title/Menu Concept Art Animation

News in 'Community News & Projects' posted by Shaheer, Apr 15, 2014 at 12:35 PM (279 Views / 4 Likes)
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to present my Kingdom Hearts 3 Title and InGame concept menus!

To start, I was inspired to make this after the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3. Even tho that was last year, I've recently gotten downtime from work.. and told myself I'll finally put this animation together at last. I guess you could say I wanted to contribute to the Kingdom Hearts 3 hype!

Overall I've gotten a whole lot of positive messages, some complained that they wanted the game right away while others felt it could've had more of a Kingdom Hearts feel.

In terms of design, I tried to keep the entire 'Kingdom Hearts' feel from past title sequences, but also implementing the new 'modern' game designs now-a-days. Arguably the soon to come KH3 might have this type of design, but also may implement and keep their usual themed designs. I did not put too much thought on the content or simplicity of the game, but rather put loading options everywhere to get the general feel of how kH3 might be.

The most questions I got was how this was made, I combined the work flow of two programs, Illustrator and After Effects. If you're a somewhat advanced user in both programs, you should easily be able to get the idea on how recreate something like this!

I've heavily relied on the Kingdom Hearts 2 title sequence, as well as the latest 1.5 HD Remix. I studied each part of the title sequence and re-designed them onto Illustrator. After designing the entire menu on Illustrator, compositing them onto After Effects for animation is the easy part.

I've gotten a steady amount of complaints on the main image used on the title sequence. And I KNOW, Roxas is most likely not going to be in the next game as one of the main characters in the story, of course I see him being featured, or mentioned. To back up why I used it, simply, I could not find any other image that would better fit the title menu to make it look 'professional', and I did not want to use just a random one because I tried to not make it look entirely fan made, would beat the 'concept' bit of the video.

Lastly, I appreciate all the kind and positive feedback. Truly make's me happy that you all enjoyed my animation, as an animator, entertaining people is really what I aim for. Unfortunately I think this was a one time thing, I do not see myself making replica versions or ideas, but I've been contemplating wither to add a 'Worlds Select' concept art, as well as illustrating possible worlds featured in KH3. But that might not be something everyone will want, only on high demand I suppose. Might just ruin the KH3 concept I've already made, making things multiple times can ruin the quality of your content!

If you'd like to support me as a designer and animator, you can find me on Twitter at @ShaheerTV!

I'll see you in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Kind Regards,

Axel Makes An Entrance

News in '[KHV] Fandub' posted by Mike, Apr 14, 2014 at 3:19 PM (121 Views / 2 Likes)

To celebrate the eighth year anniversary of Kingdom Hearts II (March 28), our team has voiced one of the legendary scenes that features Axel's entrance with Roxas.

Bill Karalius continues to provide his voice as Axel. Roxas is voiced by Mike Masi (CGNET).

Submit your questions for Staff Questions V!

News in '[KHV] Podcast' posted by Misty, Apr 13, 2014 at 5:23 AM (221 Views / 6 Likes)

Hello everyone! In keeping with our tradition, the recent hiring of new staff members means we're due up for a new Staff Questions Podcast!

Those unfamiliar with the concept would probably be best served by checking out some of our previous Staff Questions episodes, but I'll give y'all a basic rundown. A thread is posted (this one right here!) with a list of the staff members who have consented to participate in our (affectionate) hazing ritual. Members are given free reign* to submit questions that they will then be asked by a host (me!) for a special episode of the podcast! It's a great opportunity to get to know your staff members and to participate in the podcast.

The following newcomers have submitted for interrogation:
  • @Cherry Berry , our fleshy drupe!
  • @Cat~ , the resident fangirl!
  • @Cstar , our wicked Bostonian!
  • @Calxiyn , Disney enthusiast and new staff baby!
  • @Karuta , our newest tech nerd!
Questions can cover their lives (work, school, or social lives), their hobbies and interests, advice, opinions, and suggestions, as well as Kingdom Hearts (of course!) and anything else that strikes your fancy. Questions can be directed towards either the individual or the group. Please keep questions appropriate per our site rules and try not to overload anyone -- that is, don't ask Cat six questions and Cstar none. Spread the love!

If you would like your question to be asked anonymously, you can message them to me directly. We'll try to get to every question, but depending on the volume of submissions, it may not be possible. We'll do our best! There's currently no deadline for question submissions, but once we work out a date for recording, we'll let you all know well in advance.

I'll also use this opportunity to announce that there will, sadly, be no podcast this week! The three of us have been absolutely overloaded with school, work, and life and scheduling was impossible. We'll be back next week!

Thanks everyone and have fun!

Interested in being a member guest on the podcast? Fill out our form here and we'll be in touch. Ask us a question by visiting this page or sending an email to!

* = Not really.

Update on HD 2.5 ReMix from Famitsu

News in 'News & Updates' posted by The Swedish Chef, Apr 8, 2014 (488 Views / 4 Likes)
While there hasn't really been much news lately on the next Kingdom Hearts HD remaster, this week's Famitsu provided a small update on the highly anticipated collection:

We'll be sure to keep you updated once this "new information" is out!

via Gematsu

KHV's Top 10 Most Wanted KH3 Disney Worlds

News in 'News & Updates' posted by Krowley, Apr 8, 2014 (382 Views / 5 Likes)
KHV's Top 10
~Most Wanted KH3 Disney Worlds~

Since Disney's first animated film of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, Disney and it's side companies have released hundreds of animated and live action films. With 14 submissions sent in this month, KHV members have sent in their most wanted picks that can be read below.​

~Honorable Mentions~
#15) The Incredibles

#14) The Jungle Book

#13) The Princess and the Frog

#12) Monsters Inc.

#11) The Emperor's New Groove

Want to have your say in the next Top 10?
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