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    What is Castle Oblivion?

    Castle Oblivion is one of the events that happens on KHV, every year. In this event, members venture into Castle Oblivion (this section) and must find different clues to solve riddles and reach the end to find a Christmas stocking.

    Along the way, you will also learn some more about the staff as well as find things that shed some comical light on how we usually work.

    At the end, you will obtain the lovely Castle Oblivion Pin for partaking, alongside the gift stocking.



    For the challenger's road to victory, we have another pin! All you have to do is make it to the end within 24 hours of the opening of Castle Oblivion. From day two and on, this pin will no longer be available so if you want to get it, get to it!


    How does Castle Oblivion Operate?

    Don't be alarmed; we're not going to be messing with your memories in here, though we will be testing them! On each floor, you'll find a Kingdom Hearts riddle--which you will have to answer.

    • All passwords are lowercase.
    • All passwords do not have spaces or punctuation. If the answer to the riddle was "happy new year" you would type in "happynewyear".
    • Please don't share answers, you'll spoil the fun.
    • If you need any hints to continue climbing, you can reach out to myself or one of the staff to give you a nudge in the right direction
    Castle Oblivion will run until January 18th.

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Discussion in 'Castle Oblivion' started by Aelin, Jan 4, 2019.