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    Hey, everyone! Here in this thread you can find information on all RPs here on KHV. You can either advertise your own RP, look for one to join, or simply just look over the listings. A couple of points to go over:
    • This thread is only for listings on actual RPs. Please only post if you're updating your listing!
    • All RPs will be accounted for in this thread, including 1x1s, regardless of their status or activity level as long as they aren't locked.
    • A staff member will fill out the info form and add it to the directory whenever a new RP is posted, but you are free to either have one ready yourself or replace one with your own! We encourage you to fill one out as no one knows more about your RP than you! If you're fine with what staff puts up, however, that's cool, too!
    • Only open RPs will be listed here. As soon as an RP is locked for whatever reason, a staff member will remove the listing.
    If you'd like to fill out the form, you can copy and paste it here:
    OoC Link:
    Thread - the name and link of the RP
    OoC Link - a link to the RP's discussion/OoC thread
    Genre - what kind of RP is it and/or if it's based off of anything
    Synopsis - a brief description of the story and any relevant details
    Creator - who is getting credit for creating the RP
    Other - whatever else you'd like to add.
    Name: Welcome to Death
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Anime/Soul Eater
    Synopsis: This is a mission-based Soul Eater RP. Death Academy has recently accepted a new batch of students and now they are tasked with the goal of collecting 99 Kishin Eggs before collecting a Witch's soul. Things will not be simple for the new students, howevet, as they have to learn to work together to defeat dangerous criminals and create weapons worthy of Lord Death himself. Of course they don't have to do it alone: you will be assisted by Spirit, Stein, and Lord Death on your missions. Have fun.
    Creator: Aelin FireHeart

    Name: Mario's High School Days
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Multimedia AU Crossover
    Synopsis: Characters from...pretty much any source of media (or in some cases, real life figures) all interact with each other in one giant Fanfic AU, doing whatever they want (that isn't against the universe's rules). No seriously. Think of it like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where any character can have an epic story, only on steroids, and that's Mario's High School Days in a nutshell.
    Creator: NutheadBros

    Thread: Kingdom Hearts SOS: The Road to Dawn
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Video game/Kingdom Hearts, RPG, Disney, OC
    Synopsis: Past, present, future, light, darkness, and nothingness all collide in this epic adventure in the Kingdom Hearts universe. In the Road to Darkness, Keybladers from far-off worlds sought to save Ven, Terra, and Aqua from a mysterious faction. In The Road to Dawn, the Keybladers are thrown into darkness and will embark on a dangerous mark of mastery exam while revisiting their own past and dealing with three malevolent factions: Maleficient's and Vanitas' forces, a new Organization XIII led by Nequa, and Aux. What does the mysterious Master No Heart have to do with everything?!
    Creator: Krowley
    Other: This RP uses a stat system and turn-based battles! Best Roleplay on the site for 2013, 2014, and 2016! It comes with its own Wiki!

    Thread: Mickey's Dream Team
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Disney, RPG, Video game/Kingdom Hearts
    Synopsis: While the Keybladers of Kingdom Hearts SOS are lost in darkness, several Disney characters band together to defend other Disney characters from falling to darkness or being forgotten! From the DISNEY STATION, these characters live their lives, team up together, and salvage the light! It's a KHV's own and original Disney Classic! Can you dig it?
    Creator: Krowley
    Other: This RP is part of the Kingdom Hearts SOS RP and also uses a stat system and the wiki!

    Black Coats
    OoC Link: N/A
    Genre: Disney, RPG, Video Game/Kingdom Hearts
    Synopsis: During a period of time where the Keyblade-wielding heroes are lost in darkness, new heroes must rise to the occasion. Fighting from the shadows and wearing the titular black coats must face off against Nequa's dark warriors.
    Creator: Krowley
    Other: This RP is part of the Kingdom Hearts SOS RP and utilizes the wiki!

    The Resilient
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Sci-fi, space exploration
    Synopsis: 567 years after the destruction of Earth, the last remaining humans --barely a hundred of them-- travel through space aboard the ship, The Resilient. These humans are searching for a new home, but no other planet would have them, fearful of the humans' eco-destructive ways. With their race so close to extinction, the Resilient humans will do anything to find a new home.
    Creator: Aelin FireHeart

    The Serpentine Road
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Drama
    Synopsis: An attack on the Holy Tower of Lazophel signals the break of a treaty between high families. The disappearance of one of the High Families seems to paint them as the culprits. The end of the treaty signals the end of the magical seals defending the world. Now, a group of outsiders are sent to find the missing family. Little do they know this mere diplomatic mission is the beginning of something much more.
    Creator: cstar

    |St✮r Warriors| Uniting All Heroes!
    OoC Link: Click Here
    Genre: Crossover, multi-genre
    Synopsis: 3 years after the War of All Things, an organization called the Star Warriors defends the omniverse. The Star Warriors are composed by heroes from all corners of reality, no matter what universe the characters are from. Based on Star Haven, the warriors can travel to any other universe with each other as well as explore the planet of Star Haven. Like the Star Warriors, the bad guys have teamed up to form the "Villains Gang."
    Creator: Boy Wonder
    Other: OCs from other RPs are welcome!
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