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    Mar 31, 2007
    So I'm sure most of us know about Osamu Tezuka (one of the most important figures in the history of manga) and his creation, Astro Boy. The one about the little robot that blurs the lines between technology and humanity, serves as a messiah to robotkind, saves the world, etc etc.

    What I bet you didn't know is that a few years ago, a mangaka known as Naoki Urasawa took one of the arcs of Astro Boy and reinvented it as "Pluto", turning it into a suspenseful murder mystery.

    Who is this guy and why you should care?

    Naoki Urasawa is an extremely talented mangaka known for his deeply complex and very well written stories; a lot of people put his work "Monster" on a pretty high pedestal.

    What we end up with is basically Astro Boy for grown ups, and not in a ****** "add boobs and cuss words and gore" way.

    For more information:

    The manga's also been licensed and released in NA by Viz, if anyone is interested.

    Trust me, this manga isn't very long and it's very much worth reading, so at least give it a shot.