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  1. TheCrownedRoxas Twilight Town Denizen

    I know why they didn't add all the Organization XIII battles, cause most of them faded. But, in normal KH2, all you get to do is watch the battle of Roxas and Sora. What I don't get is, why didn't Square-Enix at least add the roxas battle, I mean, "COME ON".When I had my KH2FM, It would have been nice if it was in FULL english. Instead of trying to figure out which one says "Battle" and which one says "Maybe later".

    Questions for you guys:
    Would you have added the battle?
    Would you have changed any of his moves?
    Would you have made him less hard or more hard?
    Do you guys think the game would have been a little better if they had actually let you fight Roxas?

    Tell me and kh-vids what you think. And if you have any reasons why they didn't add the battle, also tell me.
  2. Radiowave ITSA PIIINCH

    Apr 2, 2007
    You know, across the universe
    Well the thing is, Nomura wanted to add the battle as well, but he had run out of time. Everything in kh2fm+ he planned on adding to the original kh2. It would of course been more fun but he had a deadline to meet.
  3. Smackdoodle McGiggles Hollow Bastion Committee

    Jan 4, 2009
    i would have waited, i dont care about being the first to get it
  4. Ultimecia sorceress

    Aug 19, 2008
    my castle.
    This I never knew, but it makes sense.
    Anyway those who really want it can just import fm+
  5. Brisk Banned

    May 26, 2009
    It's fun to have it as an extra. It was definitely incentive for buying the game. I had so much fun with it too, and this was just an extra part of it that was absolutely amazing. Had it been in the original, it wouldn't be as iconic as it is now.
  6. TheCrownedRoxas Twilight Town Denizen

    It would be really cool if they added it. But, the people didn't have the time, so, nothing.
  7. StarSeeker99 Gummi Ship Junkie

    Feb 16, 2009
    Bugger if I know!
    I actually thought about the Roxas battle yesterday, so I'm full of things to say. That means "long text below".

    But first, even the dead Organization Members were planned to be in KH2. They were supposed to be at the Coliseum, but, as it was pointed out, Nomura ran out of time.

    Now, on to the Roxas battle.

    His normal battle isn't too difficult, but is already comparable to Sephiroth. It makes it challenging, which is suitable for the character.

    It's sad that they didn't add it, because it would've been one of the last things I would've cut from the game. They must've really had time issues.

    The battle itself is a bit too annoying. There's randomness in my opinion, because it happens too often that a CounterGuard fails for no reason.
    His data battle is probably the hardest battle besides Terra, unless you're level 99 or loop him.
    I would've changed 3 things in his moveset :

    - Made him do his Desperation Move less often, and slow down the energy balls. In his Data Fight, you're forced to Glide to avoid them, which I find boring. The balls are too fast to dodge effectively with any other method.
    As much as I hate dodging that attack, it gives you ten seconds for your MP to recharge, and looks pretty awesome. But, it's boring, and destroys the intensity of the battle.

    - Made him less powerful when you steal his Keyblades. Stealing the Keyblades means that Roxas will spam barely-avoidable Light Pillars, that usually kill you instantly. He's more dangerous than with his Keyblades, which makes no sense. Finally, the Keyblade's bonus attacks look tremendously awesome, but are too weak.

    - Made his alternate counter move a desperation move instead of a normal attack.
    For info, my avatar shows Roxas' normal counter move, but he occasionally does another one. He flies next to you, throws his Keyblades, repeats 4-5 times, then goes Keyblade-flying-berserk. In my opinion, it's THE MOST dangerous attack in the entire game. Not even Terra has something to match that attack's deadliness.
    It often hits you from behind, making Guarding useless, OHKOes you most of the time, comes way too fast and unexpectingly (he can do it even as a normal attack, not a counter), and, worst of all, often negates Once More. Plus, for some reason, when he does it once, he apparently realises it's good, so he does it 80% of the time, when I force him to counter.

    About that, soes anyone know WHAT does it say when you go fight a Data Battle? All I could notice is that the text differs form a member to another.
  8. TheCrownedRoxas Twilight Town Denizen

    Well, dude. Nomura probably wouldn't had made him that hard either. Cause the point of the game was for Sephiroth to be the hardest. So they could of added the moveset from when you play as DW Roxas, and just added more moves. But here's what I say. If I spent a year of my time, I could translate KH2FM. All I'd need to do is set a hardrive in my PS2, mod my PS2, put the KH2FM file on my computer, use one of my programs to convert the letters, and burn it to a disk or ISO and play it. But, I DON'T HAVE A YEAR!
  9. Toshi Banned

    Apr 27, 2007
    I don't think it's that easy to translate a game, let alone a ps2 game.
  10. TheCrownedRoxas Twilight Town Denizen

    I actually did it. It's easy, but if your planning on translating the whole game, it's gonna take about a year. The handheld translating takes about 1 month, but when it comes to the big video games (like XBox and PS2) it's gonna take a long time. And, you have to speak there language. But, I have this translating program that translated japanese symbols to english letters. It cost me money, but it's worth it.
  11. Zeonark Kingdom Keeper

    Nov 28, 2008
    Trolling Shizu-chan
    More than likely. The reason Nomura didn't add it was probably so he could make FM or something.

    It would've been nice to actually ADD Sora's lone limit. To of course kick the players ass.

    It depends on how hard or easy you found him by watching videos or playing yourself. Unless you decided to make it easier by using Limit Form. I myself would've made him harder, not from experience of course. Yet the Data Battle is just perfectly fine for it's difficulty.

    Kingdom Hearts would've been Ten dollars more if it was added. But since people love that green stuff, it wasn't added so Final Mix could sell much much MORE, just because you fight Roxas. The game would've had better ratings and people wouldn't complain about button mashing as much because Roxas can't be beaten with only the X button.

    Just randomly ranting thoughts, don't mind me.
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