Converting KH's .mdlx to .3ds or .obj

Discussion in 'Technology' started by windblade, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. windblade King's Apprentice

    Jul 19, 2007
    I've finally gotten a KH2 model viewer [khkh_xldMii] to work on my computer (My graphics card apparently isn't good enough to support the others) lol

    anyway, I've searched through, and since the viewer will only show models that also have .msets, I've had to re-name some files that have (example) N_EX***_MEMO.mset by just erasing the "MEMO" and they work perfectly. ///_^

    but, I can't figure out how to convert the model files into something i can mess around with in 3DS max. Most people say that you need to use the 3D Ripper DX to activate the ModelviewerWXD3D9, but that certain viewer doesn't work for me, so the 3D Ripper is out of the question. ///_e

    I've just tried converting the .mdlx files to .mdl via the "MdlxConv" thing (apparently for Warcraft 3)... but they come out a .MDLL files.

    WTF IS A .MDLL FILE?!?!?! Those don't even exist, as far as I know!

    ----here are the 19 files I'm just dying to convert---
    N_CM000_BTL = Marluxia
    B_EX400 = Larxene
    P_EX100... = Sora <---I like the KH1F.mdlx the best (limit form)
    B_EX390 = Roxas (hooded)
    B_EX370 = Zexion
    B_EX420 = Terra
    H_EX700 = High Poly Kairi <---doesn't have a .mset ///_T (no HP model does, since it's DMA)
    N_EX560_RTN = Low Poly Kairi
    N_EX550 = School Kairi
    N_EX620_RTN = Namine
    N_EX830 = unhooded Order Roxas
    N_EX940_BTL = Hooded Order Riku
    N_HB530_BTL = Squall
    N_HB550_BTL = Cloud
    N_HB580_BTL = Yuffie
    N_HB590... = Sephiroth <---for some reason, the BTL.mdlx (battle) doesn't work, so the others are the best shot
    N_HB600_RTN = Yuna
    N_HB610_RTN = Rikku
    N_HB620_RTN = Paine
  2. Toshi Banned

    Apr 27, 2007
    I can't really tell you how to view those files or how to convert them, because the only way I know is using 3d ripper dx.
    If you want, tell me your problem with 3d ripper dx and maybe we'll solve it.
  3. windblade King's Apprentice

    Jul 19, 2007
    Thanks, but 3D Ripper DX works fine. It's ModelviewerWXD3D9 that doesn't work. ("Loading Problem: Unknown Error")

    Apparently, ModelviewerWX uses pixel/vertex shader 2.0, but my graphics card isn't new enough. (only has p/v shader 1.2/1.3)

    I managed to get 3D Ripper DX to sync with Khkh_xldMii, but the resulting .3DR file and the .OBJ file have problems.

    The .OBJ appears flat as if I had ripped it from an emulator.

    and the .3DR doesn't appear at all in 3DS Max. It loads, but nothing comes up.

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