13 Ghost Stories (part 2)

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    It's now an official title instead of it being plain. If you've watched the movie Thir13en Ghosts then you'd get the stories the Organization will tell... but I won't put all of them up, just a select few because some of them are a little... um... violent and I tone down the language cuz seeing a bunch of ------- is really annoying, I just noticed. XD

    This series of ghost stories falls into the Randomness in Castle Oblivion fic. I'll have two members of the organization tell a story each. So Zexion and Larxene are up with their tales of...


    The Torso and The First Born Son

    Before Zexion started, he looked around at everyone to see who would be freaked out the most by his story... he set his sights on Luxord.

    "The story I am about to tell... may apply to Luxord." The Gambler of Fate blinked in confusion as Zexion waved his hand and created an illusion of cards and poker chips, swirling around the campfire.

    "Most people have gambled at least once in their life... but for Jimmy 'The Gambler' Gambino, betting was his life and death." he eyed Luxord with his visible eye and looked back at the fire, creating another illusion of a track with horses racing and continued. "The son of a bookie, Jimmy spent his childhood days at the tracks instead of his school and his nights in the gambling dens of seeding bars."

    The illusion changed from the tracks to a bar and back to poker chips and wads of cash. "Eventually, Jimmy opened a booking business of his own. Unable to turn down a bet, he barely covered his pay-offs."

    He paused and looked around at everyone. Nearly the entire Organization, Sin, Eden, Namine and Anhel, with the exception of Luxord who was really nervous, were listening intently on his story. He resumed. The illusion then took shape of a man and more cash.

    "Jimmy's reputation caught the attention of made-man Larry 'The Finger' Bitello. Larry approached Jimmy to place a large bet on a longshot and heavy weight fight." The illusion showed boxing gloves. "Jimmy knew the risks, but needed to uphold his reputation."

    It then showed two men shaking hands.

    "So he shook hands with Larry... and sealed his fate." he glanced back at Luxord to see him chewing on a corner of one of his cards anxiously, poor Luxy, he has no idea of the twist this story has. Zexion made the illusion show a boxing ring and the fighters. "As his fighter took a deciding blow, Jimmy fainted to the floor. When Jimmy came to, Larry had arrived to collect his winnings but Jimmy was cleaned out."

    The illusion switched to a pier with a car, three people and a wheelbarrel.

    "So Larry made an example out of him... actually..." he looked at Luxord again and smiled. "Several small examples." And he sat back down in the circle. Everyone was waiting for him to finish but Zexion said no more.

    Namine peeked out of her blanket and asked. "Um... what did he do to Jimmy?"

    "Oh nothing much, something to do with plastic and dumping into the ocean." He waved her off and sipped some hot chocolate he summoned up.

    Everyone shivered then applauded Zexion for his tale. It was pretty good. Luxord on the other hand... he hugged a giant dice plushie but jumped when he heard Zexion speak.

    "And what is the moral of that story Luxord?"

    "Uhh... quit while you're ahead?"

    Zexion grinned and nodded. "Emphasis on... head." he chuckled quietly, having achieved his goal of freaking Luxord out. Xemnas held up his hand to silence the applause and gaining everyone's attention.

    "So, who would like to be next?"

    Larxene stood up, stretching and smiling. "I'll have a go and I've got just the story for all of you stubborn and annoying kids... I'm talking to you Roxas, Demyx and Axel."

    Axel crossed his arms and poofed out a small flame from his mouth. "Pfft, I'm not that immature." The Savage Nymph put her hands on her hips and nodded. "Yes, you are, now shut up."

    She walked up to the fire and began her tale as she put a finger to her lip in thought.

    "Now how did it go again? ...Oh yeah... ahem... Little Billy Micheals was simply, a stubborn brat. His obsession with the world of cowboys and indians took president over all else. Any attempt to drag Billy out of his fantasy world, sent him flying into a rage."

    She began walking around the campfire as she brought out her knives, tapping them against each other, making a soft clinking and clanking sound. "His parents thought it all a harmless phase... until the day that a neighbor boy discovered a REAL bow and arrow in his father's closet and..."

    She put one hand on her hip and brought up the other, waving her knives on the side of her head. "Taunted the Notorious Cowboy Billy into a duel." She then began flipping the knives between her fingers, each disappearing until she only held one. "But Billy's toy capgun was no match..."

    Here, she threw the knife at Axel, barely missing his head. "Hey, watch it!"

    "For the steel-tipped arrow that took his life."

    There was another round of applause as Larxene retrieved her knife, bowed slightly and sat back down in the circle. Before Xemnas could speak on who's next, Axel stood up and walked up to the fire.

    "You think that's scary? Well hold on to your antennaes Larxene, cause this tale will blow you away." she crossed her arms and smirked. "Okay, let's hear what you got."

    "With pleasure, M'lady."


    Next time, Axel and Marluxia tell their ghostly tales. I wonder what they have that'll scare everyone but I doubt it... cuz... they're Nobodies... yeah... I wish I could say the same for Luxord. XDDDDDD