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  1. Llave
    You know what? To those who have logged in to see this very thread and know of KHV days of old, I want to thank you for the memories we've made together. I wasn't around during the time of the early years, when everything was chaotic, all for teenage cheap thrills for drama. Yet, there were inseparable bonds we've made because of all of this. When I was around, the site had mellowed out a little bit, but it really made for very special moments with people I can say impacted my online experiences for the better.

    We discussed topics dear to our hearts, or debated for the intellectual rush. We've welcomed new members with tons of welcoming comments on their first official hello threads! From coding to editing videos, artwork to graphic design, RP to this very crazy "No Man's Land" section; The Spam Zone. We know it's terror, thus it's only fair that this very thread too is just as susceptible to derailing as any prior thread posted here met. But I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done, you've all made a difference to me and I enjoyed what we had.

    I hope that even though some of you, my dearest friends, with your accounts laid to rest many years ago whom will never see this thread... I hope you are well. I hope that even though you are no longer here, you've taken a small piece of us with you and thrived with your life and the pursuit of your happiness. We know some of you have had your story cut short and we miss you dearly. But we pray the same wish upon your loved ones because they impacted who you were, which is who we got to become friends with here.

    Technology is a beautiful thing. We've all seen how fast things have gone in such a short time with the internet! For better or for worse, it's been quite a ride. I am so thankful for the remaster of the KHV 5.0 Dark skin, one of the most fondest memories of using this site with an era I long for to see again so deeply.

    So thank you all, for what you've been to me, people I trusted more than people I see day in and day out in school. Thanks for the memories! And people I've yet to know, I welcome you here with open arms! See ya when we see ya!
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  2. Llave
    who was I tailgating and would you please step forward to claim your prize

    also I giggled
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  3. Llave

    hey guys

    adults on a forum good one amirite
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  4. Llave

    ok we good?

    We good

    lets go




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  5. Llave
    there's actually nothing here so have fun staring at your screen
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  6. Llave
    To something more relevant.

    Ideas my minions
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  7. Llave
    How was it shut to begin with
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  8. Llave
    I've adopted all of you I am now your father.

    No internet for you. Go to your profile and think about what you've done.
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  9. Llave
    Gather 'round my children and let us recite our Saviour's prayer

    Our Admin who art in CP,
    hallowed be thy username.
    Thy Kingdom Hearts Videos come,
    Thy likes be done,
    on forums, as it is in staff section.
    Give us this day our daily alerts,
    and forgive us of our spamzone,
    as we forgive those that post whore against us.
    And lead us not into grey usernames,
    but deliver us from Deathspank.

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  10. Llave
    *tumbles out of the seams of the internet*

    Sup Biches

    As some of you may or may not know, Cherry Berry and I have been dating for almost a year and a half now. The wee lass lives in London, and I'm visiting her and her family in January 2016. But I thought to myself that there are a few folk that I've gotten to know on this site that live on the good ol' chunk of Britannia.

    So I was curious that if anyone I know that lives in London, or within reasonable distance from it would like to have a get together, let me know! Regardless there will be lots of pictures I'll be taking, and it would be nice to meet some of you and to have some memories.

    If you'd like to speak of details, shoot me a PM. Thanks jerks.

    PS how is everyone else doing? Better be behaving or so help me
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  11. Llave

    Booty call

    please remember never to butt dial anyone, it stinks and you'll sound like an ass hole.

    (no but srsly i need a booty call y'all pop in here and let me know you're kickin' it still.)
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  12. Llave
    the night is youuuuuuuunnnnnnngggggg
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  13. Llave
    so Im told maltesers are good.
    whoopers are the American version and they suck

    should i get some maltesers?
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  14. Llave
    We're a few days into the 2015 year, but we just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for a great Twenty-One-Four and how excited we are for 2015! We've had many great memories, and on behalf of the entire staff team, I'd like to thank every one of you personally. So thank you!!

    We hope you had a great year, and if you wanted to share some of the highlights of it, now's the time!

    Now, to see if you read this. If you reply to this thread, you will receive the KH-Vids 2014 pin. This will only last for a few days, so reply while you can.

    Happy 2015ing ya derps.

    Thread by: Llave, Jan 6, 2015, 67 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects
  15. Llave


    working from midnight to 8 in the mornin' sux

    i need massage pronto
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  16. Llave
    how dare you make Rise of the Tomb Raider an xbox exclusive

    just because ms gave you a shitload of money like they always try to do to be better
    and because ps4 got a definitive edition of Tomb Raider 2013 woopdee doo thats a fair trade ok nice excuse
    OH but we still get temple of osiris because that dumb spinoff is totally worth my money

    im done with my life

    someone give my purple name to the next best candidate
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  17. Llave
    Long story short, I bought an ipod touch 5th gen off of amazon because I basically wanted a smartphone only it not actually being an iphone???? (does that make sense? basically I dont want to have to use 3G or 4G and service contracts etc to be able to be mobile and message people when wi-fi exists.)

    So things like Whatsapp i think is only available for phones. I will be able to iMessage and skype on it so all u iOS peeps betta watch yoselvs. But i was wondering if anyone knew of something else that I could get off the app store and use for basically everyone other than skype as an SMS alternative.
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  18. Llave
    I hope the hype is worth it ;A;
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  19. Llave

    (We’re going by GMT time here calm down)

    Big huzzah to the birthday gal for being 22 years old today! On behalf of the rest of the community, here’s hopin’ it’s a fantastic day of birth. Much love sweet pea~








    @JK Rowley
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  20. Llave
    Question Time with...

    . : tale_wind!

    A couple of guidelines before you begin..

    1 - Keep it within the rules of the forum, nothing over PG-13. This is still KHV, which means that you must not use this thread as an excuse to berate or harass the Question Time participant. That being said...

    2 - ...The Question Time participant does not have to answer all of the questions.

    3 - The Question Time participant must maintain some level of activity within this thread. Don't leave all of your questions unanswered. You're in the spotlight, baby, so shine!

    4 - Give the Question Time participant some time to answer, and let others have a chance to ask. Remember that they are in the spotlight for at least one week, so do not feel the need to barrage him/her with a lengthy list of questions all at once.

    And now that you have read the rules, you may ask away!~

    @. : tale_wind
    Thread by: Llave, Jul 30, 2014, 2 replies, in forum: The Playground