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    I kinda like it to be honest. I'm used to smaller avatars so a higher dimension threshold is kind of refreshing.
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    It wasn't like he didn't want to work as a team here. He was more than eager to get training underway. He wanted to get stronger..he needed it. He had already failed twice, he couldn't fail a third time. These people around him..they were counting on him. His gaze drifted around, seeing people form their own groups and some training alone. He wasn't going to achieve anything by himself so he walked over to the group and glanced to Chrono."I'm in."​
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    The other male's words towards him made Kal cut a glare towards the man. He was about to retort when Tinarah spoke up. He listened to her a moment before folding his arms across his chest."I'm not saying we should just up and rush in. I've just had enough of talk. It's time to act." He said."Both of you are right, training is needed, so let's just get it underway." He spoke. Sure he was impatient, but by no means was he reckless enough to go in guns blazing..keyblades get the idea.​
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    Kal arrived at the meeting room last, keeping himself sequestered in the back mostly to listen. They didn't have a plan for this..of course they wouldn't. His expression grimaced, arms folded over his chest with his pointer finger tapping his arm. This was seriously testing his patience. Why has nothing been done yet? "No." He spoke up."I'm tired of being tugged around here. While we wait, the worlds are continuing to fall. We can't just stay here and bide our time."​
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    Torrin's reply drew his attention. A harsh narrow of his gaze followed before he shook his head."I've had enough of 'gathering my strength '. While we sit here and twiddle about, the Light Chaser could have caused another world to fall." He said with clenched fists."If you want to sit around and dawdle, that's fine." He said. He rose from his seat and saw his way out of the dining area. He was upset, and understandably so. He lost two homes to this and he was afraid of another loss.​
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    Kal merely listened to the conversation at hand, opting to stay his tongue. He set down his drink, staring into the brown liquid intently while he listened. New people to interact form alliances..He needed that very thing. He wanted to find a way to restore his home. This was still all very new to him, foreign even."I don't like to sit around for long." He rose from his seat and glanced at his new friends."And I'm tired of waiting. We should find this Light Chaser individual and restore the balance." He said with a frown. How could he just wait around? There could be other worlds in danger and they were just twiddling their thumbs.​
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    The mention of sustenance drew Kal's attention back to the focus on the group. It seemed exhaustion really was catching up to him. He followed of course. The scent drew out a tiny smile. Nostalgia.. He took a seat himself, watching Aria as she worked and took the cup offered to him."Thank you. It smells great." And he took a drink, savoring the sweetness."And it tastes amazing."​
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    Chrono and Torrin both had good points. On one hand, they had the advantage of numbers and the people here seemed more than capable wielders. On the other, rushing a powerful foe with no clear strategy seemed incredibly reckless. He heard Aria and a new person chime in, giving an incline of his head."We'll hammer out more details. I still feel weary from my trip."​
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    Stamatis had made mention of the 'Light Chaser'. An individual who not only sought to fight the darkness, but get rid of it completely. This Light Chaser sought to upset the balance of reality. Enough damage had been done already."I don't know how we would compare to them but.." He would address all of them."We could find a way to weaken his power. Give us a fighting chance."​
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    "You are right." Kal told Torrin with a firm nod."Where I am from has little relevance to the situation at hand." He said and his gaze rested on the group at hand."Why I am something you can help me with. My home was lost to the wave of darkness. The fact I had survived is nothing short of a miracle." His tone was weary, this was the second time his home had been lost to him. The second time he had lost something and the burden was heavy on him."I need your help to ensure that it doesn't happen again. It's selfish I know..But my fight alongside you all has personal motives." He said and glanced at Torrin."I will lend my blade to this battle, and no matter what it takes, I will see my home again. It is my penance for being too weak to protect those I love."​
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    His brow rose. A lot of people here seemed so foreign to him. It was crazy to think there were other worlds..if he was at least ten years younger. The male introduced himself and Kälîk nodded his head. He was about to answer when the familiar couple approach them."Perhaps that is a conversation for another time, no?" He said and regarded Aria with a slight incline of his head."...Hello." He greeted."It seems you're back." He said, directing his chiding more towards Torrin than his female friend.​
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    Another chime in brought him out of his current musings. His gaze turned, resting on the other male who addressed him. As much as he entertained the idea of giving Torrin another shot at interacting, he was here for a reason. To seek others like him..others who could help him."If he intends to act snooty, that is his burden to bear, not my own." He then turned fully to Chrono."My name is Kâlïk' Hî'ionKætân. Call me Kal for short..most people do."​
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    The first thing Kâlïk' noted when he approached the voices was the male eyeing him. It felt like he was being scrutinized heavily already and he had done very little to provoke such a reaction so soon. He regarded the female with a brief glance and nod. The other male's departure drew his attention. Gone already..and Kal was still left with very little if any information on his situation..perhaps another time. He was about to greet the female properly when she left in a hurry as well, leaving him standing and gazing where they vanished around the corner"...Was it something I said?" He wondered aloud.​
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    The man understood his need to stretch his legs. Kal wasn't the type to just sit around and dawdle. He had things to do, his mission was clear to him. He took a last look at his right hand. A small spark of light energy radiated from it. If there were others like him here..that is a very good thing. He stood, regarding the man with a bow."Thank you, Master." He said as he turned. He headed off to his first destination...The direction of voices. If there were others here like him..He needed to meet them.​
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    Other students? He mulled on this as the man introduced himself and explained the situation. It was more grim than he realized. Other worlds had met the same fate..fallen to the same darkness. It was a frightening thing to think on and he already felt overwhelmed."Kâlîk'. It's an honor to meet another Master." His gaze turned to Stamatis. His mind was pulled in different directions at once..but..His legs swung over. His feet touched the cool smooth surface of the floor below."I've the strength to stand at least. I will be okay."​
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    "Son...wake have to wake up." An echoing voice in darkness called out to him."Son..wake up."

    "Father..where are you?" He couldn't open his eyes. He couldn't move. Even opening his mouth was a chore and a half.

    "Wake up!"

    His body snapped up. His eyes opened and his hand snapped to his chest. His clenched fist flattened as he felt around his person. No wound..he could have sworn he was dead. A voice snapped his attention. The explanation drew his attention. It took a while but he seemed to be caught up. He had several questions."So my master..he's gone.." He said and sat up some more. A catch in his side drew his hand. Not fully healed yet..dangit."...Where do I go from here?"He asked and looked at the male."Your people brought me here. I am in your debt. What do we do from here?"He asked and brought his hand up to his forehead."What can we do? What should we do?" He asked and withdrew his hand, his eyes on his it."...If a master couldn't drive back this can we?"​
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    Name: Kalik' Hi'ionKata'n [Hah-lee Hee-ohn-Hahtahn] Translated: Heavenly Star
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kalik'
    Keyblade: Nightmare's End
    Homeworld: Tae'gaea Forest
    Master: Varka
    Personality:Kalik' is a quiet individual. Shy and reserved, he can also be a little headstrong about his beliefs. Stern at times, and serious in serious situations. He has a major soft spot for his friends. He's not an easily trusting person but he's a very loyal and kind hearted friend. He's what people call 'simple'. He's not particularly intelligent but he's logical. He's a natural strategist, having a knack for hunting.
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    I think I will join this one, if that's cool with you guys
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