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  1. VideoSpud
    M) CB6+/GS3+/XP4+
    901300D0 0C04BFDC

    M) CB/GS/XP
    F01300D0 0000000E

    Save Dump (7Mb)
    20145B50 3C030010
    20145B54 3C050070
    2045BD58 00100000
    2045BD4C 00700000

    D0452842 0000????
    D0452942 0000????

    Inf Money
    209F9FD0 05F5E0FF

    Exp Mod
    D0555B28 00000292
    20555B1C 2403????

    Use Item For Max Items
    201EF904 2403270F

    Gain Item For Max Items
    201EF9C4 2402270F

    Gain Money For Max Money
    201EA7EC 2403270F

    Gain 1 Item For Max
    001ef9d6 00000000
    001efafe 00000000

    Gain Money/EXP for ???? (Needs testing)
    201ea878 10000003
    201ea880 10000003

    Inf Item Usage (May Want to joker
    201ef908 00000000

    (Off Code for Jokering use with above)
    201ef908 a5230002

    Max Keys
    20A07640 00630063

    Max Greeting Cards
    20A03210 63636363
    20A03214 63636363
    10A03218 00006363
    00A0321A 00000063

    No Play Time
    209F9FC8 00000000

    Max Play Time
    209F9FC8 05F5E0FF

    Character Mod
    10A023F4 0000????

    Party Member Mod
    10A023F6 0000????
    10A023F8 0000????

    FFFF= no friend
    0001= Atori
    0002= Kuhn
    0003= Pai
    0004= Silabus
    0005= Gasper
    0006= Pirosi
    0007= Yowkow
    0008= SakuBo
    0009= Endrance
    000A - Antares(Fully Playable but can't kick or active objects)
    000B - Matsu (Fully Playable but can't kick or active objects)
    000C - Yata (Trying to set a Skill Trigger kills the game. Can go to fields and fight. His weapons aren't visible)
    000D - Ovan (Can go to fields and fight, but his attacks doesn't connect to enemies, neither does his skills. He pretty much just knows how to pose and look badass x3)
    000E - Zelkova (Can't go to fields and can as such not fight. Got a SICK scythe o.o)
    000F - Taihaku (Actually FROZE randomly when running around in Mac Anu. I think it happens when you put your stick up to the left ;P)
    0010= Gabi
    0011= Crash
    0012= Tenrow (Can't go to fields and can as such not fight)
    0013= IYOTEN
    0014= Asta
    0015= Crash
    0016= Bordeaux
    0017= Sakaki
    0018= Crash
    0019= Crash
    001A - Crash
    001B - Azure Kite (not floating and can't go to fields)
    001C - Crash
    001D - Crash
    001E - Negimaru (Fully Playable but can't kick or active objects)
    001F - Grein (Fully Playable but can't kick or active objects)

    Sell Item in town for 90 items
    10A08C28 00000303
    00A08C2A 00000003
    00A08856 0000005A
    00A08858 0000005A

    Sell in Guild Shop to max 15
    00A089C4 0000000F

    Max Arena Win Points
    10A082B0 0000270F

    Haseo Max Weapon Skill
    109FAB0E 0000000A
    109FAB10 0000000A
    109FAB20 0000000A
    109FAB32 0000000A
    109FAB44 0000000A
    109FAB56 0000000A
    109FAB68 0000000A
    109FAB7A 0000000A

    Sickle addition to arms proficiency of Hasewo
    009FAB0C 00000002
    109FAB12 0000000A

    Platform enhanchment
    00A0232C 0000003B
    00A08C2B 00000003

    Haseo Mod
    10A024D7 00000256

    Item Mod 01
    009FC114 000000yyÂ@Classification
    109FC116 0000zzzzÂ@Type
    109FC118 0000ssssÂ@Ability 1
    109FC11A 0000ssssÂ@Ability 2
    109FC11C 0000ssssÂ@Ability 3
    109FC11E 000000xxÂ@modifier value (?)-> maybe weapon attack value, dont know yet.

    Item Mod 02
    009FC11E 000000xxÂ@ Correction value (?)
    009FC120 000000yyÂ@ Classification
    109FC122 0000zzzzÂ@ Type
    109FC124 0000ssssÂ@ Ability 1
    109FC126 0000ssssÂ@ Ability 2
    109FC128 0000ssssÂ@ Ability 3

    modifier value xx=00(+0)~63(+99)
    Classification yy=00 (weapon),01 (cloth),02 (decoration, like rings etc)
    Type zzzz=in the different list

    0000 (fire attack attribute)
    0001 (water attack attribute)
    0002 (wind attack attribute)
    0003 (earth attack attribute)
    0004 (light attack attribute)
    0005 (dark attack attribute)
    0006 (poison attack attribute)
    0007 (curse attack attribute)
    0008 (sleep attack attribute)
    0009 (seal attack attribute) (from this value and below, this maybe a value for Vol.2 so it may be freeze in this vol.1)
    000A (freeze)
    000B (freeze)
    000C (freeze)

    Kaishiki/Twin Sword (sword name, prerequisite level, rare value)
    00 ->akutabane
    01 ->kouga
    02 ->banjaku
    03 ->ransetsu
    04 ->chirimukuro
    05 ->hikou
    06 ->madarame
    07 ->yama arashi
    08 ->naginata
    09 ->koshinata
    0A ->kebari
    0B -> nodogirimaru
    0C -> haine shin, lv1 rare value 1
    0D -> haine shin, lv1 rare value 1
    0E -> kaita zangeki 2, lv51 rare value 1
    0F -> kaita zangeki 1, lv74 rare value 2
    10 -> kai Twin Lancer 1 lv 62 rare value 2
    11 -> Chainsaw2, lv87 rare value 2
    12 -> rare kaita zangeki, lv94 rare value 4
    13 -> kaikari aitemuwaku, lv999 rare value 1
    14 -> kaikari aitemuwaku, lv999 rare value 1
    15 -> kaikari aitemuwaku, lv999 rare value 1
    16 -> kaikari aitemuwaku, lv999 rare value 1
    17 -> Chainsaw3, lv101 rare value 2
    18 -> kaita zangeki, lv113 rare value 2
    19 -> rare kai Chainsaw5, lv999 rare value 2
    1A -> kai Twin Lancer2, lv125 rare value 2

    Some rare or special sword might have very cool appearance like in the FMV, which one I don't know yet. Why there's a prerequisite level of 999 if your max level in this game is just 50? I really don`t know....

    Haseo weapon
    Kaishiki/Twin Sword

    Taiken/Big Sword

    Taikama/Big Sickle/Scythe
    Thread by: VideoSpud, Nov 10, 2006, 11 replies, in forum: Code Vault
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    Nice to be here, on the new version of teh KH Vids...It's awesome.
    Thread by: VideoSpud, Oct 1, 2006, 8 replies, in forum: Introductions & Departures