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  1. hyhae
    This thread is for the game call of duty world at war codes for the DS Version Only

    Game ID: CALE

    All Countries Unlocked (Quickplay)
    221B77A9 0000001E

    Complete Challenge Mode
    221B77C1 0000001E

    Codes made by me
    Inf. thompson sub machine gun ammo
    02311A08 00000063

    Inf. Gernades
    0230B854 00000063

    Inf. Colt M1911A Pistol Ammo
    022A38A0 00000063

    Inf Type 100 Ammo
    022A31D8 00000063

    Inf M1 Garrand Ammo
    0224D98C 00000063

    Inf SpringField Sniper Ammo
    0226E780 00000063

    If you have any codes that were not posted here please feel free to PM me or post them here and if there is any problem with the codes I made feel free to PM me.
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  2. hyhae
    When Sora battles with Roxas at TWTNW he asks Why did HE choose you? . What do you think HE was? I personally Dont think Roxas was talking about the keyblade bec. he should have said It I think he meant something that was never said in KH2 maybe something that will be revealed in another KH game(maybe 285 days)
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  3. hyhae
    Here is my sig plz comment and rate.
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