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    Since this is a rebooted version of an old story I used to write I decided it may be best to post up the prologue and first chapter at once. I hope you enjoy reading this.

    Prologue: Hirujuki's cage
    In the year 2020, the world was in awe at the announcement of the Virtuia Company. They had announced that a new player system have been developed based upon a fictional idea. In the anime/manga known as Sword art Online there is gear known as nerve gear which allows a player’s mind to be inserted into a game. That idea inspired Geraldo Hirujuki to found the Virtuia company with the goal of making that gear a reality. He personally announced that in three months time he would be releasing the gear to the public including a copy of the game “100 battlefields” which is based on the story of Sword Art Online. Hirujuki revealed that only 10,000 pieces of gear would be released at first to see if the servers can maintain stability. The gamers of the world all started to save money to purchase the item everyone wanted.

    The ways everyone saved money varied based upon the person involved. Some sold their other games and consoles, others sold their cars and some even sold their homes. When the gear went on sale it sold out fast. But the biggest surprise was that many of the buyers didn’t get it for themselves. They had bought it for their children or for their siblings. Hirujuki was happy that the first ones to try the game world he created would be the ones who would enjoy it the most. When all 10,000 pieces were sold , Hirujuki announced that the game would go live in two weeks time at 18:06.06 Japan time. The many gamers of the world could hardly wait for their chance to live in a game for the first time ever.

    In a small backwater town in North Wales, a hermit gamer watched helplessly as the countdown to the game launch ticked away on his computer monitor. “What was I thinking!? I haven’t left my house in years and I step out to go get a game that everyone wanted! Of course I’d freak out and have a panic attack! I’m a freaking hermit for gods sake” said the gamer with a very upset yet annoyed tone in his voice. His anger had control of him until a knock was heard on his door. “Go away! I am not in the mood for company today” said the gamer but he was shocked when he heard a laugh on the other side of the door. His door then swung open and his older brother was stood there with both his parents and his grandmother.

    “Something tells me your mood is about to change bro!” said the brother when he stepped aside revealing a box containing the nerve gear and 100 battlefields game. The gamer was frozen in place by pure shock which caused his family to start laughing. The laughter was broken by his father saying, ”We all came together to buy you this stuff because it had to be important for you to leave this house. I hope you enjoy playing it but don’t forget about us!” The gamer ran to his father and gave him a hug, then his mother, brother and grandmother in that order. After the hugs, his family left him to it as he set up the gear and registered an account ready to activate the game as it launched. The gamer shouted "LOG ON" at the top of his voice as soon as the servers came online.

    Everything was black until a voice asked a few questions. “What gender do you wish to play? What body type? Skin colour? And many others. After answering all the questions the voice spoke once more and said “Welcome to 100 Battlefields. All players start in The town of beginning with 2500 money. Use that money to buy what ever armour and weapon you wish to use. It is also recommended you go to the town hall to register your character. Enjoy your first virtual experience” The excitement that the gamer felt was high as the town suddenly appeared around him. The buildings were so big and looked very strong. The npcs and players looked so real. He was in an open area but felt calm. This was a whole new world for him to be a part of.

    An hour had passed since the game went live and every player was called to the centre of town for another announcement. All the players gathered in town to hear the announcement when a familiar face appeared on a giant scree. It was Hirujuki. “Hello dear players. You know I founded my company to make all this a reality. I wanted to make Sword art online real. Every part of it but the only way for it to truly be real if to add the same odds and situation. So I did. The log out feature has been locked and the only way to unlock it is to beat the boss at level 100. The server is linked to the entire digital grid so trying to hack in or shut it down would result in all machinery shutting down including the ones in hospitals. I am more than happy to be named a monster since I guess I am one but you wanted this to be real so now it is. So enjoy you time trapped here” Hirujuki’s speech caused everyone to be speechless until one lone voice spoke up from the crowd.

    “This is ridiculous! We are living people! You can not treat us like this!” the voice was of a girl in a black dress with brown hair tied into a ponytail that reached the bottom of her neck. Hirujuki jut laughed and his face disappeared from the screen causing a wide panic to spread through every player. The 100 battles for freedom were now an obligation instead of choice. The girl who spoke up spoke once more. “I am Garnet, I am going to form a party. If you want to be part of it then come back here when in an hour equipped. Until then go shopping for weapons, armour and medicine” With her words spoken she left the area to stock up on gear then made her way back a hour later to see if anyone would show up.

    Chapter one: Rise of the phoenix
    The centre of town was empty and it seemed deserted since everyone is out looking for the boss room to move on with the game and get home. The first to arrive was a female who had brown hair platted into a ponytail that reached the base of her neck. Around her neck was a pendant in the shape of a purple tear. She was wearing a dark purple chest plate made out of iron. The chest plate had shoulder pads that looked like curved triangles while the neck line was a semicircle. The chest plate ended at the waist where she wore a black belt that had a small pouch attached. From the waist to the bottom of her thighs, she wore a purple skirt made of iron. On her wrists she wore iron bracers which were also purple and on her feet, she wore purple iron boots. This girl walked into the middle of the area and since it was empty, decided to practice with her new weapon while she waited. She called out a purple spear while was simply a plastic rod with an iron blade shaped like a diamond attached to the end.

    The girl was alone for about five minutes when someone else entered the area. It was a male with tanned skin. He had black hair that parted to the left causing the fringe to reach the top of his left eye. The back of his hair stopped at the top of his neck. On his torso he wore a navy blue tin cuirass that ended on his shoulders. From his waist he wore black leather pants with navy blue tin greaves attached from the knees. On his feet he wore black tin boots and black tin wrist guards on wrists. He walked up to the girl and waved his right hand. “Hi, are you Garnet?” asked the man. The girl put away her spear and turned to the one who just spoke to her. “Yes I am Garnet. I take it you have come to join my party” said the girl. The man took a few steps back and pulled out a black broadsword. It was made out of iron and had leather on the handle. “I am the swordsman who will cut down any foe! The name is Jination or Jin for short” said the man.

    Garnet felt embarrassed by Jin’s introduction and sighed in response to it. She sent Jin a party invitation which he quickly accepted. The two were about to talk but before they could a loud “Yo” was heard by them. They saw a girl running towards them. She had shoulder length blond hair that was held back by a white headband. Around her neck she wore a shark tooth. She wore a white silk dress that ended just above the knees. On her feet she wore white silk boots. On her hands she wore white silk gloves. The girl stopped just before the pair and pulled out a white silk whip. She swung it to the left then the right and finally struck the ground. While She was swinging her whip she said, “I am the one who will whip this party into shape. I am the sharply dressed Lady Nightmare! But you can call me Mare if you want.” Garnet thought “what is with these people!?” But Jin simply clapped in response to Mare’s introduction.

    Garnet sent Mare a party invitation which was accepted taking the party up to three. The three of them waited a few more minutes but as they were about to start talking a small ball landed next to the three which released a puff of smoke. The trio were startled by the smoke and drew their weapons. Once the smoke began to clear a voice was heard from within, “From the dark burst of smoke arises the future king of creation. The mighty Buzzbomber! But you can call me Buzz” As the smoke faded it revealed a man with short green hair. He wore a green cloth cloak on his shoulders and down his back. Under the cloak he wore a dark green cloth shirt and dark green cloth pants. Around his waist he wore a black belt with five pouches across it. On his feet he wore a pair of green cloth shoes and on his hand dark green gloves. Mare and Jin clapped at Buzz’s introduction but Garnet became annoyed.

    “What on earth is with you people!? We are facing life and death and you do those stupid introduction dance things!? This is not a joke!?” shouted Garnet which caused Mare’s face to get serious. “We KNOW this is life and death! We KNOW how serious this is but when would we ever have the chance to do this again? We are trapped here, away from our homes, our families and our friends. We have no idea what we are facing down the road so we find ways to lift our own spirits. Creatively introducing ourselves like that is one way we can do that. So do not try to stop us from having our fun. It is the only thing keeping us sane right now” explained Mare which caused Garnet to realise that she did enjoy the introductions a little. Garnet walked up to Mare and offered her a handshake which was gladly accepted.

    Garnet sent Buzz an invitation which was accepted right away. That gives the party four members. They waited another ten minutes but no one else showed up so Garnet decides to speak up. “Looks like it is just the four of us. As you know I am Garnet, the leader of this party. Then we have Jin our swordsman, Our whip master Mare and Buzz our... uh. Buzz what exactly do you use?” Buzz laughed and then spoke up. “I don’t actually use a weapon. I am an alchemist so I use alchemy to create potions and can transform ores into ingots. I stocked up on smoke bombs and have a few health potions so I will fill the healing role.” Garnet was pleased to hear they had a healer in their party

    “So we have a healer who can also give us cover if we need to escape. I am glad you three decided to join me. I saw a path towards a mountain during my shopping and I think we should climb it. Bosses always tend to be on mountain peaks in my game experience so shall we make that our first location to search?” asked Garnet which the other three agreed with a nod. The party started to head towards the exit they needed when Jin spoke up. “Hey Garnet, what is our party name? You created it so that must mean you named it right? Garnet laughed when she realised she never told them. “It is time to move out, From the ashes of fear we return. Let the fires of our power scorch the earth beneath our feet. It is the rise of THE PHOENIX” yelled Garnet as she ran out of the town with her team following behind with smiles on their faces.
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    I wrote this for the awards hoping that many would read it before the story officially began. So to any fans this story may have or new readers of this story, please enjoy it and I promise to write a chapter at least once a month. So if I am running late be sure to remind me!

    Prologue: Awaken in the dark

    Darkness was everywhere, nothing could be seen, nothing could be felt, nothing could be tasted, nothing could be smelt. There was nothing but silence in that empty place. That is until the silence was broken by a waking man. “Ugh where am I? Why is it so dark here?” said the man but he got no answer. Everything was silent for a moment until laughter echoed everywhere startling the man. “Finally awake huh? Welcome to the darkness young one” said a voice from the darkness. The man was shocked by the words of the voice. “The darkness? What do you mean welcome to the darkness?!” yelled the man. The laugh heard before echoed once more but it lasted longer this time.

    Once the laughter ended the same voice spoke once more. “Yes the darkness, that is where you stand right now. Here everything is made of darkness even you and me, kid.” The man yelled in protest “Speak for yourself! I am not made of darkness” the voice stopped once more and a little light appeared in the distance. “Get to the light kid. I want to see who I am dealing with” said the voice. The man tried to walk but couldn’t, he tried all ways to move but found the only way to move was to swim. He swam to the light and found out he could stand up but only while inside that light. "Alright I am in the light now so talk” said the man which caused the laugh to echo once more.

    The light brightened revealing a young man around 19 years old. He wore a red jacket that seemed too small for him. Under the jacket there was a badly torn white shirt that was barely kept together. On his hands was a pair of torn up white gloves. He wore a pair of black pants that had the right pants leg ripped off from the knee. On his feet there were a badly damaged pair of black trainers with holes on the ends revealing bits of the white socks inside them. His hair was long and red. It had grown to the end of his neck. His face was unharmed with the exception of a scar on his left cheek. Everything was silent for a moment until the voice spoke once more. “Looks like you have had better days. Who are you and what happened kid?”

    The man opened his mouth to answer but closed it again inshock. The voice spoke again, “what’s wrong kid? Can’t you answer me?” the man looked down and nodded. “I see you can’t remember anything can you?” the man just nodded again upset. “Maybe it is better that way since you are here. This place is only for the vilest of people who are filled with darkness and have no hearts. That means you and I are heartless” said the voice which caused anger in the man for some unknown reason. “I am not one of those monsters! I have a heart! I have to have one! How else can I feel sad or guilt!” said the man in anger.

    The voice spoke once more “feel guilt? Why did you mention feeling guilty? Could it be you feel guilty about something? What could that be? You have no memories to feel guilty about so how could you feel that way” The man grew angry because the voice didn’t give him chance to respond. “Hey! Quit with all the questions already! They are really annoying! I may not remember what I feel guilty about but, my heart didn’t let me forget the guilt I feel. That means there has to be a reason for this feeling and I have to find out why” said the man which caused the voice to stop for a few minutes.

    “Kid you have been asleep here for a quite a while and time flows differently here than it does in the light. Even if you got out of here and back out there it wouldn’t matter. No one who knew you or you knew would still be alive. There is a chance that many years have passed since you ended up here. You may never find those answers you seek so wouldn’t it be easier to just fall into the darkness and forget how to feel? Said the voice. The man didn’t even hesitate in responding to the voice. “No it wouldn’t be easier at all. It would be more painful than anything else to do that. I may never get my answers but I have to try. I owe it to whoever I feel guilty about. I must try to get out of here”

    The voice was silent for a moment and a corridor of darkness appeared. “That portal will take you out of here kid. Go and try to find what you seek. I’ve already fallen into the darkness and can not be free from here but you can” said the voice. The man smiled and walked towards the portal. “Thank you old man, I will give it all my heart. I promise you I will fight for my answers” said the man as he walked through the portal. As he entered the corridor of darkness a light flew out of his heart and hit the ground. The voice spoke again. “May your heart be your guiding key kid”

    The light that hit the ground caused a stain-glass platform to form. The platform contained the Kingdom key in the centre of the platform vertically. On the left of the kingdom key was a bear mask, on the right was a unicorn mask. Above it was a fox mask, a snake mask and a leopard mask. Beneath it lay the man with his eyes closed. Behind the head of the man was a headstone with an unreadable name on it. From above it looked like the kingdom key had struck the man down. The voice spoke once more. “So that is his story huh? He was caught up in keyblade war I predicted? Invi, Gula, Ira, Aced and Ava you did well. Luxu I hope you did your role too now I will rest” said the voice as the light faded and the stain-glass platform was lost in the darkness.
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    My kitten

    Meet my Kitten Lucas.
    He is 13 weeks old now.
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    I may be drunk when I post this but I promise to write a small Xmas wish to everyone who replied to this thread. I look forwatd to any challenges you give me.
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    Last Sunday I attended a convention where I was given contact info for Madius Comics and the creators of the new 2Kill comic. I showed the ones there some of my basic ideas and small story plots and they gave me advise on how to improve them. They said I should email a script to them and they could have it published if it is good enough.

    I am asking if any of you would take this opportunity if you had been given it?
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    I just went over Fennie's thread and realised how long ago this all began for me. I joined here 30 days after I turned 17 and I still pop on here now and then. I have made several friends here over the years. Some have left, Some are less active like @Ienzo , Some just can't live without this place @Lucaim Nav . There has been my lyrical "rivals" like @Nights☆ and @nasirrich . And my old dueling pals from the playground section like @Jaden Yuki .

    I had a net family here but sadly I don't talk to them as much anymore. And to be honest I kinda miss how simple things used to be here. But that is the past so I'll just enjoy the now as an old man with the heart of a preteen just like my pal @Lucaim Nav!
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    I have been awake for 48 hours now and I can't sleep. Does anyone have any ideas of how to fall asleep.
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    While I have noticed the inclusion of workshops I was wondering if it would be possible to create a short story group section.In that section there would be several groups where they take turns to write a story.An example I have in mind is a murder mystery section. Everyone will take turns to write a short story.

    Each short story must contain at least four paragraphs. Using this example there must be a detective, a murderer and at least three victims. One victim must die in each of the first three paragraphs and the forth must reveal the murderer and their method plus motives. While it would recommended that all of the story is wrote at once it will not be mandatory. Because the story writer will post up each paragraph one at a time and give all members a chance to pm a guess of the murderer to them. Then once everyone has guessed the next paragraph is to be posted when the writer is able or chooses to. Finally once the fourth paragraph is posted the writer will reveal who was the first to get it right and that person gets to decided who will be the next writer.
    But if more than one person gets it right at the same paragraph then it is up to the writer to choose who is next.
    A rule I thought of is that no one can write twice in a row.
    Other rules are still under construction. While I did consider in the unlikely event no one gets it right then the writer picks the next one to write.

    Well that is my idea and an example of it, what do you think?
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    In the United Kingdom I know that this saturday is free comic book day and I will be in London for it where I will get many free comics. Does anyone else here take part in it?
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    Hello fellow members of KHV. Many of you may know of me others may not but that matters very little. Do as you like with this thread but it's main purpose is to update the people I see as friends on how my life is. I have began reading a series of books and they inspired my current avatar. The series of books is the Redwall series and quite frankly dispite the targeted auidence I find them quite enjoyable. I am pursuing a course to help improve my writing but have yet to be accepted. I am part of a new crowd where I am looked up to and respected. So all in all this cruel poet is feeling quite content with his current life wishing success to everyone else in what ever they strive for.
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    I wasn't sure when to put this buy this section seems suitable. I hope to hear what you think of my theories.

    Thanks to the release of the HD remix of the kingdom hearts games, I have been able to expand on my theories quite a lot.

    First of all we know that there will be 13 warriors of darknessand seven guardians of Light.I believe that Master Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, Isa and Xigbar are confirmed members of the thirteen darkness'. But in 3ds master Xehanort says "But Sora and another on your list belongs to me". When we hear that we automatically think he means Terra. Though that is not actually confirmed because he doesn't say any names. In days we see Xemnas in the world of darkness where we saw Aqua at one point. And in Kh2 final mix we see Xemnas talking to Aqua's armour meaning that he knows her. So for me it is possible that Aqua may have become corrupted and turned into one of the 13 darkness'. Terra's heart was lost at the end of BBS and his will became trapped in his armour meaning his body was empty so Terra is not among the 13 darkness in my opinion for that reason. As for the identities of the other darkness' I do not know but I believe it is likely one or more of them will be Final fantasy characters like Vincent Valentine or Kadaj.

    But now onto the Seven lights I believe that Sora, Riku and Mickey are among them for certain. Lea seems likely due to him gaining a keyblade and Isa's inclusion in the 13 darkness'. If you also include his connection to Roxas, Xion and Sora it only inproves his chances. Lea also has a bond with Ventus who's heart dwells within Sora. That makes Lea the forth Light in my List. Ventus is a possible fifth Light due to Sora setting out to free the hearts within him. Although that makes Vanitas a possible darkness as well since it is clear Vanitas is also in Sora's heart. Coded and 3ds both show that Ventus is important making him the most likely fifth on my list.The sixth on my list is actually Roxas because in the events of Days he seems to develop his own identity and start to grown his own heart. So if Sora frees the hearts within it is possible that Sora and Lea could awaken Roxas as a real person and the sixth light.The seventh and final light seems to be the most uncertain of the group with both Kairi and Yen Sid being possible. But much like Roxas, it is possible Xion could be the seventh if Sora frees all the hearts within although it seems Xion's heart is actually Kairi's. That makes three possible candidates for the final slot which leaves me undecided on the final guardian.

    I also have a theory of some fatalities within the story. First of all it seems certain that Xehanort, Xigbar and Isa will die. But with Lea's involvement Isa's death will most likely be temporary. Although I included Yen Sid on my list for the seven lights it is possible that Xehanort strikes him down mid story to prevent his interference in Xehanort's conversion of his 13th warrior which is possibly going to be another keyblade user making Xion a likely choice. Another fatality possibility is Riku because he has already made several sacrifices for Sora and Kairi so it isn't impossible he could sacrifice himself to save one of them. That is all for my fatality theories.

    My final theory is an injury one. Although Donald and Goofy are not on my light list it's likely they will be there for the final battle. They have been at Sora's side since the beginning so it is almost certain they will be there. But onto my theory, I believe that both Donald and Goofy will be majorly hurt making them unable to fight alongside Sora anymore. That will give Enix more chance to expand Sora on his own in future games he serves as the main character. I also believe Kairi will get hurt if she fights forcing Sora to leave her behind again when he starts a new adventure after the Xehanort saga climax.That is all for my theories and I would like to know what you think of them. Just remember this is my theory and opinion none of it is actual fact .
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    I decided to start my own pokemon based story so here is my opening chapter so enjoy

    Prologue: A Journey begins

    On a beautiful Sunday morning a young red headed boy was running down a field heading to a small town called Pallet Town. The boy had a smile on his face because today was the day his life would change forever, the day he gets his first pokemon. He had been thinking about this day for so long he knew instantly which pokemon he would pick when he gets to the professor's lab. After running for what seemed like hours Pallet Town ws in sight. He didn't waste a second as he sprinted straight towards the town butwas going so fast he couldn't stop himself when a Rattata ran into his path. Seeing a tree branch just ahead he quickly jumped and used the branch to swing himself over the pokemon and continue his run towards the lab.

    Reaching the town the boy slowed down and walked to the lab following the path he learned from his town map. Afer five minutes the boy was at the lab gates when he saw a man in a lab coat waiting there. "Excuse me sir are you Professor Oak?" asked the boy. The man laughed, "No I amhis Aide, The professor is out on his morning rounds and will be back shortly. May I ask what brings you here?" asked the Aide. "My name is James Pyrian, I came here from my home on Cinnabar Island for my first Pokemon" said the boy very excitedly. "Ah yes, we were not expecting you until this afternoon but please follow me" said the Aide as James followed him into the lab.

    The Aide took James into the lab waiting room and present him with a hot chocolate. "Thanks Sir but can we get to me getting my first Pokemon now please" said James after taking a sip of the drink he was given. "Sorry James but I am not authorized to distribute Pokemon to new trainers. We will have to wait until Professor Oak gets back" said the Aide causing a didappointed look to appear on James' face. "Your wait is over young man I have returned" said a grey hair man in a lab coat. "Professor, you are back early" said the Aide to which Oak nodded as he approached James. "You are James correct?" asked Oak to which James nodded and smiled.

    "I was not expecting you until this afternoon and haven't had chance to prepare Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle yet I'm afraid" said Oak. "It is alright Professor I have already decided on Charmander for my first Pokemon" said James. "I see well then, why don't you follow me to Charmander's habitat here in my lab" said Oak as James quickly jumped onto his feet and rushed to Oak's side. Professor Oak, His Aide and James then proceeded to the part of the Lab designed with fire Pokemon such as Charmander in mind. "Wait here a second while I gather the Charmander" said Oak as he blew in a Charmander Whistle and within seconds a line of ten Charmanders stood before Professor Oak.

    "Now then James, why don't you pick which Charmander you would like" said Oak shocking his Aide. "But Professor! It doesn't work that way! You are supposed to examine and pick which one is best suited to be a starter Pokemon for a new trainer" said the Aide. "Yes that is how things normally work but this is a special case. While I was out on my rounds a baby Rattata ran into the path of an young man running at top speed. There was no way he could have stopped himself before reaching the Pokemon and the baby was too scared to move. But thanks to some quick thinking from the young man upon noticing a tree branch he was able to swing himself over the Rattata protecting it from harm. That young man was James here and for quick thinking I believe a reward like picking which Charmander to start his journey with is only fair" said Oak causing James to Blush and the Aide to back off and nodd in agreement.

    "Go ahead James, pick your own first Pokemon my boy" said Oak as James gulped and walked up to the Charmander nervous about picking one of them. The first Charmander was quite shy and hid it's face behind it's tail flame. Then second one just seemed pretty normal standing in the famous Charmander pose not really standing out at all. The third and forth were in battle seeming to be trying to prove they are the strongest of the group. The fifth and sixth still seemed quite young and were distracted by the clouds in the sky. The seventh, eighth and ninth were each trying to catch James' attention canceling out each other's attempts while the tenth and final Charmander was leaning on a near by rock seeming not interested in being picked at all. With no idea which to pick James looked back at Oak and his Aide seeming to have a few things on his mind.

    "James if you have some questions to ask feel free to do so" said Oak which James nodded to looking at the Charmander then back at Oak. "If I am right the first Charmander is female and doesn't do well under pressure, the second is a very basic male matching the guidelines for start pokemon to a T. The third and forth are both male and are trying to prove they are strongest because they are siblings and the children of the fire Pokemon leader. The fifth and sixth are both female and have only hatched about two months ago. The Seveth and ninth are both male while the eighth is female, the three were hatched at the same time and grew up together,they most likely have seen a few contests andbelieve showing off is the key to being picked. While the tenth is male and doesn't see the point to acting so stupid, not caring if he gets picked or not. From what I can gather you would have picked the second Charmander for me. Am i right Professor?" asked James.

    "That is amazing!" Declared the Aide catching James by surprise. "James my boy everything you just said was completely correct. Most trainers can not tell the difference between a male and female Pokemon let alone recognize each pokemon's origin, personality or age with such ease" said Oak quite impressed. "I grew up with Pokemon and have been able to notice such things but professor I still don't know which to pick for my first Pokemon" said a troubled James. "If you can not decide with your head then decide with your heart, close your eyes and think about your perfect Charmander, think about achieving your dream with Charmander at your side. With that in mind think about who that Charmander was when you first met them" said Oak. Taking Oak's advice James did just that and within seconds he knew which Charmander to choose.
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    Oda's gifts

    I normally write these on profiles but decided to post them here instead. So if you would like one just ask

    There is a girl of just twelve years
    Who can be any man's worst fears
    Shiver as you become her new toy
    As you bring her untold joy
    As a great day comes to pass
    A smile upon the face of that young lass
    To her I now say
    Have a wonderful Christmas day

    I speak of a man with superior style
    Who can talk once in a while
    Although that may be a simple mistake
    Just like stepping on an thin ice lake
    But now I am going off the task
    Since this is about the man in the Xehanort mask
    Yes I am talking about you
    Have a great Christmas Day Drew

    The Silent one now shall speak
    As I hope he gets what he seeks
    The red named singer I say hello
    The strongman of the CoM show
    But the trivial rhyming shall soon cease
    With the war and peace
    So my friend I deem this fate
    Your Christmas Day shall be great
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    I just found out my parents have spent over 300 UK pounds on me for christmas and now I feel spoiled. Is that normal?
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    Recently I hav found myself watching Pokemon while also playing My Pokemon games which are Heartgold, Ruby, Sapphire, Leafgreen, Black2, Colliseum, Conquest, Blue Rescue Team, Ranger, Shadows of Almia, the original Pokemon blue and even Pokemon Stadium for the N64. Since X and Y are out now I am wondering is getting that going to be too much Pokemon or what?
    An I also found myself writing a Pokemon Fanfiction which I will show anyone who is interested.
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    I am not sure what prefix to use or even if this is the right part to post it so if a staff member can fix that for me i would be most grateful. But Oda the writer is back in action so enjoy his newest project.

    Prolouge: Nojima's Prophecy

    The date was 10/13/2013 with the whole world preparing to watch an exclusive world wide press conference with world famous Game developper Kazushige Nojima. The reason for the conference is unknown but fans of his work were hoping it was to annouce a new game of his famous Final Fantasy series. The conference was taking place on the roof of the Square Enix Headquarters in Shibuya Tokyo. A stage had been set up as Nojima requested and the cameras were being prepped to broadcast at exactly 11:45 AM Asian time. It was currently 11:39 and the cameras were going through the last minute checks ready for broadcasting. Each camera was cleared and set to record as Nojima walked onto the stage and stopped in the center.

    11:45 exactly and the Broadcast started as scheduled, viewers were in the edge of their seats as Nojima came onto their screens about to begin his speech. "Good day people of the world. My name is Kazushige Nojima and I asked for this press conference with one reason in mind. To relay to you all my Prophecy which you are all about to witness come true. As many of you know I am the mind behind several of the Final Fantasy games but the ideas for the creatures and characters were not completely of my design. Those ideas came from the very prophecy I am about to tell you all. So brace yourself to hear the tale of this world's end" said Nojima

    The viewers were all in shock but kept watching to see what he said next. "The first stage of the end of days shall be the Aurora Borealis streaching across the sky above our heads" said Nojima as he stared up at the sky. And sure enough about a minute after he said it the sky became filled with the Aurora Borealis. It was streached across the whole planet without a single cloud also blocking out the sun. "I am sure you are all in awe to see the sky change so rapidly but be aware this is only the beggining off my prophecy. And it will get much much worse than this" said Nojima as he started to laugh. The cameramen and women were starting to get scared to be near him but knew they had to see this through for the viewer's sake.

    "The next part of my prophecy states the polar icecaps begin to glow a bright white."said Nojima and omce again about a minute later the icecaps began to glow white. "The bright white glow shall slowly turn into a mystical green as the planet begins to shake all over. Small cracks begin to appear as a green liquid begins to flow out of the cracks. Does this sound familiar? It should because that liquid is the lifestream. The very blood of our planet and just like in Final fantasy seven any living creature that comes in contact with that at a strong enough dose will change into one of the monsters fought in the game. And those cracks will grow in size as the planet continues to feel pain, the very pain us humans created" said Nojima as the Icecap glow did change and the planet shook causing the very thing just stated.

    "So much chaos already spreading across this planet but it isn't over yet. Next the green glow from the icecaps will be absorbed into the sky as the Aurora Borealis starts to flash with every color of the rainbow. After about a minute of the rainbow flashing lights in the sky the Aurora Borealis will shatter and millions of light shards shall begin tumbling to the ground. Those light shards are magic as if a shard came in contact with a living creature magic becomes stored within it much like in Final Fantasy Eight. And just like the game bugs and animals which have magic become beasts and monsters from the game." said Nojima as he looked up to the sky and stepped beneath the wooden roof of the stage. And just as predicted the icecap glow was absorbed and the light shards came tumbling down to earth.

    As people all over the world ran to get cover from the falling Light shards Nojima just smiled watching the panic spread. "Once the shards have all fallen the trees begin to join roots causing more cracks in the ground for the lifestream to bleed out off. Once the roots have all joined together they spread across the planet causing it to shake as several roots burst from the ground. The entire planet gets covered in roots as a thin mist begins to leak out of the roots in the ground's surface. And much like the mist from Final fantasy Nine this mist can cause living creatures to change into monsterous beasts. Granted the Mist is only think but in caves and places of low air flow it will thicken and become blinding" said Nojima and just like his other predictions. A minute later it all came true.

    Everyone all over the world were in a deep panic as Nojima's every words came ture. Almost everyone was scared but couldn't stop watching because he seemed to know what would happen next. "The next part is the worst part as lots of glowing insects begin to fly out of the graves of all the planet's dead. Those insects begin to turn into monsterous beasts just like the fiends from Final Fantasy Ten. All the people of the world will watch in horror as the dead rise of terrible beasts before their very eyes. And just like in the game anyone who dies but doesn't accept death will be fated to become just like them. But there is more to the Final fantasy Ten story isn't there?" asked Nojima as he started to laugh while his predictions come true causing all the people of the world to be disgusted.

    Nojima stopped laughing as a very serious look came onto his face while walking forward. "All the beasts that will swarm the earth may get taken down but they will always come back again because only a warrior of fantasy may strike them down for good. None of your pitiful humans stand a chance of surviving the Armageddon of Fantasy!" yelled Nojima as a small orange light came out of Nojima's heart. He quickly grabbed it in his left hand then smashed what ever it was in his hand. That was when a white flash flew out of his hand disrupting the signal of all the cameras. For thirty minutes there was nothing but white in screen until it began to clear up but instead of the stage Nojima was in all they could see was the ruins of Shibuya with Sin going off into the distance.
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    I am so bored it is unreal
    But I doubt you care how I feel
    But the purpose of this thread is clear
    It is a message to the members here
    My boredom will be overcome in time
    Maybe by you the reader of this rhyme
    No matter Who you may be
    If you are willing to chat with me

    Take a chance and send me a pm chat
    We will talk after you do that
    So now anyone out there take heed
    A person to chat with is all I need
    Perhaps you will become my new friend
    Well that can only depend
    On what you do now you have seen this
    Will you reply here nice or dis?
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    Yes I am aware that there is a post your picture here thread and this one works just like that one does.
    But there is one rule in this thread. And before you ask I did check to see if it was alright for me to make this thread and was told it was.
    Any picture posted must be a minimum of three years old.

    Now you know the rule I hope to see you posting pictures soon.
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    So Inactive

    I used to do a lot here but now I barely do anything so KHV give me somethig to do!
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    This Friday I am going to London for a few days. I leave on May third and come home May sixth the day before my birthday. While I am away I will be getting two free comic books while I am there. I would like some suggestions to what I should buy with my birthday money in Forbiden planet.
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