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  1. Cherry Berry
    Hi All,

    Hope you're all doing well!

    I guess I haven't been around as much the last two/three months as I would have liked to.

    To tell you the truth...

    I've checked myself into Kh-Rehab, There has been a lot going on on my end, familial issues and all. I won't spare the details, but just to surmise shortly what's going on, they all need me right now.

    Being the eldest daughter of a big family, it's my duty and my honour to ensure they're being taken care of.

    Hope everybody stays good, healthy and strong over here c:

    Lots of Love,

    Cherr Berr
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    is feeling blue.

    is feeling blue.
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    If it's waterproof, I'm in.
    If it's waterproof, I'm in.
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    This year?

    So far for this year it's been £12.99 for one Catherine game for the PS3.

    Everything else (iOS,PS3 & PC) wise has been free. Either through sharing a game with a friend or playing trials.
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    Depending on whether their account has been deactivated or not, they should have their username at the bottom left/right (I forget olol) as a "source" (or a source button).
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    What really also troubles me is what some people perceive a young female child's account (I'm going to say aged 4 for instance) on their sexual assault by an older male individual, and how in some instances it is people they already know, like an uncle/cousin/family friend etc. Chances are most are blackmailed or threatened to never breathe a word of it, or something really bad may happen to them.

    It scares me how certain people state that victims at that age (who do happen to tell someone) "imagine" or "falsify" that this kind of thing happens (therefore making them unreliable in court), leaving these very kids to live for the rest of their lives with memories of what had happened to them.
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    On the Rolly Jodger~? ;D
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    Me too oh my goodness.
    I'm finding the experience quite odd because I'm not used to such a wide expansion set x'D
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  15. Cherry Berry
    Once you've redeemed it you technically own it c: So even if you don't install now, at least use the promotional code to retrieve your freebie so it can be played later~ uwu
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  16. Cherry Berry
    I think y'all are the sweetest, no matter how the votage pans out
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  17. Cherry Berry
    What’s the first thing you notice about someone?
    It's a very broad question, if I do say so myself~ (◡‿◡✿)

    Well to start off, I personally very much believe there is such a thing as an afterlife. You could say personal experience, religion and spirituality somewhat has to do with the influencing of my opinion.

    This world is too amazing and complex for there not to be more to life, for it to end so randomly and unceremoniously, as many deaths are. Even in this life, there is so much more to life than meets the eye, as many sciences have demonstrated. And given many reports of near death experiences, I'm almost certain that we're in for a ride that will not end when our physical bodies die.

    Heaven, hell and the beyond:

    For starters, I believe in a heaven, hell, purgatory (due to religion and/or spirituality) c:

    This is my perception of those three.

    Heaven: Someone who has died in good grace (a saint, or someone without sin and are immediately deserving of heaven).

    Purgatory: This is attached to heaven. It's reserved for those who died in a state of sin but the sins were not grave enough to place someone in hell; so purgatory's purpose is to purge/cleanse a soul. I somewhat also have a vision of it being somewhat like the afterlife of Suzie Salmon (from the book and movie The Lovely Bones) prior to
    her killer's death.

    They say in purgatory that no soul stained can enter Heaven. Once the soul is cleansed (for however long) then it will be released from purgatory and will be able to enter Heaven. For some reason many many years ago I perceived purgatory as being the place where we get to watch the life we have led in first person (without the ability to change anything) and acknowledge the good and bad we did in that lifetime.

    Hell: The list is long and never ending....but in short, this is for those who died with severe mortal sin who are deemed "not deserving" of Heaven.

    Spirits living on:

    I personally very much believe that the people we love who are gone, sometimes stick around those they loved.

    I don't want to go off on a tangent so I'll just finish this question up by saying the afterlife is a very interesting topic to look into c:


    Truth or dare?
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    It's quite alright! I don't think I posted much (if at all) on this thread as of yet so it's understandable.

    To answer your question, I often use emoticons because I guess in a way it clarifies the emotion one is trying to convey in a message.

    I.e. I'm generally quite happy in nature (and quite quirky at times) and I convey that through usage of smiley emoticons in textual conversation (✿◠‿◠)!

    Hope I answered your question well c:

    Um, I'll go for truth again.

    Truth or dare?
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  20. Cherry Berry

    (Also, I think I may use a bit of the dosh on that c: )

    That certainly does sound like fun uwu (and a good idea too)! Lol it's good to start out modest with something like that ;o

    Thank you >u<! I hope it all goes well!
    Toy Story 3 was a great film filled with nostalgia, with a sweet open ended ending to the trilogy uwu
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