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    I likey Dex buddy. but I kinda have to agree about the spelling errors. Other than that you have some good concepts. A masochistic nobody, Dusk butlers, Rafiki giving Xeol his wise old sage crap. Best of all you presented Larxenes nicer side. We Larxene fans know its there, just very very very deep down. Nice going.
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    Intresting concept, Kairi and Sora all grown up...with kids. The horror. Although Kairi with a ponytail is fun. Keep this going, I want to see where it leads.
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    WOO!!!! Still more exited about the sequel though...why cant nintendo keep their promises?
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    Sudox looked at the arm. "Do with it? Hadnt ever considered much...Ive already obtained what little information it posesses on my true goals...and even If I wanted a weapon other than old hiccory...I dont like moogles, they overcharge everything. So synthesis is out. I was going to pawn it off, see how much I get....but thats besides the point."

    "Oblivion is your answer...well if I were you I'd get out of town, because you'd know that the safest place to hide..."

    Sudox noticed out of the corner of his eye that one of the villagers was shuffling behind them, trying to be sneaky, but failing...his eyes were yellow...just like the shadows that overtook his world. Sudox smiled...finally a proper subject. A Live Skinwalker. He threw his cane at the villager, faster than the eye could percieve, but the villager vanished into the ether before the cane could hit.

    "Is In Sanity." the doctor whispered almost sadly. He tossed the arm toward Braxen. "Your answer is valid enough though...if you want it pack it, but I suggest we get indoors...before they start multiplying in the minds of the populace..."
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    Sudox nodded, following Braxen towards the old temple that Sudox had been on top of earlier. Whistling and spinning his cane. As they approached the old building Sudox noted A white cross shape on the huge doors of the holy ground. Where had Sudox seen that before? "So Braxen, Ive got a bit of a puzzler for you and this Tagachi fellow if you both are interested. I have a fondness for such games you see. If either of you guess the answer, Ill give you something interesting I found on another world. To be specific..."

    A flash of light and an object wrapped in a green cloth appeared in the Doctors hand. "In my travels, I went to a desert world and stumbled across a material rarer than gummi blocks." He unwrapped the bundle to reveal a mechanical arm. White with a golden cufflink, it was still clutching a sheath with no blade. "This is the arm of a rare and powerful kind of Heartless. A Kurt Ziza to be exact. I hear that if synthesized properly, it can make quite the weapon for a warrior strong enough to handle it."

    A glint in the old man's eyes as he spun his cane round and round. "Riddle me this Warrior. When the world is against you, where is the safest place to hide?" The Ziza arm shined. "Need a hint?"
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    (For those who have been reading and were dissapointed by chapter 2's lack of seriousness and slight Xaldin bashing, sorry.

    I know the title and first chapter had you all set for a fight between the Freeshooter and the Whirlwind Lancer, a duel of emotional proportions and I swear that's what I was going to do, but I just couldn't see Xig going out of his way to drag Xaldin back to HQ. plus I believe its in the spirit of Xigbar to have the chapters of this story switch from light and funny, to dark and serious.

    So now I present Chapter 3 Part 1...and this time I will deliver what the title promised. A serious fight. with very few jokes. This ones about Roxas and his leaving the org. Set immediately after Xions death and Xigbar's wacky adventures in Beast's castle. so without further ado Here is........)

    Chapter 3: Play it Again Demyx​

    The corridor of darkness opened in the Grey area of the Castle That Never Was, smelling a bit like sulphur and gunpowder to Xigbar, and then it was gone. Xigbar looked around the lounge and muttered " favorite couch is gone again... I think I might have left my gameboy in it...crap." A giggle came from a chair in the left side of the room. followed by a twang of a sitar.

    "Ohhh man that's gotta suck Xiggy... I mean it'll come back but once something disappears in this room, its like it get magnetized. Remember when Saix bought that plasma TV? He went Berzerker mode for about a month."

    Xigbar walked up to Demyx and slapped him on the back of the head. "Shadap!" "What'd I do... *slap* owww!!!" "Shadap." "What did you finally beat the boss or *slap*...owwwww!!!"

    Xigbar rolled his eye. "Remember Mullethead, when I say "Shadap" I mean "Shadap" we clear." Demyx nodded "Crystal." Xigbar sat down on a nearby chair. " was your recon mission?"

    Demyx chuckled. "I didnt go, X-face was too depressed to notice, how did finding Xaldin turn out?" Xigbar shuddered "Dont ask. thats some luck you got there mullethead, whats got ol X-face PO'ed this time?"

    Demyx twanged his sitar, head down. "Roxas left, but not before beating the tar out of Saix at his worst...X-face is still down there talking to the moon."

    Xigbar's eye widened, and he jumped up in alarm. "WHAT! Roxas left? why?" Demyx put his hands in a placating gesture. "I think its cause of Xion and her know...Axel tried to talk with him afterword...but no dice as Luxord would say. Numero Ocho has been in his room since...come to think of it I havent seen Xion either..."

    Xigbar was barely listening, he was already preparing his arrow-guns for battle and loading extra ammo. Demyx nervously asked "Uh...Xiggy, why are you acting crazy?" "Crazy? AS IF!!! We can't afford any more losses Number XI, not with Xemnas acting like he is...Not with an imposter going around and snooping on us...and not with that WITCH being alive and able to mess with people's memories to get them ten kinds of screwed up in the head.

    Xigbar started walking down to the bottom of the castle, Demyx following on the staircase. "Kiddo and Dollface are both our own. Members of the Organization...and they can't just go around doing whatever they feel like, no matter how messed up it gets. Zexion may have been a tool, but he was right about one thing...this Organization is the rope that should bind us Nobodies...and even Replicas... together."

    Demyx twiddled his fingers, "Um Xig, that was a real inspired speech and all...but Xion's got some kick to her now, and Roxas sure as hell wont go down do you expect to get them both back alive? DON'T SHOOT!"

    Xigbar pointed the gun at Demyx and smiled. "Shadap" Demyx recovered and nodded solemly, givng a salute to Xigbar as he faded away.
    Demyx sighed "Dont get yourself killed on me Xiggy...nobody else can take a joke."

    Then the Melodious Nocturne noticed that Saix was shuffling towards him in pain. "Where's my...heart? Kingdom...Hearts." Demyx sighed and helped his boss up the stairs. "So close..." "Yeah yeah, save it for Xemnas's poetry corner buddy."

    (Wow...that took a while, part 2 coming soon)
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    Profile Post

    done and done.

    done and done.
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    Di Ren nodded at Boris's words, not totally convinced. He then noticed the leader of the Tigers arriving, and the Blue Death smirked as he photographed his face in his mind. He then whispered to Boris "It would seem that the Wu leader has arrived...he looks a bit nervous."

    Di Ren chuckled under his breath. "Your right about holding the hands of one enemy to crush the other my lord...but if the soldiers of Shu and Wu are reflections by their leaders...then it would appear that I should prepare my men to carry a sack on their backs and carry the soldiers while fighting, so as not to let them get hurt. Heh...heh...heh."
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    Sudox's exes glinted. "Excellent. Lead the way boyo. Answers await!"
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    I seem to have accidentally started a popular thread...sweet.:roll:

    btw I forgot to mention...I never said my picks applied only to currently existing Nobodies. heh...heh..heh.:sly:

    And you guys have some good ideas...except Eddie Murphy as Axel...maybe as a joke...never a reality...same with bill cosby. the mere thought sends shivers down my spine :cold:

    I wouldn't want to replace the voice actors the organization already have, they did too good of a job, but if I could.... I would do it like this

    Xemnas-Tom Cruise, both are crazy and emote way way too much.

    Xigbar-Jack Nicholson, think The Shining and One flew over the Cuckoos Nest. All work and no play makes Xig a dull boy. Either that or Colin Farrel.

    Xaldin-hatred of emotion + murderous sociopath with incredible power = Sylar/Spock= Zachary Quinto

    Vexen- Agreed Alpha Sonix, Snape...100% snape

    Lexaeus- Again I have to agree with the crowd, he even LOOKS like a T1000. So does that make Zexion John Conner? kidding.

    Zexion-Young + Emo looking design + smart possibly OCD mastermind= Donnie Darko

    Saix-Calm guy that goes crazy every once in a while? Scares every other member there? Practically runs the place place while Xemnas is off reciting poetry? Efficiency is his watchword?=Hugo Weaving

    Axel- Wouldn't change it for the world, Voice talent should be recognized when you've covered the character to a T. Only reason I'm even suggesting the others is a combination of randomness and lack of voice screen time for some other members.

    Demyx- I stand by my Brad Pitt choice. He's one of the most capable actors in holywood because of his ability to portray many kinds of roles. He can be a revolutionary psycho, a deep emotional thinker, or just the comic relief guy. He has demonstrated this versatility in many many movies. He would be an interesting choice for a future game. But if I had to place him as an org member...I pick Demyx. My reason? Burn After Reading. watch it.

    Luxord- Johnny Depp is indeed a thought that I had not previously considered, but because he has less screen time than any of them, for some reason Anthony Hopkins comes to mind. Both have cultured accents, both are exceptionally intelligent, and for some reason I can picture Luxord talking in fast biting remarks like Hannibal Lector. Tick Tock, Roxas, Tick Tock.

    Marluxia- I dunno, I actually think Marluxia is an interesting character despite the whole pink scythe, flower power thing. Especially after seeing how Xemnas runs things in Days. If all my boss did is raise his hands and talk about hearts I would consider a change of management myself. But I cant really think of anyone suited to his role, give me some time on it.

    Larxene- Remember my choice of Jaime Murray? She's Lila in Dexter. For those who have seen Season 2 of Dexter on HBO,Think about that for a minute. Then tell me if she's about equal to Avril Lavigne or Katy Perry on your meters.
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    You know, KH has the most impressive voice casting of any video game Ive ever played. Besides all the original disney voice actors they managed to scrounge up, (we have James Woods)

    We even have former washed up tween idols doing a good job. Jesse Mcartney IS Roxas.

    Sora sees dead people, Hayden Pantierre is Kairi, Mandy Moore was Aerith, The best descision they ever made was casting David Boreanaz as Leon in the first game...That's the guy who plays Angel and is in Bones now fyi.

    on a side note if they ever remake FFVIII me and Demyx make a plea to Mr. Boreanaz. "Angel, come back to us."

    Cristopher Lee was perfect for DiZ...bigoted, cultured, and snobby. just like Count Dooku and Solomon.

    But wouldnt it be awesome if they hired even MORE talent to voice Nobodies and other KH original characters?

    So I made this thread to ask who you would love to voice a nobody (or otherwise) in KH. Only rule is no disney characters. Here are my top picks

    Jack Nicholson

    Brad Pitt

    Anthony Hopkins

    Katy Perry (intrested in how well she can act)

    Christopher Lyoyd


    Jaime Murray

    What do you guys think?
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    Thank ye kindly
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    Xigbar was never hard to beat, even Ill admit that. In fact the only difficult members KHII for me were Demyx and Xaldin. It is kind of wierd that he wouldnt be at least slightly more powerful though...maybei its because of the censorship of the sniper arrowgun?

    Axel was never hard in any of his fights either if I remember right. Strange that the weakest members are the most popular.

    Also Xemnas was only hard because he pulled the "Final Boss copout" He wasnt just had to keep killing him over and over again. Someone should make a video with the Xemnas fight to Eye of the Tiger lol...
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    Sudox nodded his head. "A job eh? From a temple? and a master? And you in that must be one of those Adventurer types I keep hearing about. well maybe we could help each other in the forwarding of our goals. If you help me with my studies, I will assist you in your work by telling you what I observed during my botched reconaisance..."

    Suddenly Sudox's face became serious "I saw something in this world that's not for the faint of heart. I suspect that you and I are here for relatively the same reason...but are you sure you want to know what I know? Braxen?"
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    Could be a diffrent version...358 days shows organization members having diffrent versions of their weapons like keychains. Terra being Xemnas/Xehanort though? Makes so much sense, would even explain the armor scene. They even have similar haircuts...
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    The other Wei warriors raised their glasses and nodded their head at the wise words of their leader, they would have been a bit more boisterous but for the preacher on the ground. The man some knew as "Blue Death" just smiled with an insane gleam in his eyes speaking softly so only The Bull could hear. "Truer words were never spoken my master, After all If a common killer can be made a general, than think of the potential of an entire country."

    Di Ren fingered his knives as he voiced the thing that had been irritating him all night. "However...I dont see much of a future to be gained from working with foolish sentimentalists like the Dragons...they seem a little soft to be waging any war...let alone with the turbans. Can profit really be gained from such an alliance?"
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    Pulp Fiction is Dis....oh right touchstone I forgot. Well I never ever ever ever ever EVER NEVER see Wonderland in a KH game again. I hate that level so much... but in terms of what they havent done I would never want to see a marvel character in KH...unless it was Deadpool and they didnt censor him. I dont think I would want to see a phineas and ferb world...but It might make a nice replacement for winnie the pooh.

    Oh and about this comment...

    Let me get this WANT disney to own the only comic company that publishes great materials outside of superheroes and makes awesome batman comics. It would be like the sixties all over again....except even more campy and censored.

    Titles you might want to look into. Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Sandman, Fables. those put most mainstrem manga to shame...and yet you dont hear movies about them.
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    A somewhat famous new member has arrived! We must dance the Mamushka!!! *Starts dancing and throwing knives*

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    Devil’s Advocate
    Listen up people, I’ve got something to say, bout that young man you scorn day after day.
    .He’s robbed and he’s swindled, cheated and lied, kill or be killed was his battle cry.
    He’s done terrible things, That I won’t deny, but don’t pull that trigger unless you look him in the eye
    Cause if you look past the smile, the wisecracks, the hate. You might just find that you can’t smash the plate.
    He’s made bad decisions, only ones he could, born into a life that no one ever should. Alone in the dark with no one around, the nice kid grew up with his mind unsound.
    Lonely and Bitter, bristling with rage, with a .45 he broke his cage.
    There were people who judged him like he was less than a cow, and if they hadn’t played jury they’d be alive right now.
    Why stick up for this snuffer of life? Well I hate to cause strife and I mean you no ill, but if someone doesn’t do it I ask you who will? ​
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