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  1. windblade
    I uploaded this yesterday (well, it was past midnight for me, but it was still the 19th in SOME places in the world, so it still counts!) for the birthday of the titular character in my favourite fictional series (which is even evident by looking at my avatar and signature on kh-vids).

    This is my first demonstration of my new artstyle - one that I've been working on for a number of months. The goal was to completely get rid of line art. It's not totally realistic, as her hair is still cartoonishly big, but that's kind of the point. Her eyes are also a bit larger than a real person's would be. It's a more fancified appearance.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is the shape of her face. She looks a bit too mature, as I was going for a youthful look. Not sure if I need to decrease the size of her nose, perhaps, or make her face rounder. Or perhaps change the way I added shine and shadow to her cheeks to make them look either more uniform or rounder. I'm not sure.
    Suppose I'll experiment with that when I get the time.
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  2. windblade

    Allow me to ramble for a bit:
    This is another picture I made of the KimiIta series (as I profess, my favourite fictional series ever. I mean, heck, just look at my avatar and signature.) However, the particular title this picture is fan-art of, Total Eclipse, is pathetic compared to the rest of the series. It was clearly written by a different author than the other titles, so what can you expect.

    It's sad, though. Total Eclipse actually had promise, but it squandered it with typical anime cliches and shameless fan-service instead of trying to actually make a good story. Shame. Apart from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien (Rumbling Hearts) and Akane Maniax, Total Eclipse is the third story in the series to get an anime adaptation. But, unlike it's predecessors, fails miserably to do justice to the family it belongs to. If it were a real Japanese person, I'd expect it to commit harakiri.

    BUT! The Total Eclipse visual novel goes past where the novels end (or, apparently end), and, while I've not yet played it, apparently it does seem to go back to what the series is actually about! So, perhaps the TE game does redeem itself. We'll have to see if it's enough to warrant a pardon from seppuku.
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    This picture is HUGE, so, because of the way Deviantart works, you'll probably have to click on the image twice to see its full size. If you only click on it once, DA will most likely auto-adjust its size to your monitor width.
    Fun fact: It's exactly 4000 pixels wide.

    This is Yoroi Mikoto from the KimiIta series.

    The point of this picture was practicing drawing backgrounds from scratch. Yeah, everything in the background was made from the ground up except for one thing: The texture on the white part of the walls. Everything else was ground-up me.

    But that's pretty much the extent of my abilities when it comes to backgrounds. I did upload here a while back a picture called "Muv Luv 10 Year Anniversary" in which I also made a background from the ground up, but it was kinda meh~... This one's much better, though still not all THAT great.
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  4. windblade

    Description under the picture says all I would need to say, haha.

    This probably wont make sense to people who haven't seen the new Trek film. But either way...
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    Man, it's been 11 years since I was introduced to this series with Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu thanks to a Japanese friend of mine back in 2002. She, along with some other Japanese friends, were kind enough to translate the games for me as we played (naturally, the eroge scenes were pretty awkward, but everything else was great) (I was 10 years old, too, so it was even more awkward). I had just barely finished Kimi ga Nozomu Eien when Muv Luv came out February 2003, and I still had Akane Maniax to get through. So, it was a few months before I actually got to play Muv Luv, but it started the most epic story arc I'd yet to see. Only in 2006 did this series finally become my favourite with the release of Muv Luv Alternative. Now THAT was one hell of a game. It took the characters from all the previous games (as each game starred different characters), and put them together in this amazing story.

    So, to commemorate the release of the first Muv Luv (which is technically 2 games in 1), I made that beast up there.

    Oh yeah, my avatar and sig are images from Muv Luv. I forgot about that. It's been a while since I've actually looked at one of my own posts.
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  6. windblade
    I've been using Photoshop CS3 Extended (version 10.0) on my Windows 7 64bit laptop for about 3 years with absolutely no problems. Suddenly, out of nowhere last Saturday, it wouldn't start. It would go through all of its "initializing" up until the very last one, which just simply says "Initializing..." One thing to note is that when it says "Initializing tools...", it takes a bit longer than it used to.

    I've seen people say to reset the preferences by holding "Ctrl+Alt+Shift" while starting photoshop up, however, on Windows 7, holding "Alt" along with any other buttons causes the properties of the shortcut to come up instead of the program starting. I tried various other button combinations while starting it, but no luck. Also, I tried manually just moving the "Adobe Photoshop CS3 Setting" folder, but that didn't work either.

    Some info that might help:
    Recently, I got a secondary monitor to help with drawing really large pictures. I also recently got an external hard drive.
    With the monitor, I moved the photoshop window over to it and kept my laptop screen clear to do other things. Before disconnecting the secondary monitor from my laptop each time I was finished with it, I would move the photoshop window back to the laptop's screen. However, the time I used it before it started having this problem, I forgot to move it back before I closed it. Then, the next day (Saturday), when I tried to start it up without the secondary monitor attached, it would crash just like I said. I tried it with the monitor plugged in, and it opened directly on the secondary monitor, but still crashed at the same point.

    With the external hard drive, I thought that I might have accidentally moved something over to it that photoshop needed to work, but I couldn't find anything related to Adobe moved onto it.

    Any ideas, anyone?
    Excuse any spelling errors. It's early in the morning, and I'm still drowsy.
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    Since Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou is coming out in a few months, asking this now would be good (since I'll probably not play Tomadoi again once Tsuisou comes out).

    Anyway, are there any codes out there for this game (it's for the PS2)? It's a pseudo-visual novel where you have to build your own game (which, depending on how you play the VN part, can turn out to be anything from an 8-bit FF-esque game to a 3D one)

    I've had Tomadoi for a while, but haven't unlocked much (and I've yet to find any walkthrough for it) (or, at least, any walkthrough that makes sense) (and I cant read Kanji... I can read Kana, but I cant translate it, so that's pointless), and I was wondering if there was a code that'd unlock all the special content in the game.
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  8. windblade
    I've finally gotten a KH2 model viewer [khkh_xldMii] to work on my computer (My graphics card apparently isn't good enough to support the others) lol

    anyway, I've searched through, and since the viewer will only show models that also have .msets, I've had to re-name some files that have (example) N_EX***_MEMO.mset by just erasing the "MEMO" and they work perfectly. ///_^

    but, I can't figure out how to convert the model files into something i can mess around with in 3DS max. Most people say that you need to use the 3D Ripper DX to activate the ModelviewerWXD3D9, but that certain viewer doesn't work for me, so the 3D Ripper is out of the question. ///_e

    I've just tried converting the .mdlx files to .mdl via the "MdlxConv" thing (apparently for Warcraft 3)... but they come out a .MDLL files.

    WTF IS A .MDLL FILE?!?!?! Those don't even exist, as far as I know!

    ----here are the 19 files I'm just dying to convert---
    N_CM000_BTL = Marluxia
    B_EX400 = Larxene
    P_EX100... = Sora <---I like the KH1F.mdlx the best (limit form)
    B_EX390 = Roxas (hooded)
    B_EX370 = Zexion
    B_EX420 = Terra
    H_EX700 = High Poly Kairi <---doesn't have a .mset ///_T (no HP model does, since it's DMA)
    N_EX560_RTN = Low Poly Kairi
    N_EX550 = School Kairi
    N_EX620_RTN = Namine
    N_EX830 = unhooded Order Roxas
    N_EX940_BTL = Hooded Order Riku
    N_HB530_BTL = Squall
    N_HB550_BTL = Cloud
    N_HB580_BTL = Yuffie
    N_HB590... = Sephiroth <---for some reason, the BTL.mdlx (battle) doesn't work, so the others are the best shot
    N_HB600_RTN = Yuna
    N_HB610_RTN = Rikku
    N_HB620_RTN = Paine
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  9. windblade
    This is a picture I made of Day 357 in KH 358/2

    read the description for an explanation on it. (for where credit is due)

    you can check out my other stuff on my page as well, if you want.
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  10. windblade
    Game ID: 0A8E

    I only need (want) one code for this game, and it's this one:
    EXP multiplyer
    2021e00c 10000004
    2021e010 00021???
    2x= 040
    4x= 0c0
    8x= 100

    It's apparently a codebreaker code, but I can't convert it to RAW format.

    The game wont start when i activate it.

    The one I want the most is the EXP x2 multiplyer (040). It's just enough to keep the challenge in the game without having to take multiple hours (exaggeration) to level up as you try to speed-run through dungeons.

    so I tried to convert it, and this is what I got:
    2AE4EF9A 10000004
    2AE50B9A 00021040

    but it's wrong. ///_T

    Is it allready in the form I'm looking for and I just don't realize?


    Here are some other codes allready working in RAW format

    Mastercode <---the one I use
    F042FE10 0042FE13

    Inf. Yen
    2079B68C 05F5E0FF

    Inf. HP <--not needed, but fun
    107973CC 000003E7

    Max. Courage
    007973F4 000000FF

    Max. Knowledge
    007973F6 000000FF

    Max. Expression
    007973FC 000000FF

    Max. Understanding
    007973FA 000000FF

    Max. Diligence
    007973F8 000000FF

    MC Weapon: Totsuka-no-Surugi
    0079759E 00000063

    There are hundreds more, but these are the most useful
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    I've had this game longer then I can remember, but I've never tried to cheat in it.

    i was wondering if there were any ARmax, or RAW codes for it.

    (i couldn't find any on codejunkies or codemasters-project) (duh)

    apart from hacking codes, this is the only cheat i know about:
    Cheat: God Mode
    Hold L1 and R1 then enter UP, UP, DOWN, UP, X, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, UP, DOWN, TRIANGLE, START.
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    Are there any RAW or ARMax codes for Persona 3 FES (not the regular Persona 3)

    if you don't know the difference, Persona 3 FES is like the "Final Mix" of Persona 3...

    anyway, I've looked everywhere for codes, and I can't find any.

    All I want (but not really need) would be one to prevent your character from ever getting sick or tired. ///_^


    I found some for unlimited money and such:


    Infinite Money

    Max Money After Buying An Item

    99x Standard Items Available


    Infinite HP

    Infinite HP & SP

    could someone convert these to RAW? ///_^

    lately my maxconvert and basically all of my converting programs have failed to run correctly.

    i must have some bug i need to work out on my computer. ///_T
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  13. windblade
    Removed for the fact that most of these pictures are deleted now.
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    i put in KH2 (or KH2FM) into the "E" drive

    I start up 3d Ripper DX and have it open up Modelviewer WX 0.3 like i was told to, but when I go to open the .mdlx files, it says:

    : Loading Program: Unknown error.

    Then a second box comes up and says:

    The instruction at "0x00337965" referenced memory at "0x01174260". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program

    what is going on here?! ///_o'
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  15. windblade

    Silent Hill 2

    I have a question about these cheats

    EC8DBED0 14431F04

    Infinite Health
    4CA9F29A 145625DD
    4CA9F2A2 145625DD

    Low Total Time
    4DB5CF2A 1456E7A6

    0 Saves Used
    3DB5CC1E 1456E7A5

    Infinite H.Gun Ammo
    0D88709C 1456E7A6
    4D88709C 1456E79F

    Infinite S.Gun Ammo
    0D8870A0 1456E7A6
    4D8870A0 1456E79F

    Infinite H.Rifle Ammo
    0D8870A4 1456E7A6
    4D8870A4 1456E79F

    what format are these in?

    also, are there any other codes for the game? (like unlocking all weapons including the HyperSpray)
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  16. windblade
    F0100208 0017486B

    Alt. (M)
    90174844 0C059F68

    Money 9999999
    20C3BD34 0098967F

    More money and 9999999 both
    201F6F24 00000000

    Unlock All Characteres /Goodies /BGM /Sound /Movies (Code by touffu)
    40C3C500 00500001
    01010101 00000000
    40C3C600 00500001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000
    40C3C700 00500001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000
    40C3C800 00500001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000

    Small Green Book - Notebook

    All 44 Main Story Recap (Code by touffu)
    00C3D9B4 0000002C

    All 27 List of Learned Jutsus (Code by touffu)
    40C3C290 000C0001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000

    All Items 99x (Code by touffu)
    40C3DE00 003F0001
    63636363 00000000

    Naruto Stats max (Code by touffu)
    20C3DF28 00320032
    20C3DF2C 00320032
    10C3DF30 00000032

    Level 50 /Exp Points 999999 (Code by touffu)
    20C3DF1C 0098967F
    20C3DF18 0098967F

    P1 Stats max (Code by touffu)
    20C3DF58 00320032
    20C3DF5C 00320032
    10C3DF60 00000032

    Level 50 /Exp Points 999999 (Code by touffu)
    20C3DF4C 0098967F
    20C3DF48 0098967F

    P2 Stats max (Code by touffu)
    20C3DF88 00320032
    20C3DF8C 00320032
    10C3DF90 00000032

    Level 50 /Exp Points 999999 (Code by touffu)
    20C3DF7C 0098967F
    20C3DF78 0098967F

    Game Statistics 999999 (Code by touffu)

    Battles Fought
    20C3D984 0001869F

    Bandits Killed
    20C3D988 0001869F

    Boxes Broken
    20C3D994 0001869F

    Steps Taken
    20C3D998 0001869F

    Naruto Accel2 - Master Mode Bug Version - (Code by bandai kyoto)
    40C3D514 00150001
    00000001 00000000
    * move charactere with cursor, if you want skip story push circle buton.
    * if you can, save and turn off code.
    * dont use this code on your save data !

    Actived Teleport Option / Disable Enemy (Code by touffu)
    10C3D95C 0000FFFF

    62/62 List Of Clone Characters You Defeated (Code by touffu)

    All Map Area (Code by touffu)

    Memory Book List 20/20 (Code by touffu)
    20C3D9E4 000FFFFF

    this is off of
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  17. windblade
    Yeah, since there is NOT a thread already for these, I have a question:

    Has anyone hacked these yet? (I am unable to)

    What I'm searching for is codes for unlocking ALL MOVIES and BGM.

    thanks to whoever.
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    I saw this vid on youtube. It starts out with some writing and it says "Kingdom Hearts" and then it goes to a scene where sora says "random stuff"

    after that, though,... It shows all of the times Riku says "the darkness" and the person who made this put it in a perfect order that made it SOOOOO funny!!!!!!

    Has anyone else seen this? (because I forgot the name of it and can't find it now, but I really want to!)
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