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    I wouldn't like it on my comp, but still that's amazing. And no it's not just a screenshot as a background. Look at everything carefully.
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    Is right here, be sure to read it.

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    Everyday's great at your Junes~

    Yeah you can guess what I'm playing.
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    Which by god will happen, and when it does it will be awesome. Because I'm tired of seeing nothing but covers of the same song over and over and over...and over and over and over and over......and over.

    At first it just started with a very basic cover which is like every cover.

    But onw it's evolved into this.

    and will evolve into ????? I dunno yet, I need a leaf stone probably or level it up more.
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    I just want to say Thank you, sorry and once again thank you. Because I've been a major ******, and I was honeslty waiting for this day to happen in a way, which kind of makes me more of a ******.

    I just want to say sorry because of how many times I wasn't here, I always said I wasn't an admin or mod or ever cut out to be. It's just way too much of a responsibility on me but just cutting out like what I did had to be one fo the most irresponsible, immature things ever. Kind of arrogant thing to do as well, I should have gave off a warning about it especially after Deathspank left because he was one of the reasons I worked hard in terms of posting news and not slacking off. Just to impress him in a way he was my role model? I mean he wasn't perfect but he was a damn amazing friend to me.

    Now I wanna say Thank you, because de-admining/modding me couldn't have been a smarted choice. I've shut down the forum like twice cause I touched the forbidden zone by accident. Created chaos and confusion everytime I went into that damn admin CP and if I was still here with that ability I probably would have crashed this site a long time ago. I'm just not the type for that huge of a responsibility. So yeah thank you a lot for this de-promotion. I feel way more free to live my life instead of it being chained down to something. I dunno maybe I'm just being stupid again?

    Anyways yeah thanks and I fully support Farore and his campaign for Admin, he has my blessing.
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    I'm not a fluently one, but I'm like totally in a desperate search for one, regarding getting every single Dissidia cutscene subbed before mid summer. And up for HQ downloads.
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    Don't understand FInal Fantasy Dissidia. Want to watch the cutscenes but know that tracking the story just through scenes won't work

    Here's the answer to your poblems, subtitles are a bit small but still
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    Finally free from school and to roam the world of the interweb.
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    A second video was shown today, well yesterday in Japan by a 2ch member uploading the second part of the Kingdom Hearts Coded Side-Episode featuring Olympus Colliseum, enjoy it.

    Also there is a new 358/2 Days scan from a Japanese magazine, though not showing new images it's just more of a promotional purpose, courtesy of KHisland


    So what do you think of Coded? Enjoying it yet, thinking of buying it but don't know much due to these only being side-episodes. Well post your opinions, I already have my opinion

    Source: 2ch and KHisland
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    Hey everyone, well with Coded's recent release yesterday you'd wonder if there'd be a bunch of videos that'd come out right afterwards like with what happened in Kingdom Hearts 2, and FM+. However since it's for Mobile that's probably gonna lower it's chances of happening though it's impressive enough to have a video of Coded a day after it's release let alone a 7 minute video into the game. So without much to do, enjoy~

    Source: 2ch
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    Hey everyone, for the first time we finally get a look into the one KH game that lacked the most media in terms of videos, Kingdom Hearts Coded. We now get our first insights on the game in terms of not only cinematics and gameplay. There's also a short look at Kingdom Hearts mobile.

    Coded/KH Mobile Trailer

    You can also view her blog post that includes many information of the trailers with more Coded images and a translation of the trailer. Here

    Source: Wishes to remain Anonymous
    Thread by: Xaldin, Oct 12, 2008, 22 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Though not much information was released in these interviews, Famitsu managed to conduct a short interview with Nomura concerning all of his games. Though the KH series recieved one question per game, the interview mostly focused on Final Fantasy vs XIII, and Dissidia.

    - When Nomura was asked if Aqua is at all related to Xion. Nomura's response was that there is an important scene in the trailer that could answer that. However he's positive it was completly overlooked due to the fact Aqua was shown playable for the very first time.

    - When Nomura was talked to about the February 2009 release and question on Xion his only response being is that his plan is to have people showing "Too much" However what he's really doing is allowing the imagination to run wild, so to speak.

    - There was only a short Advertisment for Coded only because Nomura wanted people to actually try the games out so they could enjoy it more without it being focused more on what they see, but on what they feel.

    Source: 2ch & Famitsu
    Thread by: Xaldin, Oct 11, 2008, 4 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Tgs 2008

    Sorry for starting this a bit late though this was more on some personal time issues on my own side however TGS has indeed started and I'm sure most KH fans already got their hands on some news but not sure if it's all the news or not. So here we go

    KH 358/2 Days
    - The game is set for a February Release Date
    - Xion's face is shown
    - Scene is shown with Sora and Kairi
    - A lot of scenes were focused around Xion this time
    - Xion is shown to be a Nobody of special birth.

    There was no real change done to the PV, however a playable Aqua was shown.

    There's a scene with an Organization member

    Err that was actually a lot less then I expected, but then again TGS opens up to the public another day so definitely expect a much more detailed report when that happens.

    Source: FF7AC Reunion & 2ch
    Thread by: Xaldin, Oct 9, 2008, 22 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Hey everyone, well there seems to be some bad news going around mixed with some good news which has no relation to Kingdom Hearts.

    Starting with the good news Square-Enix has announced "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals: Echoes of Time" Onto their website which you can visit here Click

    Moving onto the bad news at Nintendo's Conference 2008 for the DS they showed a Video of the software DS will be recieving in both 2008 and 2009. I noticed all the 2008 videos showed their exact release date when I watched this so I was hoping that KH358/2's rleease date would be shown. However, to my surprise it wasn't more to my surprise in the 2009 section KH358/2 days was shown meaning the game has a small but possible chance of being delayed.

    Watch the video here

    Source: 2ch and
    Thread by: Xaldin, Oct 2, 2008, 43 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    Download it now and enjoy it
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    Prepare to be Garbage!
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    Then make sense of this video.
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    And yet the text is still in Japanese...why?
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    A new Blazblue trailer that came from famitsu however despite the trailer adding more hype for this game there's still the important question....what Console is it going to hit?
    Thread by: Xaldin, Sep 7, 2008, 2 replies, in forum: Gaming