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  1. fire mage
    It is very sad to see that both of them died within the last month after. Square Enix will replace them as the series wouldn't be the same without Master Xeohanort. A least until they are done with his story. He is an interesting character and I am sure they will audition for a Japanese and English VA after the griefing period is over. After all they found a new replacment VA for Mickey Mouse who died few years ago. So I am sure that other people are hoping to get the part for Master Xeohanort. Still it like a wiered coincidence, but I don't think like that.
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  2. fire mage
    They can be anyone but I am pretty sure they could be Xaldin's, Vexen's somebody/nobody since they were the only ones who are unstable condtion and haven't woken up in Radient Garden.
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  3. fire mage
    Kingdom Hearts 1 wasn't hard just frusterating to say the least. I hate that they have no map at all when you go to the worlds and you have to back track an awful lot. The trinity points are hard to find since they don't have them listed in the journal entry. I so much like Kingdom Hearts 2 better. I want Kingdom Hearts II 2.5 to come out so that we can fight the nobodies who are extremely hard.:)
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  4. fire mage
    Couldn't be too long after Japan's release becasue game stop is already doing preorders.
  5. fire mage
    I don't know why, but I keep thinking about Saix for some reason and I don't know why. I feel he might play a part in this. We do know that Xenmas was in the trailer as well. It could be a fusion of him, young Xeohanort and someone else.
  6. fire mage
    There are lots of rumors that the other members will return as well. I hope they do. Noruma never said it wouldn't happen to ever reveal the others name or their as somebodies. He kept saying when it is necessary. Well I think he is hinting at something.

    Also I hope Axel stays evil because that is the way he turned out in COM. Still be one of those people on their own side. Why make a 360 that soon even with all the events that happend and seemed forced in KH 2 with his sacrifice? I don't buy that he is looking for his friends. He is after something and probably doing a job for someone. As for being in the organization cloak maybe he chose to stay in it and keep his powers. Only time will know. But yes I am glad he is back!
  7. fire mage
    I hope it is not data Riku. Could just be a mirror image, by someone playing with Riku's mind. Furthermore,I want it be someone unexpected, like someone no one has even thought of. Zexion anyone? The one who causes illusions XD
  8. fire mage
    If they have Hallow Bastion eh Radient Garden then I think that Cloud and Leon should be in it. They were supposed to be BBS, but didn't make it due to more complicated characters, and time restraints.
  9. fire mage
    Anyone can die, but can come back in some form. So it is hard to determine that though. Hopefully Frollo dies, and they better leave the somebodies/nobodies alone once they come back. If they do a prequel flashback then I am fine with the dying as long it is a flash back.
  10. fire mage
    That comment could be related to a hater, but whatever. I could say the same about Sora, but I won't. Axel has only died once in KH2. The event in COM was just making a dramatic get away. The time in KH2 against Roxas was supposed to be his death, but they threw him in afterwards because of the staff liking him.
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  11. fire mage
    Unless you count Briag who seems to most of his powers like Xigbar. The only one he doesn't really have is opening corridors. So maybe they had powers as well, just not as strong as when they were nobodies.
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  12. fire mage
    I liked COM RE alot better than the hand held version of the GBA. The controls were easy to maniever and the camera angle was better as well. I liked the VA for COM and it didn't matter that they edited out the in world conversations as it wasn't really that necessary. The cutscenes are what really mattered in that game than the stand by characters telling you what to do. Of couse everything has to be read therefore you have a better understanding of the game. Why would they waste VA's to explain it?

    I would perfer Days to be either on PS2 or PS3 therefore they would have added cut scenes, game play and more story that they had cut out just to keep up with their deadline.
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  13. fire mage
    The plot seems to be darker in each game they have made so far. Disney has dark themes and death in their movies so I don't think Square -Enix wouldn't be afraid to do the same. I don't use Cure and Second Chance at all. I prefer not cheating or having the advantage and rather strength up my skill then rely on a crutch like that. It wouldn't hurt to have an older Sora and Riku as well. It would be a nice step and see how the fan base would diverse with this. Then is nothing with mature characters. Take the organization alot of them are adults and they are adored by many fans.
  14. fire mage
    Would really like to see Demyx's somebody. I can picture with shorter hair.
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  15. fire mage
    I like to think of them being NeoShadows because they move similar like them with swift movements. They are also very difficult to defeat as well. In Saix's case there is a dark figure of him in 358/2days (when you play the mission again with another character) so I was thinking that could be his heartless.
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  16. fire mage
    i would love to see the other some bodies, but I think I would prefer Demyx most of all. I could easily imagine his other self playing a guitar or some kind of musical instrumet. It could even be a keyboard and we wouldn't know it.
    Post by: fire mage, Aug 1, 2011 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
  17. fire mage
    Some worse moments is not being able to beat the gba although I have a ds I still can't beat the the second confrontation with Replika in Kingdom Hearts COM. I got so fed up I haven't played the game in a long time.

    The singing in Atlantica drove me crazy and I wanted them to shut up. Monstro area was a pain in the ass and it was confusing of where to go. Having a hard time beating Vexen. Having trouble beating the Iron Prisoner IV or V guy, I still can't beat him in Mirage Mode in BBS.

    The pirate thing in Port Royal was annoying as well.
    Post by: fire mage, Jul 27, 2011 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
  18. fire mage
    Yep I still play the games and use the cheat codes sometimes in Kingdom Hearts 2, but I am playing espeically Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and BBS. I recently played Kingdom Hearts COM and Axe has recently owned me.

    Those are the only games I don't have 100% in yet. It is very quite sad. Also I am going to focus on playing Kingdom Hearts 2 FM just so that they can find a way to fight against the data organization members.
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  19. fire mage
    Sepiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2 was the hardest by far. I don't know how many times it took me to finally beat him. But it took almost forever in my eyes. He is cheaper than Sepirioth in Kingdom Hearts for me at least.
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  20. fire mage
    The strongest is MF, which is most likely an organization member. if not counting him then Xenmas, Saix in his berserker form. From them I can choose between Xaldin, Xigbar and Axel. If anyone has played Kingdom Hearts 2 FM all of the members in data are very strong. However I thought that both Vexen and Axel were unbelievably hard in Kingdom Hearts RE COM. It is a good thing because Axel was a little too easy on Kingdom Hearts 2 unless you are on proud mode.
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