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    So,all of you....If YOU had found a Death Note-what would be the choices you made? Would you pick It up? Or pass it on? Kill Criminals? Or the "Innocent"? Make the deal for the eyes?.......and what shinigami would YOU like?
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    Wouldn't it be Ironic If wearing a Red Contact and a blue one made you're vision see 2-D things into 3-D?....That would be fun~! ...until you recived a headache afterward....
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    Twinkle Twinkle Little BAT.How I wonder-what you're at? up above the world you fly~ Like a Tea-tray in the sky~
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    The light in my room is definatley NOT a light-it is a dim annoyance.It is the discrace of all lights.It hardley produces any form of light-therefore I hardley ever use it,and now my mother has decided to put a death note wall scrool under it which has blocked it from creating even MORE light...ergo: i'm stuck in the dark...whiney....and with a headache
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    Have you ever had one of those moments where you unexpectedly want to abandon your country due to the weather conditions-and be sent to a foreign area? ...Yeah I'm having one of those moments...

    Ergo: Send me to Italy :/gasp:
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    Sadley my scanner is FAR from hooked up-therefore I had no choice but to use a crappy webcam snapshoty...thing.

    [​IMG] <--the camera was on a slight angle,therefore this picture is slightly de-formed/distorted compared to the real copy I have in my hand.

    [​IMG] <---The Bottom half.

    [​IMG] <---my failed attempt at a "full-veiw" Shot.
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    LA DA DA DI DA DI DA~!!!!! XD (I stand to doubt anyone'll get this referance x3..unless of course...they understand the title x3)
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    I know he does....So scince everybody forgot about Sora-she must've too-and that would be just freaking weird xD.Your son has been gone for a year sleeping in a capsul and you can't remember a thing about him? do you think she realized when he came back that he missed a whole year of high school? o.o....That's just odd....what would've been even worse would've been if she didn't remember him even when he came back..."uhh...can I help you Young man?" ....or perhaps namine filtered fake memories into Sora's mother's mind? (E.G. "Your son is on a trip to nigeria for being a scholar and won't return for a year or so) ...let's hope she did. xD

    I just thought about this at random today and decided to post somthing~ XD
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    I don't think I could've put this in the Kh section because it entitles "Guess work"-But anyways...I think that a papou fruit would have the flavour of cantalope-Pineapple with a hint of lemon. x3
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    I Like Goats-they are my FAVOURITE animal,what about you guys?
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    These are my very FIRST attemps at Graphic making on the PHOTOBUCKET EDITOR...I have made graphics on other editors such as paint and gimp....they just really sucked because I was...young. xD [​IMG]
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    Is there anybody who belives we are NOT Alone???? that somehow...somewhere else....there is another life form...watching us???? Aliens,if you will,have been up for discussion ever scince....perhaps the rozwell New Mexico incident and perhaps (and probably) even before.I,Myself,Am a beliver of such beings-HOPING that there is another species of a kind-perhaps even at a higher level of intelligance then us humans-out there in the final frontier.Violent,destructive creatures plotting the end of the human race??? I certainly hope not,I try to belive that such creatures have learned from us taht violence shall get you absolutley no where.-Aliens.....Aliens....we have never actaully had REAL evidence of any....the closest evidence we have is an image of an Alien otopsy that could possibly be a hoax.....that WILL be our only evidence until this TRIVIAL Event happens.A few years ago my cousin wesley was telling me of a program he was observing about a phsycic....PERDICTING the future....he said that the phsycic perdicted that in the year 2010 Aliens will come to the earth and make it a better place....she said that the aliens would be a greyish purplish couler,and had the power to give you a bad headache if you attempted anything on if this WERE to happen I think it would be EXTRODINARY...unfortunatly...I'm not buying the phsycic thing...It's TOO Good to be true...and perhaps to UNREAL to be true...I asked my aunt if my cousin REALLY saw a phsycic talk about such matters and she answered me by saying she TOO was watching the program,and he told me no lies....non the less....The somthing I'd LIKE to belive....but unfortunatley seems to well guessed to be true.....but if this even comes to reality....we can only hope she is correct when she says they want to make the world a BETTER place.
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    I belive the Title says all xD-this took me about an hour or so to draw....maybe 2...who knows?? XD Please give me feedback 0w0

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    Did anyone else notice in kh2 in "the proof of existance" That Zexion's floor tile is the only one that's like...Dystroyed??/ his tile is compleatly demolished-or at least that is the way it seems.Did anyone else notice this? and does anybody have an answer to WHY it is like that? (Sorry if this question is somewhat of a stupid one to ask,but I really am not sure-i'm also sorry if there's a topic like this one allready out there)

    My friend thinks it's because zexion had his life sucked out of him...but I don't think that's the case,is she correct???
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