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    I wouldn't like it on my comp, but still that's amazing. And no it's not just a screenshot as a background. Look at everything carefully.
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    What's with all the f's in your post dude?
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    I don't like me either...

    -Goes to play My Chemical Romance-

    I love you.
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    Not until she gives me back my dignity.
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    Is right here, be sure to read it.

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    You've never played Persona 4? Blasphemy.
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    Everyday's great at your Junes~

    Yeah you can guess what I'm playing.
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    Thanks xD it's probably mainly cause it strays away from the original melody and uses more then just a guitar.
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    You know what pissed me off when I was 13?

    When Combo Breakers were pulled off on me during a Killer Instincts match.
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    Which by god will happen, and when it does it will be awesome. Because I'm tired of seeing nothing but covers of the same song over and over and over...and over and over and over and over......and over.

    At first it just started with a very basic cover which is like every cover.

    But onw it's evolved into this.

    and will evolve into ????? I dunno yet, I need a leaf stone probably or level it up more.
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    PPPFFFFFT 2005 is so old, I'mma play me some 98 at least that's old school.

    .....): My advices are decent.
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    ...Vegeta I think for the lulz
    Then Xaldin again
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    You know what you should do?

    It starts with EA and ends with T and that's what you should do with it. What's one delicious snack gonna do? After's only one.
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    So Jube

    Does that make you...TWINS!?
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    I just want to say Thank you, sorry and once again thank you. Because I've been a major ******, and I was honeslty waiting for this day to happen in a way, which kind of makes me more of a ******.

    I just want to say sorry because of how many times I wasn't here, I always said I wasn't an admin or mod or ever cut out to be. It's just way too much of a responsibility on me but just cutting out like what I did had to be one fo the most irresponsible, immature things ever. Kind of arrogant thing to do as well, I should have gave off a warning about it especially after Deathspank left because he was one of the reasons I worked hard in terms of posting news and not slacking off. Just to impress him in a way he was my role model? I mean he wasn't perfect but he was a damn amazing friend to me.

    Now I wanna say Thank you, because de-admining/modding me couldn't have been a smarted choice. I've shut down the forum like twice cause I touched the forbidden zone by accident. Created chaos and confusion everytime I went into that damn admin CP and if I was still here with that ability I probably would have crashed this site a long time ago. I'm just not the type for that huge of a responsibility. So yeah thank you a lot for this de-promotion. I feel way more free to live my life instead of it being chained down to something. I dunno maybe I'm just being stupid again?

    Anyways yeah thanks and I fully support Farore and his campaign for Admin, he has my blessing.
    Thread by: Xaldin, May 17, 2009, 156 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Profile Post

    ...Now I do.

    ...Now I do.
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