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    Is that if you click on it, you get a live stream of what people are typing (anonymous of course)

    So I left it on for a few hours to see what people would say.
    People of KHV, I give you: KHVidians talking to cats. Enjoy.

    PS: Language Warning.












    also at the end there was someone spamming random letters at it

    and then I stopped.
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    i woke up and i turned into this thing
    what do I do KHV????
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    and I already finished the Christopher Eccleston season
    guess i'm addicted now

    (I'll try not to hijack threads like Cat and Enzy. Promise I won't)
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    Trailer for the movie came out today

    Anyone who's familiar with the book by John Green should know what to expect from this movie. I'm so excited for it because I though TFioS was a pretty good book. Casting choices seem pretty good too, so I really can't wait to see it.
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    Those episodes were really ****ing emotionally draining

    It was such a bittersweet ending too :c Korra losing her connection to the past avatars, Bolin/Eska not being a thing ;~; ugh
    I gotta say though, those were some pretty ****ing epic fights.
    Korra with hair down is best korra.

    I don't know how to feel about Deus Ex Jinora though. That was my only problem with the finale, that it wasn't explained what she did/how she did it

    Edit: Also, can I just say that Bolin was the goddamn /man/ in Episode 11? Kicking those water benders' butts like it was nothing. AND HIM RIPPING HIS SLEEVES OFF. I was like *~swoon~*. This is the Bolin I love.
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    How are y'all doing?
    Tell me about your day.

    /directs you to sit on couch
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    >Does laundry
    >brings them out and puts them up to dry when done

    "hm, these clothes don't really seem all that clean...It just seems like water was thrown on them.."
    >had forgotten to use laundry product

    I'm just going to move back with my parents now. better for everyone
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    an obvious publicity for his new movie, but it's still pretty awesome. He replies to a lot of the comments.
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    by checking how many germs live on your phone
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    jayn is not going to be here, so I'm making the thread in her place

    Should be airing soon

    Going to this now (since Jaynabelle says it too lawl), it takes a lot of courage to get on here and sing. If you say anything rude/mean, you will be slayed by my hand and forever forced to wander the dead zone in hopes of being forgiven.
    i.e: I will say you're a jerk


    Just a reminder, KHV Chorus is going on hiatus until further notice
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    Happy Birthday to our local grump, Vivi.
    He's now 20 years old, so you can now officially say that he's an old man.

    And just remember Vivi

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    ...And who really controls it. This is what really happens in staff meetings.

    Also, Mish is Mr. Bigglesworth.

    All credit goes to Stardust
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    The hell spawn is dead now. And then there was much rejoicing.
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    Y'all better be listening.
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    No, this isn't a new console, but this is pretty interesting to be honest.

    Basically, you can now play Steam games on your TV and a whole new interface is available for this kind of gaming.
    I'll probably start using it myself.
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    [Can I have your number]
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    I've always wondered what your opinions are on this, and I've pondered this myself a lot actually.
    Do you think people can change who they are?

    I'm not talking about minor changes here, and not physical changes either. I'm talking about a grown human being changing how the think, their behavior, most aspects of their lives and becoming a different person altogether. From experience, I don't think people can truly change, no matter how hard they try. A person will only try to adapt to their situation, and perhaps change how they act around different people. It all depends on the circumstances. I've seen a lot of people try, and lots of promises were made, but it made no difference. The only time I've seen a person change is due to a certain traumatic experience.
    Changing when growing up is a different story. To an adult though, mentally changing can be pretty hard.
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    But Andrew Garfield is the better Spiderman. He's much more likable.
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    I love y'all

    Yes, especially you dearest member viewing this thread.
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