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  1. Aragorns
    Ok, so to get back into the mood of writing, I decided to write a short-story-type-thing...
    ... expect randomness.

    It was a sunny day - as usual - in Twilight Town, Roxas Axel and Xion were sitting in the usual place having icecream together.
    This was there usual thing to do, and life was good. They always talked about random stuff that no one else would be bothered with.
    Today, Axel started the topic.
    "So, Roxas, how was work?"

    Roxas shrugged. "Eh, the same as always. Heart collection."

    "What about you, Xion?" Was Axel's next question. "I heard you got put with the new gal."

    "Oh, it was fine. I still don't know why we call ourselves Organization XIII when we now have XV member's."

    Axel smiled. "Because that was the scariest option. Got it Memorized?" They all laughed, the Icecream was soon finished and the sun was setting. Axel yawned. "I think it's time I hit the sack, you guys coming?" Roxas nodded and got up, Xion also got up and they went back to what they called 'home'.

    Axel was smiling right up until he came across Saix. "Saix." He said, Saix stopped him. "I... I know we havn't been tight lately..." Axel was caught off-guard at this statement. What was Saix doing?

    "And I know that I've been cruel to Roxas and Xion... but that's all about to change, Lea." Axel was just about ready to start running and get Xigbar to kick some sense into Saix, but he couldn't, his feet wouldn't let him move. "Axel, I want us to be friends again, and its only now I realise that I'm the one whose been preventing that. Axel, I... I wan't to start hanging out with you again, you and you're... friends..." Axel didn't know what to say, what was this? Had he got his heart back or something? Or was Saix trying to spy on them.
    Either way, Axel was being completely creeped out by Saix's sudden 'why can't we be friends?' speech. "I'll... give you some time to thing about it, Lea." And with that, Saix set off for his room.

    Axel didn't know what to say, was Saix serious? The next day, Axel would talk about it with Roxas and Xion. However, when he got to his room, he found his room was... redecorated. The wall's were red with flame symbol's here and there. His douvet had Chakram's on them and his pillow had VII on it in red. "Oookaaay." He tried out the bed, and it was alot more comfortable than it used to be. This just creeped him out even more.

    When he got up, he almost had a heart attack, because he still wasn't used to his new room. That, and now there were some new clothes on the end of his bed for him. "The f..." The clothes were an Orange T-shirt and black baggy trouser's with red lines. The creepiest thing was that they were perfect.

    Chapter 2 coming soon... it seems this is gonna be the longest short story in the world.
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  2. Aragorns
    So I'm going to Wales to find out...
    I'l be gone about... 3 days, I think.
    Until then, I'm sure Droid or Bushy can come up with an excuse as to why my characters aren't interacting for a bit...
    ... yeah, put them in bushies file or something.
    Don't worry, I'll be back sooner than you think.
    *does peace sign*
    See ya!*

    *for those of you wondering why I choose this title.... well, I'd have to explain my OC to you for that answer...
    ... and I might do that when I get back
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  3. Aragorns
    The title is a work-in-progress... anywho.
    I've made what you call a 'fanfic'(even though in my mind a 'fan' is a crazed phsyco who screams, loses there voice and screams some more ripping the clothes off celebrities) anywho... its only after I put the title in I saw that 'Legends Reborn' has already been used, again, the title is a work-in-progress... of course you don't care about any of this so I'll get straight to the story-telling.

    They say you dream…..
    …. about what was most important to you.
    Then why do I keep dreaming about two things?
    Two things that don’t make sense to me…
    … would they make sense to you, if you had them?


    The Boys are Back

    A year ago, our order was stopped by a fifteen-year-old boy with a special blade.
    Nine months ago, we were brought back. Seven months ago… I was ‘created’,
    I suppose that makes me seven months old, its funny to think that I’m seven months old and have seen the things I’ve seen, done the things I’ve done, fought the monsters I’ve fought. I suppose I should explain what happened a year ago.

    A year ago, we lost. A fifteen-year-old boy and his friends, a loud Duck, a Goofy dog, one consumed by Darkness, a girl like me, and a girl with red hair. How they are the cause of our downfall I do not know… they said the boy had a special blade. Some sort of… Keyblade? I don’t know, anyway… he and his friends defeated our Superior and destroyed our Kingdom… and crushed all of our dreams.
    At least, that’s what I’m told, that this boy is the enemy. I don’t know why he would ever destroy our dreams… they all despise him, I actually like the sound of him. He apparently has something We don’t… what did they call it, a heart? I can’t remember much about having one… but I know the importance of them, they are what makes you whole, without a heart you are nonexistent, shunned by both the Light and the Darkness.
    You are a Nobody, that’s right, a capital ‘N’. I know, it sounds cruel… but its what we are called… Nobodies… I’m a Nobody. Apparently, I’m rare because I have a ‘twin’ Nobody. I suppose people usually start off with one heart, apparently my original persona started off with two.

    What happened nine months ago? Hmm… I can’t say for sure, but we were, apparently, brought back. The Superior(at least, I’m told he’s superior) hasn’t returned yet, so, The Diviner has taken over until the Superior returns(some say that the superior got his original persona back.) . For days The Diviner worked overtime to find and reunite all of the Organization, and he succeeded, we’re all back together.
    At least, most of us, apparently guys who were taken out at a place called ‘Castle Oblivion’ haven’t returned so… they had to get new guys… I suppose that’s what they did, I should proberly list everyone, both old and new.

    No. I: Xemnas the Superior of the In-Between.
    He hasn’t returned yet but they still call him Number I… so I thought I’d mention him.

    No. II: Xigbar the Freeshooter.
    He’s got an Eye patch and Arrowguns… he apparently controls Space, all though I don’t see him with any stars or anything. He tells bad jokes most of the time.

    No III: Xaldin the Whirlwind Lancer.
    He…. Doesn’t say much, if he does say something it never makes any sense… to me, at least. He apparently controls the Wind(all though I’m having trouble figuring out which wind he controls… he smells really bad) and uses six lances.

    I don’t know what happened to Numbers IV V and VI, but apparently they were taken out in Castle Oblivion… which somehow means there not coming back? I don’t get it, neither does No. VIII. I should properly get on with the list.

    No. VII: Saix the Luna Diviner.
    He’s somehow the ‘Acting’ leader of the Organization… I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t ask him, that Claymore of his is scary enough.

    No. VIII: Axel the Flurry of Dancing Flames.
    I once asked him to make Dancing Flames… that didn’t go down to well.
    He’s generally a nice guy, I like to spend time with him and No. XIII, he’s always trying to get everyone to ‘get it memorized’, which I find hilarious.

    No. IX: Demyx the Melodious Nocturne.
    I suppose he’s not to bad, but a word of advice; if you get a choice to go on a mission with him or not, do it alone… unless its recon. He controls the Attribute of Water and has a Sitar.

    No. X: Luxord the Gambler of Fate.
    I don’t like Gambling that much, that, and he’s just creepy, I don’t know why but he just is… its like a natural-born trait he has, apparently he controls time, I’ve never seen him freeze time though… then again…

    Apparently No. XI and XII are the same as IV V and VI… so I suppose that leaves us with…

    No. XIII: Roxas the Key of Destiny.
    He’s an awesome guy(although trying to teach him to play video-games is… well… I think I’ll leave it to Axel) Apparently he’s our last and only hope of Hearts, he says he doesn’t understand why we need them, I tried to explain it to him only to discover I don’t know either… I suppose we’ll find out. He controls Light and also has a ‘Keyblade’… actually, he has two, Oathkeeper and Oblivion. He keeps on going on about how he has a nagging in the back of his head, like he’s forgetting something really important.

    Now for the ‘rookies’… like me.

    No. XIV: Xagranos the Unresting Oracle.
    That’s me, I control the Attribute of Fate(I don’t know what that means, yet.), apparently I’m supposed to be really powerful… I can’t even cast Fira without burning Xigbar’s underwear.

    No. XV: Xenith Nature’s Howl.
    This guy has some odd Hair, apparently he controls Nature(which would explain why his room is full of vines and stuff), he’s older than me, but I don’t really care, I just try to avoid him if possible. Axel says that Eco-freaks are all worried over nothing, Xenith seems worried of nothing… but I think its different ‘nothings’

    No. XVI: Ragnaroxs the End of Time.
    That’s my ‘twin’ Nobody, apparently his title was chosen for his names sake(which was Raknaros, whatever that is), his Attribute is Shadow(although according to research, his Attribute could change… which has never been done before). I suppose him and I have a ‘sibling’ rivalry.

    No. XVII: Roxanmag the Witch of Heartless.
    This is one of two girls in the Organization(the other being No. XVIII) she controls the Attribute of Magic, and has a menacing staff to boot. I feel like I know her… and I get a weird feeling whenever I see her. Axel says I can’t have feelings, if so, then what is it I keep ‘feeling’ whenever I see her?(apparently Ragnaroxs gets it to)

    No. XVIII: Zexo the Midnight Shade.
    She’s about as old as me and has a Bow and Arrows(which seem to come from nowhere) and has the Attribute of Night(I have no idea what help that would be).
    Axel, Demyx and Xenith all say she should have the Attribute of ‘Sexiness’… Ragnaroxs, Roxas and I are still trying to figure out what that means.

    No. XIX: Hexicalm the Smooth Criminal.
    One thing about him is his nose… he has a whole collection of them. He won’t tell me(or anyone else) why he doesn’t have a real nose. He controls the Attribute of Dance and has a habit giving Demyx guitar tabs and getting him to learn them so he can dance to them. The moves he does most are Moonwalk, the Zombie and ‘Crotch-grab’… Axel won’t tell me or Roxas what a crotch is(neither will anyone else for that matter).

    Credits 'n' stuff.

    Kingdom Hearts and the Organization and whatnot belong to Square Enix and Disney.
    Xenith belongs to Conney Bengsston of the Warcraft Unlimited.
    Zexo belongs to Artermis(spoilers).

    Chapter 2 coming soon.
    This was made with Microsoft Works Word Processer(and my imagination).
    Feel free to comment away, and give contructive critism not trolling(there's a difference).
    Feel free to ask questions.
    They will be answered... tomorrow, right now I'm going to eat Icecream, watch top gear and hit the sack.
    *leaves awkwardly*
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  4. Aragorns
    first of all... I suppose I have to tell you I just got the KH games this christmas... which would explain why I'm far behind... I'm stuck in Deep Jungle...
    you see, I'm still trying to find the slides, I found Slide's 3, 6, 4 and 2... so I guess I can't find 5 and 1...
    Aaaand thats my situation *headdesk*, I would proberly also ask how to kill Cerberus and that he's owning me, but I won't.
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  5. Aragorns
    Few of you knew this day was Inevitable... The Supierior of the In-Between knew, as did Ansem the Wise, Xehanort and Master Eraqus... as well as Yen Sid.
    I am Aragorns, at least, that is the name I have been known by for thirteen-thousand years.
    With me, I bring my Nobodies Xagranos the Unresting Watcher, and Ragnaroxs the End of Time.
    Now... moving on...
    Apparently, I am abliged to tell you a little about myself, so I will...
    I was born, raised and live in England.
    I am also a Christian... don't worry, I'm not going to make any topics about 'REPENT! THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND'... just thought I'd clear that up.
    I also play WoW and Warcraft 3... ironically, its the playing of Warcraft 3 that eventually led up to my discovery of Kingdom Hearts... and what awesomeness it was.
    Anywho. I also like Doctor Who, LotR, Star Wars, etc...
    and one of the reasons I like Kingdom Hearts is because it uses the GOOD OLD DISNEY!! and not the *beep* new shows they keep putting on... that was actually my original reason for getting into Kingdom Hearts.
    And then I discovered the Organization (heheheh), and I suppose things just carried on from there.
    And I think I'll stop myself before I begin to bore you...
    oh, one last thing.
    I. Am. Mad... Got it Memorized?
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