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  1. Sara
    I'm taking an online class and the Discord format (mandatory for live classes) has been horrendous. It keeps on cutting in and out and crashing. The instructor insists using the server for class and a lot of the kids have been using their webcams as it gives them more credit for attending.

    I've tried Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Chrome seems to be the most stable where I can get visual of the screen sharing from the instructor and a lot of the lecture, but even then it cuts out every two minutes or so for 30 minutes. It also pops up a Java error with Chrome, and sometimes it even stabilizes around 30 minutes in, I had a chat with a group today with one time being cut out.

    The desktop refuses flat out to even load on my computer for discord. I am hoping it's just an internet issue, (my internet is probably amongst the worst for cable, and I use ethernet for class) but I was hoping someone knew what was going on and how I can fix it. Thank you.
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  2. Sara
    So true... In every way...

    13. No matter how utterly useless Team Rocket is to the plot and how they can severely hinder it... (So many examples of this...) They will show up at least five minutes per episode to be an utter annoyance and ruin a flow of a good plot.
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  3. Sara
    I recently started watching the Pokémon anime (XY to be exact) and 13 episodes in, I learned several things:

    1. No matter how ridiculous the disguise or how cheap/stupid it is... No one will recognize you. Ever.

    2. Never look up, then you can actually see attacks/Team Rocket/Enemies coming.

    3. Tears will get you anything.

    4. It's okay to quit on what your parents want you to do, they'll still be happy for you when you call them/tell them you're abandoning your duties.

    5. No matter how many times an invention blows up, always rely on the same person to make another invention for plot reasons that will blow up either during use where you'll find a way to solve the problem you could've used in the first place, or right after it's needed so it will never be used again.

    6. Even status attacks will knock out a pokemon. Confuse Ray and Stun Spore will totally knock out an opponent without any other attacks.

    7. A first Gym Leader will have a pokemon that knows Solarbeam and can use it in one turn without charging... And PP doesn't exist in the world.

    8. Team Rocket doesn't need a ten year old kid to beat them... They just need to spend their whole budget trying to catch an electric rat without telling their boss.

    9. Always trust a villain, they'll never betray you. Even when they're laughing evilly in front of you. Just their friends will betray you.

    10. Cuteness is the only standard for Pokémon for young girls, period... (If you've seen the anime, you know exactly which character I'm talking about)

    11. Anyone can survive a 50,000 volt jolt of electricity, and never gain immunity to it. Same for falling, flying through the air and crashing, explosions and god-knows what else trying to kill you.

    12. Ash is immortal. There's no other way to explain it. He also has the worst memory of anyone on the planet.

    And that's it. Anyone want to add on? (Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
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    It’s an adult book due to some of the eh-heh... Discussions in it, including a REALLY adult scene (it’s not NC-17) just discussion of an adult-ish topic that I won't say what here, most is teen, but it does have adult moments so I would say older teens to adult because of a few moments.
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  5. Sara
    Anyone hyped? I'm slightly hyped, though seeing the last trailer... Not as much as I have a hope for it being great.
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  6. Sara
    Ready Player One...

    Dear God, 80's and 90's nostalgia everywhere... Suspense... Riddles...

    Great book, I couldn't put it down and am hyped for the movie.
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  7. Sara
    It's still something to think about when you look at gun control... But I stand corrected...

    We actually have safety protocols for people who end up in university shootings at a different campus. It became a big deal after some staff members were at the Virginia Tech shooting.
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    A mass shooting is defined by four people being dead by a gun by one or two people in one area. 4.

    Every day now there's a mass shooting, this has been confirmed by multiple sources.

    The media covers the major ones, if they covered every mass shooting, they wouldn't have time for everything else.

    Definition of a mass shooting:

    To pull a up a link from a non-U.S. Country, the United Kingdom to keep bias out:

    Oh yeah... People blame video games, violence, tv shows...

    Go to Japan, see what the kids watch, what they're exposed to, Power Rangers is a very popular kids show. (Yes, I know it's called Sentai) and totally different from the American version. Read what those stories are...

    And then look up how many shootings have happened.

    Also, how have the British, and many other countries who have banned guns not all have been killed? I have spoken to people who are from the U.K., they have their own issues with violence. Why haven't they all died?
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  9. Sara
    Sorry, but I'm anti-gun...

    I have a nephew who lives in a house with a family who are part of the NRA... They have a collection of guns. He's also mentally unstable and dare I say it, has already threatened his high school with shooting everyone, but got away with it because his mom talked the police from investigating. And she told my mom this, someone who believes her son is an angel who would never hurt a fly when he beats dogs, told my mom she had this happen, but their guns are locked up, but he's smart enough able to go easily into my uncle's room, break the lock box and kill how many people with the guns.

    And before you say it, he's had training... He knows how to fully handle, load, clean and fire a gun. And has been at a shooting range many times.

    The Right to Bear arms was made the same time it was a soldiers goal to load one bullet in two minutes in the military. One. Bullet. For. One. Gun. Took. Two. Minutes.

    Do a mass shooting with a rifle where you have to load a gun for every bullet. Do a mass shooting where it takes you two minutes to load each bullet. See how long it takes without the AR-15 rifle.

    Or even take three teachers that I know personally probably would've shot someone in my class before I graduated high school if they were armed because they were pissed at a student. One teacher was a subsitute screamed obscenities at a student and chased him out of the room calling him a "******ed piece of ****" while the kid was fleeing. He was fired for what he did. Another teacher screamed at another student in the face calling him a dumbass for not knowing math. Another one outright said to his class: "If I had a gun, you'd all be shot dead right now." At least one had tenure, meaning she wouldn't be fired for calling him that.

    Don't give them guns, you'll end up with pissed off teachers with a way to kill students and be kept with their contracts.

    The United States has a hero mentality... See a kid waving a toy gun in a dark movie theater, five people with hidden guns stand up and fire, hitting the kid and probably themselves. This was actually a scenario someone wrote up after the movie theater shooting in the "The Dark Knight Rises" when they wanted to arm people to go to theaters.

    9/11 caused this mentality of being a hero and fighting the armed person... Here's what people don't realize... When flight 93 happened... When the heroes of that flight fought back... They knew they were going to die. They had family calling them on the plane and telling them the World Trade Center had been hit with hijacked planes. They knew the Pentagon had been hit... And they knew that their plane had been hijacked also. They knew they were going to take at least hundreds of lives with them. They knew that they were going to die anyway... And so they fought back.

    I'm guessing if they thought it was a 50/50 chance that it was a regular hijacking that day... Most of the news didn't even REALIZE that day that it was just a coincidence until way later in the day. They would've not fought back... They knew there was a 95% chance of them dying and killing lots of people that day... So they fought back.

    The rescue people, god bless them... They lost brothers and family and went back into those buildings after the first collapsed. They were heroes also, but they've had training, work and dedication to rescuing people's lives behind them. They've spent years or even just months... (A rookie firefighter in the U.S. usually had to stay behind and watch the fire station in case of instances like this because they had to hold down the fort and keep all the volunteers rushing in and causing chaos.) Being trained for situations like this... And they had a brutal time dealing with what happened after 9/11. The ones who survived... The ones who were scarred for life and never forget.

    But that's not the main reason I'm totally against guns...

    Every day I go to work, after a shooting at a school, I'm terrified out of my ****ing mind. I work, but I keep an ear out... I keep my eyes open and I try to concentrate on my work...

    Do you want to know why?

    I work at a university and we've had gun videos played all the time about what to do if a shooter happens to be on campus. What to do if you hear gunshots outside of your room...

    What to do to survive if you have a shooter on campus.

    It's required at my university... Every semester I have to watch it and be reminded that this can happen where I work. That I can someday get mowed down while I'm working at my cubicle because there's not enough gun laws in the federal/state level and how easy it is to purchase a gun.

    I never want to fire a gun, I want to sit there and work and be happy and chat with my co-workers, not come out one day to find that some have been shot for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I never want to call my mom after a shooting and tell her I'm okay... I never want to tell her that she didn't have to worry... That I didn't get shot... That I made it okay from the gunshots going on in campus.

    I don't want to have to leave a message to my mom because I am dying in my cubicle because the shooter got me... And I can't get a hold of her... To tell her I love her one more time. And to take care of Aiden. (My cat)

    And I don't want her to be sitting there, terrified out of her ****ing mind because she can't call me but it's all over the news there's a shooting at my university. That there's so many dead and so many wounded and I haven't called her to tell her that I'm okay for whatever reason, and she can't call me because it would alert the shooter.

    I don't want to be hiding under my desk and be terrified while my mom is frantically calling me and the shooter shoots me dead.

    I love my job... I wouldn't give it up for the world...

    But I would give my right arm to sit at my desk one day and not be afraid of someone busting into the university and opening fire on everyone on my floor.

    That's why I want gun control, there's a reason why a lot of countries are banning them, and I'd be proud to be one of them.
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  10. Sara
    I'm wondering if they're going to execute the one who messed up... :/
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  11. Sara

    I am very surprised this hasn't been posted yet...

    I saw this on the BBC... :P
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    Oh yeah: If your room faces east or west and you feel the shades aren't enough and/or it's a furnace when the sun hits it... Find a tan sheet and cover that window. It will block out the sun into your room for that part of the day. Never white because it'll be blinding, never black because it will make it hotter.

    The furnace will always make the most noise out of everything in your room, you won't believe it, but you'll get used to it. It will also be either too hot or too cold. (Mine was too hot, I literally slept with a quilt and a night shirt on the coldest nights outside in the mountains in my room.)

    There's no such thing as too many fans. Air conditioners are banned from dorms for obvious reasons, you can have as many fans as you want. It was a heat wave of at least 100 degrees every day with no break for three weeks straight during my summer class in June, my room was a ice box with large three fans running all the time and the shades pulled down.
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  13. Sara
    Be VERY careful about your first year. You are going to be on probation. (No, they DON'T mention this to students.) Don't goof off too much when there's a ton of work, it will bite you hard in the butt later on.

    "Where's Mom Now that I need her" It's a book, order it on Amazon, you will need it, it has everything from first aid, cooking, recipes, general household solutions, and other tips.

    I would go to a counselor and help figure out a career choice that would fit your needs. Course, they do change... I love my job that I'm doing now and never pictured myself doing that when I was younger. I would also be realistic on WHAT you can do with this career path... Is it a high demand? What kind of jobs can you get with it? I love history, but the only real job I see using it with is a teacher, which is something I wouldn't want to do. How much money is earned a year from this job and where are the highest demands for the job? I looked up a major recently and the highest demand was in New York City. I wouldn't ever want to live in such a place. Those are questions you should ask.

    Your advisor is there to help you, he/she will help you decide on a career path.

    Now tips for regular college:

    You have two weeks to change roommates, if you can't stand them in the first two weeks, ask for a different room for dorms. It won't get better, they just tell you that. It will most likely get worse. My head of the dorms told us "For the love of God, if you're not getting along, let me know so we can try to fix it or change before your parents call me because you're sending hate texts to each other in the room." I wish this was a joke.

    Work study. Take it. Also apply for FAFSA. You'll want spending money, the FAFSA will ease on the strain of your bills, and work study is flexible hours and usually quiet time to do your homework if there's nothing going on. I worked at the library, one of the best jobs I ever had.

    Oh yeah: If you get a single and no one notices, don't tell anyone. I got a free double room for over a whole semester without them noticing with me the only one there.

    Also: Depending on seniority, you can change to a single. It costs more, yes, but if you have a condition where you medically can't be comfortable or it's not possible for you to have one, they'll give you one for free.

    Don't set fire to your dorms. My neighbor did that... She also pissed off the whole floor and the whole RA's in one fell swoop. I'm dead serious, oh yeah, plastic and very hot objects start fires, do not mix.

    Wash your pans and dishes often, your neighbors and your health will thank you.

    No matter how late it is, always check to see if you have the right room, true story, my door didn't latch properly and some guy in a towel walked into my room at three am. I screamed and he left. Oh yeah, always call facilities if there's something wrong with your door.

    Don't slam your door every time you leave, now matter how angry or in a hurry you are, it will REALLY tick off your neighbor next door who can feel it all the way across the room. Especially if you wake up to it every morning.

    Quiet dorms for Freshman? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Don't exist, don't even try to think they do, those are for the parents to reassure themselves that they can have their kids study at night and they will. 99% of all kids in that hall will make enough noise at 12 am to wake the dead even with the RA yelling at them. Try for upperclassman dorms as soon as possible, they're swamped with work, more mature and a thousand times more quiet.

    Your room is always going to be the size of a closet, don't pack everything and it's grandmother for your stay. Storage is always the goal here.

    Always clean out your fridge before you leave unless next semester is going to be a biology experiment on the mold in your refrigerator when you get back. And don't just unplug it, ask your parents how to defrost a refrigerator at least a week before you leave. This is not last minute. I learned this the hard way.

    You know those slightly more expensive fridges with a separate door for freezers? Get one, they're more expensive, but talking from experience, those freezers otherwise will never work for you, all you'll have is soup or a bunch of unfrozen food.

    You won't get Easter week off unless vacation lands on it, if you are like my college, it won't... Arrange for a way to get food from home if you celebrate it.

    So that's my tips.
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  14. Sara
    I'm honestly scared of what's going to happen.

    My mom lived in Mississippi for a few years, she left and never returned....

    She said she was afraid of finding a burning cross in her yard. This was in the early 1980's... Not the 60's, the eighties. She said the KKK held a rally every Saturday night and they were pressuring her to come, the only reason they allowed was because: "She's from the North, she doesn't understand us." They also wanted to recruit my older brother, who was four at the time into the rallies. There a black man was murdered, driven off the road for dating a white woman by the KKK, it wasn't even investigated. Another woman commented to my mom: "My friend is dating a black guy now, no respectable white man will touch her filthy mouth now and she'll burn in hell."

    People say that the South is improving, that it's getting better... I say that it's never going to change... That there's racism in everyone... In their hearts, minds and bodies... But how you express it, how you, at your darkest moments in life and at your weakest times...

    It really shows people who you really are. I learned this when I was at my Godmother's family, a woman who was straight up catholic with the rest of her family who treated her relatives kids and her own cats like they were her own children torture the family pet of her relatives because her family was doing so... Terrorizing the cat so badly he was terrified of people when they were around and wouldn't let anyone be in the same room as him and flee as soon as they came near him. And she laughed at it, joined in on it...

    Or the time my friend, someone who loved her pets and let them sleep on the bed with her while feeding them pizza crusts, told her riding instructor to give her the whip so she could show everyone how it's done on beating a terrified horse into obedience.

    That's how I look at people.
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  15. Sara
    For them, it's showing that the Confederacy is still alive in some ways I'm guessing.

    My mom lived in the South she said it was the 1800's, the Alt-Right wants to bring it back to the Puritan era. I'm not even mentioning what the South is doing to women's rights down there. It makes me sick to my stomach how much is being stripped away because of rich white men just under 2000 years ago wrote their own version of religious law. (The first version of the bible was written a hundred years after Jesus's death. I'm dead serious.) It's an excuse to strip everyone's rights away who aren't white men.

    They're considered traitors to a lot of the rest of the country, people who rebelled against a nation. Also it is on a previous slave block auction site, making things much more complicated. My mom wanted to go to Boston to join the next protest against white supremacy where they're thinking of doing a rally, I begged her out of it. I don't want her hurt because if NC is any indication...

    You just have to hole up and hope it's over soon. People say it's living in fear, but when you have police overwhelmed and no National Guard coming to help because a President doesn't think it's necessary...

    I think it's common sense.

    Another fun fact: Trump just arrived in New York to a bunch of protestors in front of his Tower chanting: New York hates you.

    I'm dead serious, live link:

    An article:
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  16. Sara
    They're planning another rally in Texas on 9/11... Man......

    He did another speech today, basically a: "Oh yeah..." After going on about how great the economy is now that he's in charge. I read a bit about the alt right... After seeing what the South is doing, I am getting a passport and leaving. We have a near nuclear crisis on our hands, rioting. (NC was a riot, ask anyone who lived there. One guy closed for the day to open the next, an hour later he closed again because White Supremacists were hanging around after they had lunch there did the Nazi salute and he asked them to leave in a heated exchange. They threatened him as they left and he didn't feel safe staying open.) Or the assault reports still pouring in from Saturday's "rally", not including the domestic terrorist attack during the "rally" and a president who has to have a gun to his head to say this is wrong what they're doing.

    I lived here all my life and I have never considered leaving until now.

    Fun fact about the statue they're rioting over: Robert E. Lee did join and command the South during the Civil War.

    Only because his family lived in Virginia and he didn't want to go against his brethren and friends down there. He was REALLY against the Civil War and against the protests that came out of the War. He just lead it because he was asked, same for the offer of one of the major roles in the Union army, which he declined because he didn't want to fight his home state.
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  17. Sara

    I kept the title as neutral as possible considering what will be discussed here.

    I remember, in ninth grade, I was just learning about the Right and Left wings of our country a lot more. (Right: Conservative, usually Republican, wants to keep a lot of the same as it is, i.e: Gun rights, no interference, no abortion, etc... Left: Liberal, usually democrat, wants to change things, i.e: Outlaw guns, help people who need it, abortion a choice, etc...) One day during class, my teacher drew a line with three dashes, two at either end, one in the middle.

    I'll never forget what he told us: "The middle is independent or neutral, the far left is revolutionaries, the far right is the KKK."

    To this day, it still sends a chill down my spine. I barely knew about the KKK, but I saw enough pictures to know what he meant, and it scared me.

    I'm not saying all conservatives are bad, as not all liberals are amazing. But after hearing about what happened yesterday and the reactions from the white house, it scares me.

    Yes, the white nationalists got all the permits, signed all the right papers and did everything by the book. They were also wearing full blown body armor that even troops in Iraq don't have and were carrying guns. The fact that they were engaging with people who protested against them scares me even more.

    I'm not even mentioning the car plowing through the people who protested against the White Nationalists, nor the KKK being there.

    I no longer feel safe in this country... And hope and pray to leave soon to another safer country.
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    Someone is offering to help pay the rest if I raise $1,500 dollars. I adjusted the Gofundme account to show this.
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    My grandmother fell twice this week... My mom is in tears trying to find out what to do... I need help with this so badly I can't even describe... Please spread the word and please help me...
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    Ayep... I had one since 2006.

    ........ Now I feel old... << But yeah, I have one and my record is as clean as a whistle. No tickets nor accidents.

    Also is up to date... In my state if you don't they make you retake the exam. I always keep it up to date because of that.
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