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    I'm always reminded that it is the best movie ever made...
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    My prayers are with those who were killed, as well as those who where injured. This is one of the most terrifying incidents of the year, thus far. R.I.P. and get well soon.

    My thoughts:
    I think the shooter was in fact intelligent(I mean, the guy WAS going to university..), furthermore, I believe he had this all planned out. I mean, it's an ideal place to plot an attack: A movie premiere, with almost all ages, playing a sequel to a movie which received excellent reviews and grossed a lot of money. What you need to realize is that most of these situations usually result in the person killing themselves.(I mean think of previous mass murders in the past few years or so...most of them stemmed from mental illness, correct..but the murderer ended up killing themselves. This man, however, did not. To add to this, his lack of emotion after the court trial infuriated the public. This killer is a bit different in his actions, and I simply believed he strategically planned this out.

    To add to this, while briefly reading a few earlier posts, someone jokingly mentioned "he was inspired by The Joker", or something like that..well that's exactly what I thought of when I saw the way this man's hair was styled and dyed. This theory is a bit far-fetched but I believe he actually was inspired by The Joker(looking at his university pictures, and his profile now.)

    As for gun ban, I agree with Makaze. Gun ban will make no difference in curing the violence carried out right now, since the world we live in is becoming more accustomed to violence. Plus, imagine an unarmed police officer trying to arrest a "criminal"(who is now equipped with a gun which is illegal) who is proven to have a concealed gun which was illegally created/forged/maintained. What can the police officer, let alone the public, do against a criminal with a gun who is wiping out countless people until he his finally taken down?

    Everything is messed up, that's what I think.
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    I was gonna make a Chuck Norris joke..but then I took a... *shot*

    I believe J.K. Simmons played Mr. Jameson in the Spider-Man Movie Trilogy and he plays TENZIN in LoK! O.o
    I know that Spider-Man is live action, but the difference in their voices shows quite a bit of well as how their characters are completely different. xD
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    Oh, that fucking reminds me
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    Words speak louder than thoughts, and thoughts sprint faster than actions. Choose them wisely.
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    What. The. Hell.
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    Alright, Metal Gear it is ! xD
    But I will definitely consider the other games you guys told me about as well!
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    Hey, fellow gamers, I bring to you another recommendation thread! =D
    I'm planning on getting a PS Vita soon, and I need recommendations.

    My two primary targets to get first are Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Shinobido 2(I'm actually deciding on which ones,
    since I won't be able to get them both at the same time).
    I'll need your opinions in which one is a better choice, and any more recommendations are great as well!
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    Korea actually created Amon, if you know what I mean...
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    If you really want Youtube Poop, check out SantawithGuns(formerly SantawithTeeth)
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    I agree, the series hasn't been portraying as much morals and having a wisdom-based aspect like the first one. I just hope Tenzin plays a stronger part in that regard.
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    I hate to change the subject. but this has been bothering me for a while since I've been watching this series....

    Who do you guys think is Amon?!( I will share my theories later )
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    Interesting work, sir! Excellent proportioning! Do you have any other threads featuring more of your drawings?

    I'm also somewhat obsessed with drawing females myself atm. xD
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    Thank you very much for your constructive criticism and helpful ideas guys!
    Art classes have started this semester so I will be improving and learning the fundamentals of shading & whatnot.

    Thanks for your outlook. :D
    I will post more of my artwork on here when I get the chance.
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    I definitely see what you mean about the real-life drawing thing, I will start practicing that as well.
    Thanks for the tips!

    And nope, no reference for the pose, although the leg anatomy is wayy off.
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    You know me, always switching personas...but art is something I've always enjoyed doing.

    Constructive Criticism is the way to go! Here is my first ever drawing posted on KH-Vids!(What? told me to!)
    I'm taking art this coming semester, so I will post my work as I go along!
    (Photobucket upload credit goes to What?)

    I called her 'Misaki' cause thats all I could think of.
    LARGE MISTAKE: It looks like she's sitting on air! :(
    My [aimed] style as I've researched may be classified as "semi-realism". Could anyone recommend me some good artists of that style or anything similar that I could look at?

    UPDATE: I have been doing a lot more realistic drawing lately, and art classes have started. Again, I thank you guys greatly for the advice!
    Let's hope I improved here: (The image is too big for me to upload it here.)

    Shira(I may changed the spelling to Xira) is the main character in a comic I'm working on. I used reference for the picture this time, and it was coloured with manga studio EX 4.
    Her character isn't fully developed(I drew this without knowing what her lower body looks like) so her costume may change.
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