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    That may be a good idea... cause that is making no sense to me.
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    Okay... there are a lot of people who still play KH2FM/KH in general on originals. They are better. Game playability is worth more than the resolution being slightly higher. Or bugged 60fps and a bad port job.

    Idunno about the EXP code and glitching out the swords, that is first for my ears. OR eyes that is.
    But to fix the Health from being so large, Change the FF at the end of each line to 78 or 3C.
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    Technically, yeah, you can get the text and the loss of real abilities very easily, but that is all the form abilities are really.
    I'd certainly know about it.

    Theoretically however, you actually could to be honest. But out of any stability, you would have to romhack it. ramhacking is possible. But you would both models, glitch rigged so they are locked to the same position at all. Register one as a neutral meat bag as Donald. Then reassign half the wmsets to what you need, realign weapon joints, then track down the mset slots and pointers for both weapon and character. (at least 3 msets to be edited) like more
    Then 95% chance it will be more DMA than getting Riku to properly throw Dark Aura when you play as him.
    So a lot more work than it would be worth. Especially via ram. rom it'd still be a mountain of work. Try getting a character that originally couldn't drive to drive and then get all of those new drives to function. (a lot of damn work... two years and counting)

    So likelyhood of success vs someone actually being willing to do this. Would have to say no to it. Especially in long-term. Hit and mist to it every now and then. Eventually. It would be faster to romhack it. Say hello to hex editing!!
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    You ought to just be able to add it to the pnach file.
    FAF99301.pnach is the pnach file for Crazy's iso
    F266B00B.pnach is the default/vanilla iso.

    make a txt file, rename it to either of those, paste the codes, and save the file, you ought to be good to go from there.

    And like xaddgx said, crazy's iso does move the ucm/objentry alignment

    vanilla | crazy
    11ce0b68 | 11ce0bf8
    they have a 00000060 difference in them
    so to get the right values on ucm's with crazy's iso, simple take he default and raise it 00000060 then you should have it.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Aug 6, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
  5. 1Timestones38n

    // 2.35:1 Font

    Try fiddling around with these:
    3F400000 is 16x9
    3F800000 is 4x3
    3F38999A is 21x9
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Jul 25, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Did you change anything with your iso?
    I've had that exp far too often.
    Like with my Retributal Seph hack, I've remade that on top of a romhack of him I got going, which is so dang hard as is, XD and I change little things on his file all the time, and this makes me have to recreate his ramhack mset often.
    The slightest change will affect this type of stuff.
    I would highly recommend having a savestate of before you mod, and then another of when have your mods.
    And try only applying one at a time.
    And see which one(s) are causing the crashing.
    And Saix on file, in the game, has two msets. _1 and _2
    _1 is his normal mset
    _2 is his DM mset

    And some of Siax's animations spawn a UCM, so that could be what is interfering and causing the crashing.
    I would like to see the code you are using to be honest, you can do that here, or in a private convo, whichever suits you.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Jun 4, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    I've got an earlier post for Sora and True Lv1 standings. It disables everything that wasn't obtained through story-mode and is beyond a Lv1 standing, you're welcome to use that as a base.
    And all the isos this part for the time being is the same across the board.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Jun 2, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    You forget to say this type of stuff a lot, ya know, XD
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, May 23, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Health Bars, out of personal opinion, totally think that is possible.
    Just change his status to another player and voice and such to match normal Sora.
    the limit may be three though, since even trying to make 3 party member result in a instacrash.
    But could be wrong.

    On my end, doing some Sephidos, making him into well, and actual boss.
    And Drive Lion Sora.
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    You'd remove them from your pnach.
    Then you should be able to get health, take damage, etc.
    Though restoring it to where you are in the story-mode, depends how far you are, what difficulty, etc, that is kinda important info. I mayself always play on critical. so max hp is 60, and health increases are in increments of 2, every other is of 5.
    MP is incrimaments of 5 on cm, and 10 on every other.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, May 20, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Those ought to be it.[DOUBLEPOST=1463780120][/DOUBLEPOST]
    This is something you need to do via emuhaste.
    AI can be tedious, and crashing is honestly a large part of modding.
    And some msets don't mod well. Who are you trying to mod?
    And most animation mods are DMA beyond all reason.[DOUBLEPOST=1463780226][/DOUBLEPOST]
    It would be the HP Code and the MP Code.

    The last 60fps you got is kinda unneeded.
    The two toggles do that, but also fix fmvs and make them play correctly
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, May 20, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    THat's actually pretty impressive. Had something similar happen with a Luxord hack happen to me, but it was a glitch fest.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, May 20, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    It's a patch. Look up Crazycatz00 and get the patches from his site. There ought to be four of them. Though I personally don't use the Dual-Audio FMV patch since it has a really annoying bug that breaks the skip-ability to all scenes for me.

    You will require both the ENG Translation by him and the Extras patch. In order for it to work.

    I'm doing more than using just that though, I'm overhauling him to be honest, making him into the boss he really should have been. Am collabing with this project to be honest. Though all mset and AI changes in the videos I'm showing are all by me. Learning how AI works still... it is a nightmare.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Apr 23, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    For the Playing as Bosses stuff, there's a trainer out that can allow just that. Note that this is only possible with PCSX2.
    xx tends to be what room you are trying to go to, according to the world.
    ?? is for the event in the room.
    They ought to have a list for it either in the thread, or to download.

    That was done thru a trainer to be honest, well, for it to be unDMA it was a trainer. That was after The End RC honestly, but I was playing around with Roxas, trying to accomplish just that, and also had LSora DWing. Had is such a strong word honestly. I got him using drive forms functionally, still in dev though.
    Got LSora to spawn them, but that was about it.
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    With the All Ability Codes, find the data 8194 in one of the lines.
    and change that to 0194.
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    Technically an easy thing to do, but stability of it is a near 0.
    Space Paramoids model glitch and crash galore outside the Space Paranoids. As I am learning certain enemies do not work in the Pride Lands. Like Creeper Nobodies.
    They break things for unknown reasons. (Editing enemy spawn points... ;))
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Apr 15, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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  18. 1Timestones38n
    Then what codes are you using? They very well could play a part into why they are bugged. I've had times where infinite drive bugged it. And a Limit without enemies wouldn't fix it if it only happens in boss fight. May I ask if you were hit during a limit, and then they stay inaccessible. That's a glitch/bug I've dealt with some. Nearly everyone's dealt with. Tends to happen when you get hit in some odd way, nothing that's ever a knock-back though. I've had it occur in the Demyx fight, 1000 heartless, and the Hades boss.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Mar 19, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    Why no one has tried to make a code for enemies present at all times, I do not know.

    If it is for a leveling up purpose.
    You can either just use infinite drive code.
    Or you can have a bunch of ether's or elixers.
    Have one group of enemies, kill them.
    But then do some fast item uses, and mash the limit commands.

    I may show a video regarding this to be honest.
    To explain what I am talking about. A nice trick to level up Limit Form quickly and easily.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Mar 18, 2016 in forum: Code Vault
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    I think he just has a bit too much on his list at the time being.
    But yeah, forgot about that.
    My bad.

    I'd go to KH2FM Code Thread.
    There should have that stuff in an attachment at the end of the first post.
    Post by: 1Timestones38n, Mar 12, 2016 in forum: Code Vault