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  1. Noizless
    I haven't made a lot of KH stuff in a while. *sweat* I had to go back several months in my tumblr for most of this..... (find more crap on my tumblr)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Stuff that doesn't really have a category
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (there's actually also a third version I don't have uploaded anywhere yet...)

    And just in case we can't save all the lux...
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  2. Noizless
    So I must be doing something wrong...Or not understanding something. I have a level 100 Kairi, all 5 slots filled, and a level 100 Ice Titan with all 5 slots filled. But I have 2 problems. 1) I can't figure out how to make the Magic Mirrors fusable. From my understanding, they only work on level 100, 5 bubble node things medals. And they won't let me fuse them to these 2 medals. They are unlocked, so I know that's not the issue. 2) My Nova attack hasn't unlocked. From my understanding, it unlocks when you fill all 5 slots of a 6 star medal! But once again, I have 2 that fit this criteria and still no Nova attack. So if I'm just misunderstanding something, or my account is really messed up, please help. Thank you.
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  3. Noizless
    If you play KHUx, you may notice the random "objective/quest" rewards that's usually around 30~50 jewels. By random, I mean the ones not listed before you start the quest. I believe the quest rewards are granted after you complete X amount of quests, but the random objective rewards are for other stats like completing X amount of mouse ear objectives. I was wondering if there was a list anywhere that listed out these random objectives. I've searched google but all I've come up with is guides for completing quest objectives and guides for quests.

    Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. ^^' I hope someone can point me in the right direction, nonetheless.
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  4. Noizless

    KHUx Rant

    So I've been playing KHUx pretty much ever since it came out. I was caught up with the story (but it just updated so I'm not any more). I'm level 200, lots of good medals, all keyblades 20+.


    I have gotten to a point where I need real life money to continue playing. This has gotten super frustrating as of late that all my medals are pretty much maxed out and I still can't beat the boss I'm on. I can keep paying 100 jewels to revive myself, but I don't have any jewels, and I don't have real money to buy more jewels. I'm almost to where I hate this game, and it makes me sad because I love Kingdom Hearts, but this game is just too frustrating.


    Ok, rant over.
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    I'm stuck on the Master Ava battle (Episode 425). I need advice on how I can beat her. I'm level 200, I have Lady Luck +21, all 5 medals equipped are fully leveled (2 6-star and 3 5-star) plus the 6-stars have many Chip & Dales put into them. I can only knock off 3 of her HP bars before I die (I can survive 2 turns). I don't have jewels to continue and I don't have money to buy more jewels. Can I be helped or am I stuck until I get more jewels?
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  6. Noizless
    Hiya! Name's Noizy! I'm glad to be here. I used this site a few years back for cutscenes for AMVs and just realized it had grown into a community! Wowza!

    Anyway, like I said, glad to be here and I hope I can meet some wonderful people!

    Oh, intro I guess. I draw! I write! I roleplay! I read! I game! I love sweets! My favourite anime includes Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and Tokyo Ghoul. My favourite manga are Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, and Tokyo Ghoul (imagine that). My favourite authors are Stephen King and Michael Crichton. My favourite food is definitely pasta. Any pasta. As long as there's no alfredo sauce.

    (Now some KH related stuff)
    Favourite character: Terra or Riku
    Favourite game: Birth by Sleep or KH: Unchained x
    Favourite weapon: Oblivion Keyblade
    Favourite world: Beast's Castle (I love Beauty and the Beast <3)

    Wow, was this too long? I hope not. I tend to ramble and I think that's exactly what happened here. ^^'
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