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  1. Yakumo
    And it only took them 11 years to make Super Poly work in Evil HERO. That's a big Malefic band-aid.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 4, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  2. Yakumo
    Dr. Pavel , I'm CIA. He wasn'talone. Uh, you ‍♂️don't‍♂️ get to bring friends. They are not my friends . Don't worry, no charge for them. And why❓would I want them? They were trying to ✊grab✊ your prize, they work for the mercenary, the masked man . Bane? Get them ✈️onboard I'll ☎️call it in! The flight plan I just filed with the agency lists 1️⃣ me , 2️⃣ my men , 3️⃣Dr. Pavel here but only 1️⃣ of you. First one to talk gets to stay on my ✈️aircraft!Who ❓paid you to ✊grab✊Dr Pavel?? He didn't fly so good⬇️. Who ❓wants to try next? Tell me about Bane! Why ❓does he wear the mask?? A lotta loyalty for a hired gun. Or perhaps he's wondering why❓ someone would shoot a man, before throwing him out of a ✈️plane⬇️? At least you can talk. Who❓ are you? ✋It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. No one cared who ❓I was until I put on the mask. If I pull that off✊, will you ⚰️die? It would be extremely painful. You're a big guy. For you… Was❓getting caught part of your plan? Of course! Dr. Pavel refused our offer in favour of your's, we had to find out what he told you. Nothing! ‍♂️I said nothing‍♂️. Well congratulations you got yourself caught - now what's ❓the next step in your master plan? Crashing this plane ✈️ - WITH NO SURVIVORS! ☠️ No! They expect 1️⃣ of us in the wreckage ✈️ brother. Have we started ✅ the fire? The fire rises! Calm down doctor, now is not the time⏰ for fear. That comes later !


    DP22-JP012 Evil HERO Malicious Bane
    Level 8 DARK Fiend Fusion Effect Monster
    ATK 3000
    DEF 3000
    Materials: 1 “Evil HERO” monster + 1 Level 5 or higher monster
    Must be Special Summoned by “Dark Fusion”.
    You can only use this card name’s (2) effect once per turn.
    (1) Cannot be destroyed by battle or card effect.
    (2) During your Main Phase: You can activate this effect; you cannot attack with monsters for the rest of this turn, except with “HERO” monsters, also destroy as many monsters your opponent controls as possible with less than or equal to this card’s ATK, and if you do, this card gains 200 ATK for each destroyed.


    Yeah, Evil HERO are getting support, and yes, I came back just to shitpost this. See you all next year.
    Post by: Yakumo, May 14, 2019 in forum: The Playground
  3. Yakumo
    Once a year more or less
    Post by: Yakumo, Aug 19, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  4. Yakumo
    Yes. There are a lot of good (and balanced) ways to deal with backrow now. Galaxy Cyclone, Cosmic Cyclone, Twin Twisters and Heavy Storm Duster to name some relevant examples of decent backrow removal.

    Nope. The future is now old man. Nowadays playing a lot of traps outside of having them in your Side Deck to deal with problematic match-ups or playing a trap centric deck is a noob mistake. Too many cards simply don't care about most traps you throw at them for it to matter as much as it used to matter.

    The traps that still matter are the Solemn ones, because they always mattered, the ones that can be activated from hand (by them self) or deck (with help) and hand traps that aren't even trap cards, but monsters that activate from hand by discarding them self, and you still don't see the first group that often.

    Well, then I have good news for you. Most decks don't even play those cards AT ALL. Not even in side deck.

    Mirror Force is that much of a meme, that it has far better variations, and its own trap card that searches and recovers it for a discard.
    Mirror Force Launcher
    Once per turn, during your Main Phase: You can discard 1 monster; add 1 "Mirror Force" from your Deck or GY to your hand. If this Set card is destroyed by your opponent's card effect and sent to the GY: You can Set this card from your GY and 1 "Mirror Force" from your hand, Deck, or GY to your field, also they can be activated this turn.

    Nowadays you put Mirror Force in your deck as a joke, because... View attachment 49517

    Yes, they really did that in anime.

    I might have agreed with you, but I don't, since I can semi-consistently pull of boards with potential 20900 damage using OJAMAS, using mostly inefficient anime boss monsters. If I were to do it efficiently, that board would be near unbreakable instead, while locking the opponent out of their extra deck.

    So no, getting good monsters out isn't even close to hard.

    The added a feature that lets you use a right click to put cards in your deck, but it also can disable being able to type with keyboard.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 20, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  5. Yakumo
    Spell/Trap destruction is now better than ever, so I don't get why are you saying its restricted.
    Other way around. Its not fair for one spell to destroy multiple cards for no cost. Using MST in this way provides 1-for-1 trade in resources. But it doesn't matter, since most of the backrow is irrelevant anyway.
    Game always punishes bad moves, but it shouldn't overly reward luck. People like to talk about how amazing it was to mind game with playing and playing around Heavy Storm, but the truth it, Heavy Storm rewards lucky players instead of the skilled ones.

    This format rewards making a good board, not making bad moves.

    On unrelated note, Dueling Book is so broken, their own features break the deck builder.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 19, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  6. Yakumo
    Nope. YGOPro is a thing.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 19, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  7. Yakumo
    I thought you said good news :^)
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 17, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  8. Yakumo
    Grinding I think. Just like in tag force. Because it is tag force. Only worse.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 7, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  9. Yakumo
    Legacy of the Duelist
    It's really bad, and from what I got, the story mode is locked or at least mostly locked behind Paywall.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 5, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  10. Yakumo
    Because it was a really bad clone of tag force, but without the few anime cards that tag force had.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jul 4, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  11. Yakumo
    Yeah, I get it. That's why ygopro is the best option. They even have the best thing to happen to this game: Links.
    Post by: Yakumo, Jun 12, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  12. Yakumo
    Literally the two worst options
    Post by: Yakumo, Jun 9, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  13. Yakumo
    What is this, bootleg Duel Links?
    Post by: Yakumo, Apr 14, 2018 in forum: The Playground
  14. Yakumo
    Are you sure? Because I definitely have read, and I quote: "current OCG deck". That's pretty close to being synonymous with Links.
    Post by: Yakumo, Sep 8, 2017 in forum: The Playground
  15. Yakumo
    Did you said Link Format, a.k.a. the best format?
    Post by: Yakumo, Sep 8, 2017 in forum: The Playground
  16. Yakumo
    >implying this thread is alive
    We'll keep it in mind, if thread ever becomes alive again.

    Captain Solo. Not to be mistaken with Captain Solo.
    Post by: Yakumo, Sep 4, 2017 in forum: The Playground
  17. Yakumo
    Well, uh, technically... nah.
    Post by: Yakumo, Aug 10, 2017 in forum: The Playground
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    Oh, I know. I was referring to the funeral, as in funeral of this thread. Because it was kinda dead.
    Post by: Yakumo, Aug 7, 2017 in forum: The Playground
  19. Yakumo
    funerals are always sad
    Post by: Yakumo, Aug 3, 2017 in forum: The Playground
  20. Yakumo
    Whatever is more convenient for you. Through YGOPro is my preferred option.
    Post by: Yakumo, Apr 28, 2017 in forum: The Playground