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    its good to know im not the only one.. Wheres Erkz and the other hackers when ya need em XD
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    Compiled by Antiweapon. Put into text format by Keyblade Spirit.
    XX - World
    01 - World of Darkness
    02 - Twilight Town
    03 - Destiny Islands
    04 - Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion
    05 - Beast's Castle
    06 - Olympus Colisseum
    07 - Agrabah
    08 - Land of Dragons
    09 - 100 Acre Wood
    0A - Pride Lands
    0B - Atlantica
    0C - Disney Castle
    0D - Timeless River
    0E - Halloween Town
    0F - World Map [o_O WTF?]
    10 - Port Royal
    11 - Space Paranoids
    12 - The World That Never Was
    13 - Insta-Freeze

    YY - Room Digits [Note - NE means No Escape.]
    World of Darkness
    00 - The Dark Margin [NE]

    Twilight Town
    00 - The Empty Realm [NE]
    01 - Roxas's Room [NE]
    02 - The Usual Spot
    03 - Back Alley
    18 - On The Train [NE]
    22 - Station of Awakening [NE]

    Destiny Islands
    00 - Beach [NE]
    01 - The Main Road [NE]
    02 - Main Island: Shore [NE]

    Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion
    00 - Villains Vale (Not 100% solid)
    01 - The Dark Depths (With Heartless Army below)
    02 - The Great Maw
    03 - Villains Vale (Not 100% solid)
    04 - Villains Vale (Not 100% solid)
    05 - Ansems Study
    06 - Villains Vale (Not 100% solid)
    07 - Restoration Site (Before Destruction)
    08 - Bailey (Before Destruction)
    09 - Borough
    0A - Marketplace
    0B - Castle Corridors
    0C - Heartless Manufactory
    0D - Merlin's house
    0E - Castle Oblivion (Not 100% solid)
    0F - Ansems Study before Xehanort took over (Not 100% solid)
    10 - Ravine Trail
    11 - The Great Maw (1000 Heartless Conditions)
    12 - Restoration Site (After Destruction)
    13 - Bailey (After Destruction)
    14 - Castle Corridors during Nobody and Heartless fight (Sealed)
    15 - Cavern of Remembrance: Depths
    16 - Cavern of Remembrance: Mining Area
    17 - Cavern of Remembrance: Engine Chamber
    18 - Cavern of Remembrance: Mineshaft
    19 - Transport to Remembrance
    1A - Garden of Assemblage
    1B - Room of Sleep and Stairwell (found by AntiWeapon) (Not 100% solid)
    1C - BSOD
    1D - BSOD
    1E - BSOD
    1F - BSOD
    20 - The Old Mansion (Vexen's Area)
    21 - Station of Remembrance (Larxene's Area)
    22 - Zexion's fight area
    23 - BSOD
    24 - Villains Vale (Not 100% solid)
    25 - BSOD
    26 - Station of Oblivion (Marluxia's Area)
    27 - BSOD
    28 - BSOD
    29 - Instant Freeze

    Beast's Castle
    00 - Entrance Hall
    01 - Parlour
    02 - Belle's Room
    03 - Beast's Room
    04 - Ballroom
    05 - Ballroom (First Boss Area, Text Misplaced?)
    06 - Courtyard
    07 - The East Wing
    08 - The West Hall
    09 - The West Wing
    0A - Dungeon
    0B - Undercroft
    0C - Secret Passage
    0D - Bridge
    0E - Ballroom (Jap. Text?, Where Beast and Belle Dance?)
    0F - Bridge (For Xaldins Fight?)
    10 - Freeze
    11 - Freeze
    Olympus Colisseum
    01 - Collesem gates (Cant get to the lobby for some reason, Undestroyed)
    02 - Collesem gates (destroyed)
    03 - Underworld entrance (Triggerd a cutscene for me )
    04 - Collesium foyer
    05 - Valley of the dead
    06 - Hades chamber
    07 - Cave of the dead: Entrance
    08 - Where you fight pete.
    09 - The underdrome
    0A - Cave of the dead: Inner chamber
    0B - Underworld cavern: enterance
    0C - The lock (With the meg engraving thing, reaction command to remove lock dosent do anything)
    0D - The underdrome (cutscene verstion, can go into the soul pit place.)
    0E - Collesem gates (destroyed, night)
    0F - Cave of the dead: Passage
    10 - Underworld caverns: The lost road
    11 - Underworld caverns: Atrium
    12 - Collesium gates (Where you fight the multiheaded thing)
    13 - Underdrome (small, for tornament fights)
    14 - Insta freeze

    00 - Agrabah
    01 - Bazaar
    02 - The Peddler's Shop [From first visit?]
    03 - The Palace
    04 - Vault
    05 - Above Agrabah
    06 - Palace Walls
    07 - The Cave of Wonders Entrance
    08 - Freeze
    09 - The Cave of Wonders Stone ...
    0A - The Cave of Wonders Treasure Room
    0B - Ruined Chamber
    0C - The Cave of Wonders Valley of Stone
    0D - The Cave of Wonders Chasm of Challenges
    0E - Mini Game? "Head Towards Jafars Shadow!", Jafars Invincible.
    0F - The Peddler's Shop [From second visit?]

    100 Acre Wood
    00 - 100 Acre Wood World Selection? [P]
    01 - The Big Tree [Forgot what it's called]
    02 - Pooh Bear's House [NP?]
    03 - Rabbit's House [NP?]
    04 - Piglette's House [NP?]
    05 - Kanga's House [NP?]
    06 - The Day of a Wind? (Possible Mini Game Area?, Messed up Text, Blue Screen) [NP?]
    07 - Eye the collection of Honey (Jap. Text, Possible Misspelling and Mini Game Area) [NP?]
    08 - Flower Fence Valley (Possible Mini Game Area?, Jap. Text) [NP?]
    09 - The Spookey Cave [NP?]

    Pride lands:
    00 - Pride rock
    02 - Kings den
    03 - Long gourge place.
    04 - The savana
    05 - Elafant graveyard
    06 - Gorge
    07 - Wastelands
    08 - Jungle
    09 - Oasis
    0A - Pride rock (restored)
    0B - Oasis (Night)
    0C - Overlook
    0D - Peak
    0E - Scar's darkness
    0F - (Looks like Savana, cept it didn't have a proper title and I couldent leave the area)
    10 - (Where Mufasa died)

    01 - Treasure Room [NE]
    02 - Undersea Courtyard [P]
    03 - Submarine Open Space (Jap. Text?, Same as 02, Recolored) [P]
    04 - Freeze?
    05 - Sunken Ship [P]
    06 - Wrath of the Sea (Daytime) [P]
    07 - Seashore (Same as above, Nighttime, Jap. Text?) [P]
    08 - Seashore (Same as above and 06, Evening) [P]
    09 - Wrath of the Sea (Area when you are singing with Ursula) [P]
    0A - D (Wedding Ship?) [P]

    Disney Castle
    Room 00 - Audience chamber
    Room 01 - Library
    Room 02 - Colonnade
    Room 03 - Courtyard
    Room 04 - The Hall of the Cornerstone (With Thorns)
    Room 05 - The Hall of the Cornerstone
    Room 06 - Gummi Hanger
    Room 07 - Gathering Place
    Room 08 - Instant Freeze

    Timeless River
    00 - Cornerstone Hill [P]
    01 - Pier
    02 - Waterway [P]
    03 - Wharf [NP]
    04 - Lilliput [NP]
    05 - Building Site [NP]
    06 - Scene of the Fire [NP]
    07 - Mickey's House [NP]
    08 - Villians Vale (Black & White) [NP]

    Space Paranoids
    00 - Pit Cell
    01 - The Canyon
    02 - Game Grid
    03 - Data Space
    04 - I/O Tower
    05 - I/O Tower: Communications Tower
    06 - Simulation Hanger
    07 - Solar Sailor Simulation
    08 - Central Computer
    09 - Central Computer Core
    0A - Solar Sailor Simulation

    The World That Never Was
    00 - Where Nothing Gathers
    02 - Fragments crossing
    03 - Memories skyscraper
    04 - The brink of dispair
    05 - The soundless prision
    06 - Nothings call
    07 - Chooked asention (Going up)
    08 - Chooked asention (Going down)
    09 - Twilights view
    0A - Hall of empty melodies
    0B - Something of empty melodies (Where you meet up with kairi and riku)
    0C - Naughts skyway
    0D - Proof of existance
    0E - Havoks divide
    0F - Where you fight Saix (Full kingdom hearts moon + beam hitting it
    10 - Naughts aproach
    11 - Something something passage (Where Maleficent and pete fight the heartless swarm. )
    12 - The alter of naught (Oddly the kingdom hearts moon is still full and there is no door.)
    13 - Memory's contortion (where you fight Xemnas 1)
    14 - The world of nothing (the final fight area, with exit)
    15 - The world of nothing (where you fight Roxas)
    16 - Station of awakening (where you fly around in the litte thing with riku and sora)
    17 - Armor 2 fight (with attacking dragon (crashes))
    18 - Armor 1 fight
    19 - Core (with attackable core! (Crashes if you attack it enough) )
    1A - Twin cannons (With working reaction commands)
    1B - First area of final battle
    1C - Second area of final battle
    1D - Alter of naught (no kingdom hearts moon)__________________

    Those are the digits and when i use Room of Sleep which for it would be 041B i hold R2 b4 entering a room and the name of the place ur about to go to dissapears and when i go there when u see the crown going into fade it freezes.......
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    Does anyone have another room modifier code besides this one

    E001FDFF 0034D45C
    1032BAE0 0000YYXX

    this one seems to freeze my game when i hold R2 going into the area on all of em and im using Swap Magic Coder someone please help
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    Please anyone have these in RAW format?

    1. Play as Riku code (the one that doesn't freeze when you fight <_<)

    2.Character Mod codes(Allies and Bosses and Boss Allies)

    3.Weapon Mod codes (like Wielding Saix's wep and stuff)

    4.Room Mod codes (i tried to ones that where from ERK's but are they in RAW format?)

    Please help someone ASAP Thank You In Advance ^_^

    Oh and also what kind of Master Codes do you guys use?
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    Please help me out anyone ASAP ^^
    Post by: Squall429, Apr 18, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
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    Thanks Cloudstrife btw do u know if there is a different master code for the room mods?
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    Hey Uh might be a noob question but will these codes work for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix?
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  8. Squall429
    O_o wheres the code?
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  9. Squall429
    Well thanks any way man I'm Testing out the new Riku code as we speak so I'll tell you how it is. :)

    Back to topic. Anyone have the Character and Room Mod codes please either PM me them or post em here thank you in Advance.
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    Thanks bro ^_^ got anything on the Character and Room mods? :D :D :D
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    can someone please help? I need help with these codes and some i need. I'm using Swap Magic Coder so make them in RAW format please :P Final Mix codes only

    1.Play as Riku code (need help) I used the joker code with it. Works fine. except when i fight the game freezes can someone please help me on that?

    2. Full Party (i need)

    3.Room Mod codes (i need because the digits on filenanny where deleted :/)

    4. Character mod codes (i need the ones with allies and bosses plus the ones where bosses are allies)

    Please help me out someone I really want these codes and I can't find em.

    Thanks in advance ^_^
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    Sora Squall or Saix. I love Saix cuz he's insane and has 2 awesome scars. I would be mainly Squall because I could wield the gunblade and own you punk heartless XD. I would be Sora cuz I would love to wield the Keyblade and use his moves.
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    My Strategy on beating him is much easier and a lot more simple.

    In the beginning you know to dodge that attack. Once you did, attack him and use both finishers (if you have finisher plus equipped)

    Then he will teleport. As soon as he teleports, use guard (square) it will block hes air sweep. Mainly after that he will teleport far from you. Run up to him and right wen you see him about to swing at you guard and counterstrike. This immediately breaks his combo so you can attack him again. Once you get him down to at least 4 and a half bars he"ll say "Know your place." Once you hear this wait for him to summon the darkness orbs and use reflect. If hes close to you the aftermath of the reflect will hit him causing him to go in the air. Immediately jump and smack the hell out of him. Sooner or later he will teleport far from you and he will say "Sin....Heartless Angel." The trick to stopping this is by running up to him and hitting him right before he finished saying Angel. Basically repeat this procedure and you will get him down to his last bars. Until he goes Berserk. Just reflect and guard. When hes open hit him. Most of the time before he dies he will teleport off the battle field and you will hear him say "The time has come." And he will summon meteors. Just reflect and glide like hell! Once thats done attack him with a finisher and he should be toast. Oh and Trinity works well too. Well Hope I helped. ^_^
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    Yea I just noticed that and I beat it. Thanks! ^_^
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    In the upper part of the Coliseum in Final Mix 2 when you have to do Maniac and get 1000 points. I can"t seem to do it. When I destroy one set it takes forever for another one to come up and that waste time anyone know how to beat this? Right now I"m using all combo minus no combo plus and Fenrir so all my moves are my finshers and Magnet does"nt help either...
    Thread by: Squall429, Apr 6, 2008, 3 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Umm I forget. Where can I get Mega Elixirs? or Elixirs?
    Thread by: Squall429, Apr 4, 2008, 2 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    OH! your the one who made that awesome video of the cheat Exhibition yea man i really have to say awesome fricking job the last part amazed me you were in the ROOM OF SLEEP!!!!! and thanks for the help ^^
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    Its ok I"m just goin crazy all you other people who beat him are overpowered and i have no fu***** idea how you do it....
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    lol well at least I'm not the only one XD
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    Guys I'm in desperate need of help with defeating Terra. He's getting on my last nerve no matter what the hell I do he still kills me. I have a few questions.

    1. Is there an ability called Finisher Berserk?

    2. Can someone please help me out?

    I would really appreciate some help on this damn guy. Thanks ^_^
    Thread by: Squall429, Apr 4, 2008, 15 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help