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  1. king1294
    Hey thanks sooo much! I finally beatt him with this guide. At first I only could take 1 life bar out x.x

    When I looked a tthis guide I could do like 5 . And just using my brain I beat him!
    Post by: king1294, Jul 28, 2008 in forum: FAQs and Guides
  2. king1294
    Less cutscenes, mor eOrganization and other boss battles, more worlds , and more magic <3 but organization the msot
    Post by: king1294, Jul 27, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  3. king1294
    Thanks , but I also had one other question, how do you use it ? lol .. I only used it once , but now it wont work, int he spaces that say magic attack item and drive, I dont see it..
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  4. king1294
    Just sayign there are better ways, though that helps :)

    1. Valor : pretty easy jsut use lucky weapon and draw weapon and go to vally in the end ( world that never was ) , becuase your using weak weapons about 3 or 4 points for every enemy... Also when your low in the guage go to the otehr side of vally ni the end , called between the between and its full!

    2. Wisdom use the same as valor

    3. Master: Land of dragons and beast castle ( others already posted )

    4. Final , well for the first lv go to the place where you foguth Luxord, go out when your done killign and teleport back for full gauge. ( by teleport I mean save point back and forth ) , then go to the white room mansion for the next 3 lvs ( the main hall jsut kill everyone with thunder ) then when your at lv 4 do yens tower till lv 7 ( got to to lv 7 in one hour! )
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  5. king1294
    thanks but a little late lol :P

    I got 7 in one hour yay! But here also comes another question e.e :
    I though first used where you fought luxord for a while ( 1 lv ) then I went to the mansion, white room and when you go to the first room in the masion , took everyone out there :P ( till lv 4 ) , then my rets was Yen's tower..

    Now that I have 7 IN ALL CLASSES ( Yesterday night it was 2 valor and wisdom, 5 master, and 0 fianl ( I didnt have it ) ) SO yeah I worked some bit. And I have to say I thought Valor was the easiest, finds out to me it was the hardest and final is the easiest <3

    Now my question is: I been tryign some damn way to summon but its not workling! , normally in my options, mage , drive, its not there.. At some times I get summon and limit but not this time. Please help ! , my ummoning is 2 and I need 7 fast. BTW , I heard that if you go to another world while summoning your gauge is fileld again , is it true? Thanks in advance, and thanks tot he 4 people who helped with my questiosn very much!
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  6. king1294
    Yes 7 master :P

    only final left
    Post by: king1294, Jul 27, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  7. king1294
    Yeah I nromally use land of dragons, but if I am bored with it I use aragbath.. jsut thudage through the guard heartless, and use the 7 luck ( I only got 5 though ) and you'll get so many drive balls
    Post by: king1294, Jul 27, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  8. king1294
    thanks a lot, this may sound strange but got any good ideas for master lol

    Also I am going to have to sue somethign else until like lv 4 final form.. it goes away in like 3 secs e.e

    edit: do you mean the ally?

    dont you resotre drive if you go to a save point and teleport to somewhere else?
    Post by: king1294, Jul 27, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  9. king1294
    thankks everyone again.. So 7, I jsut got my valor to 7 :P

    Whats a good final form placE? I got stuck there becuase it takes 5 drave gauges to turn into it and my way for valor + wisdom doesnt work e.e


    I am taking advanmtage of this lol.. I had to get ultima weapon with no help - heck... So yeah now things are fun and easy for me :P
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  10. king1294
    Well I am giving help on forms to people and I well need some..

    KK, so my lv in forms are :

    6 Valor
    7 Wisdom
    5 Master
    1 Final ( got 30min ago )

    Anyways for some reason I cant keep leveling up my wisdom, somone told me it goes to lv 10, and I killed like 80 heartless and it still says 0

    .. Giving help on forms ...
    The bets way to lv up final and wisdom form is :

    Go to the world that never was: ally in between. Now look at the 2 sides, one is a portal to a place called between and between, and another just has many heartless. Go to the heartless place and once your there take out all the guy you can until you drive guage hits 1 and a half, then run back to ally in between and go into bwteen and btween ( and you will get your drive back to full ! ) Or jsut watch this lol ( not my youtube though )
    Thread by: king1294, Jul 27, 2008, 19 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  11. king1294
    Thanks everyoen for the help..

    7 summoning , 99 lv and 7 in all form? Wow whats sucks is that 7 summoning
    Post by: king1294, Jul 26, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  12. king1294

    I palyed at world that never was for 5 hours and never got final form e.e

    Also how many cups are there in underowrld? I jsut beat the one with the blue boss a tthe end e.e
    Post by: king1294, Jul 26, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  13. king1294
    Its really easy acually. If you mean the one with cerebus, then when you get to the part where there are guard heartless, use thundage. and when your aginst cerebus, use masterform and spam with thundage ..

    If you mean the one with Herculess, its easy idk why you would need help

    Post by: king1294, Jul 26, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  14. king1294
    Hes the 2nd hardest to me -.-

    Anyways at the beginning and later in when the riffle comes in jam triangle over and over again.

    Now when he comes down he'll use 6 colonies of re dlasers at you, use your drive guadge and get wisdom out. If you turn into a black hearless or somethign like that be thankful!, now you do crazy combos and knock him in the air do he cant teleport, once he does keep dodging the blue missle by just keep running to him. Becuase of your speed oyu wont get hit, though watch out for the red lazers. once the driveguage is repelished, just keep using ariel dodge lv1 or 2 to get to him ( train master form ). Once you get him into his final form, he'll glow blue. Dont attack him he is glowing it wont work! , just keep running aroudn the square , and dont stop or else you'll get blasted and lsoe much of your health. Now this is gonna be tough, but just use ariel dodge to get near him and take him out :P I hope this helps and also if you have low Hp dont hesitate to use Cure, or a few hi potions . Goodluck!
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  15. king1294
    Hey People please help me with atleast one of these things. KH2 BTW

    1. This is gonna be a little long but whats a good stragety to beat Seproth: My way is:
    To keep jamming triangle at the beginning, then turn around and combo him, next to step back a few paces and let him miss, then combo again
    Then later in the game, I use ariel dodge lv2 from master form and jump towards from where he teleported
    Now later in the game once I get him to 9 life bars I well lose -.- So please help me with a good guide

    2. What lv do all forms go up to ( max )

    3. How do you obtain final form? I am up to the part where you beat Xemmas twice

    4. How do you get King Mickey to help you, I never played as him even after I died a few times..
    Thread by: king1294, Jul 26, 2008, 15 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  16. king1294
    I only have the 2nd so :

    1rst ahrdest: Sepsomething lol
    2nd: Xigbar
    3rd: Demxy
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  17. king1294
    Never :(

    Hwo does he help you?
    Post by: king1294, Jul 25, 2008 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  18. king1294
    Hey guys I am new to this game and joined the forums about 5 min ago. Also can somone give me a guide to taking Sep down ( I use ultima weapon ) , and also I hav e 2 mor questions at the bottom )

    Anyways , whats a good stragety to beat Sephrith ( cant spell it as you see -.- )

    I normally equip beserker, ariel dodge, scan, ariel combo , ariel finish, and all the ariels lol . I also put scan, ariel dodge lv1 from growth, and a few other things x.x

    My current stragety given by a youtube video :P :

    1. Is that at the begining I jam triangle ( common sense )
    2. Once I dodge with reaction commands I quickly turn around and take a life bar out and after my combo finishes I run a fe wpaces back
    3. Now I wait for him to slowly walk, when he misses twice with his blade I quickly hit him and take out another bar
    4. Now he starts teleporting everywhere, everytime he teleports I use ariel dodge lv 1 from master form and run towards where he teleported from.
    5. Now I do a couple blows through out the battle and normally take out 5 bars, now I keep screw up
    6. I normally take a couple huge blows but due to 2nd chance I have 1 hp left and use cure.
    7. He'll keep taking me out and I'll get 1 bar from him
    8. Now I have prob 5 hi potions left, and he has 9 bars of life left, and I lsoe -.-

    BTW: I have never turned into King Mickey ( how do you do this ) , and I havent acheived final form, and I beat Xemmas already before x.x
    Thread by: king1294, Jul 25, 2008, 3 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX