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  1. Gamefreak103


    Just making the obligatory "hey I'm still around" thread. When did premiums go rainbow?
    ...also there's a khv discord?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, May 13, 2017, 15 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  2. Gamefreak103

    You know...

    ...I was just going to make another generic "hey, long time no see" type of thread but I was distracted by the fact that bots are still around making threads....nothing has changed. XD
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Aug 16, 2016, 13 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  3. Gamefreak103


    Randomly popping in to say hi and will probably randomly pop out of existence after a while.
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Sep 8, 2015, 4 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  4. Gamefreak103

    Oh look's the steam summer sale yet again. Ready your wallets for it's time to please our Steam over lords.
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Jun 11, 2015, 3 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  5. Gamefreak103
    Hey guys I have a quick question.
    I have the elite status on club nintendo but I didn't know which reward to get. I was deciding between Animal Crossing and Mario Kart 7 but I don't know which one to get. I like Mario Kart, but I want to try Animal Crossing. Which one is more worthwhile?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Apr 2, 2015, 2 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  6. Gamefreak103


    Was going to pre-order the new zelda majora's mask 3ds as a birthday present to myself but as I logged into gamestop it already sold out.
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Jan 14, 2015, 3 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  7. Gamefreak103
    Been away from anime for a little while and decided to check out Eureka Seven on a whim.
    Can't really say I like it, but it is making me laugh at it. Is that normal?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Dec 28, 2014, 29 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  8. Gamefreak103
    I've seen it in the theaters, but I just felt like posting a thread stating that I'm watching it again.
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Dec 18, 2014, 12 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  9. Gamefreak103


    Every time I've watched the show it gives me a Doctor Who vibe.
    While watching the latest ep, two things just screamed Doctor Who...
    His hideout is bigger on the inside and he has a magical card that appears to others as what he needs it to be.
    If this guy starts traveling through time and space to exercise demons I'm done!
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Nov 9, 2014, 0 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  10. Gamefreak103


    Due to technicalities, I now can't go on that LA trip.
    So instead I used to the money I was going to use on the trip and bought a wii u.
    As cool as it is, I'm still not in the best of moods...

    ...anyone want to add me as a friend on wii u?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 25, 2014, 0 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  11. Gamefreak103
    I have an opportunity to go on a trip to Los Angeles in mid November thanks to my university.
    Anyone ever been there or live there and if so what's it like?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 20, 2014, 12 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  12. Gamefreak103
    Heard it was a suspenseful movie so I decided to watch it. My god that was a psychedelic trip.
    Pretty good movie even though I know nothing about ballet.
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 18, 2014, 8 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  13. Gamefreak103

    Next year HBO Go will no longer require a cable subscription.
    So another nail in the coffin for reasons to have cable?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 16, 2014, 1 replies, in forum: Movies & Media
  14. Gamefreak103
    I plan to buy a wii u within the next couple months and I was wondering which games I should get with it.
    I plan to get smash and mario kart, but my current budget allows for a couple more games. Any suggestions.
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 14, 2014, 9 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  15. Gamefreak103
    Just stumbled upon this article and was surprised. A series I've read for all these years is coming to an end.
    I might not like it as much as I did in the past, but it still brought me some enjoyment over the years.
    Thanks for the memories, both the good and the very very bad...
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 6, 2014, 9 replies, in forum: Anime and Manga
  16. Gamefreak103
    I just took the chance and bought a couple of games of the walmart website. Can't find anybody's testimonies on it online so I don't know if their service was any good or not. Any of you guys ever bought a used game from walmart?
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Oct 1, 2014, 2 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  17. Gamefreak103
    I've been sneezing all day, and it's starting to get annoying. Dx
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Sep 18, 2014, 8 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  18. Gamefreak103
    Such wonderful octane nonsense. XD
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Sep 12, 2014, 3 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  19. Gamefreak103
    I finally tried out the hdmi link between my ps4 and tv and now they can turn each other on.
    I thought my mind was blown than, then I found out I could control my ps4 menus with tv remote...
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Aug 30, 2014, 0 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  20. Gamefreak103
    Just finished ep 5 of the walking dead season 2.
    Not as sad as season 1, but it still kind of depressing...
    Thread by: Gamefreak103, Aug 27, 2014, 10 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone