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  1. 「ユウンジーピ」

    sexy chins

    sorry had to post something (´;ω;`) because I am back and I am willing to give this site a chance....blame schoooollll ; A ; orz orz........also i shall be somewhat busy with a chorus group of mine > v < b drawing some presents for the members and I shall be sure to post the result once i have completed them <3.....that is if you would like me too ; 7 ; <3

    thank you for viewing |D have a nice day! ~
    credit to the mangaka who drew that I have no idea what manga that is ;; Y ;; I have forgotten
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  2. 「ユウンジーピ」
    yeaop yeaop i made it myself > U < b

    first is my name yuunji-pi /「ユウンジーピ」

    then a banana |D

    and a chick ver. of Len Q U Q <33

    and yours truly ~ > U < b

    well i had a little trouble fixing it and it still looks a little rough Q A Q and it's all poopie Photoshop's fault (≧△≦)

    nevertheless i'm satisfied uguuuu <3

    well let me know what you think kay? > U < b
    and here, have a banana ( ´∀`)

    EDIT!: resized the picture accordingly > U < !!
    ((no more awkward yellow dots |D too yey ! ))

    also sped up the animation Q U Q i think it looks better!

    more on the picture: i pulled an all nighter on this ಥ⌣ಥ
    ((and for the first time in a long time i watched the sun rise.........))
    drawn on paint tool sai and animated on photoshop!
    ty for viewing > U < b
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  3. 「ユウンジーピ」
    well i wrote herp derp stuff on it ....but yeaop these are my sketches o U o b some are old from last year and some are relatively new! > U < ~
    also yes i am female....and i dont need a shirt ~

    .//just realizes that she forgot one more but is too lazy to paste it on orz

    caution its a large file Q U Q hmm hmm
    ((for larger view right click view image > U o b ))

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  4. 「ユウンジーピ」
    greetings! my name is yuunji-pi! Im new to this site and it's very nice to meet you!

    more about me:
    -im 15 years old
    -a mixed breed |D
    -i sing ((horribly))
    -i draw ((horribly))
    -i cosplay ((horribly))
    -u can tell i dont have much confidence in myself but i try really hard! and it gives me inspiration so i keep going no matter what! i'll get better!
    - i have three aliases ~
    - art alias is aki-yuuki 秋★勇気 im on dA as and im on iscribble as
    - singing alias 「ユウンジーピ」 ((yuunji - pi)) and im on youtube as
    - cosplay alias ポメグラKNIGHT ((pomeguraKNIGHT)) i do not have a website for that currently

    please do not hesitate to talk to me i am very friendly ^ ^ and i would also like to get to know you all a bit better > U <

    thank you for you time! <3
    have a nice day! ~
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