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  1. Iskandar
    So I volunteered to make a D&D campaign for a friend since he wanted to join one, and we had our first session on wednesday, and I was wondering if 1 or 2 more people would care to try and join us for saturday night runs around 6:30PM CST?
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  2. Iskandar
    Did my first animation project ever in Maya, and look how well it turned out, considering most of my knowledge of the program is self-taught and the limited time I had to work on the video for school. I recommend watching in 1080p

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  3. Iskandar

    Harvy = Hate

    Well, hate is a strong word in this case, but it was the only H-word I could think of that fit with the joke.

    Either way, we are now trapped in our house with flooding outside, and only a couple feet between the water and our front door. Right now the rain is letting up, and if the storm goes away even a little it won't fill up much more over the next few days, but if the water gets into our house, we'll have to turn off the power.

    We'll see just how this week is going to go.
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  4. Iskandar
    And I took the cats over the dog for four hours and one of them decided he'd gfet comfortable under me while I was driving and now he won't move. Just 3 more hours to go.

    And I'd upload a photo but apparently it's too large for the server to process....what? Oh well, maybe when we get back in the house.
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  5. Iskandar
    I figured I'd just get the trophy for not changing equipment in KH:FM easily, so I'm going to play on Beginner......i'm not even sure I'll feel clean after this.

    Edit: okay, 2 seconds later and I realize I can't do it my first time after getting 1.5 & 2.5. I'll do it my second time through or something, but I just can't
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  6. Iskandar
    So I was watching some videos on youtube and it looks like someone has already uploaded the full version of Kingdom Heart's 0.2 story online. It's about a 2 hour video, and everything is in japanese, but if anyone's interested in seeing it for themselves, here's a little link.

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  7. Iskandar


    How is it even a possibility that there are no New 3DS systems in this country that have a reasonable price? I tried every place I can think of, and these things are nowhere to be found except on amazon, at which they are priced with a minimum of $320. Also, how is it the japanese imports are actually cheaper? Probably because you can't even play english games on htem.

    All I want is a new one because mine can't hold a battery charge for more than a few hours. Is that so much to ask? Nintendo better start making more at some point.
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  8. Iskandar
    So apparently University of Idaho has a degree in animation that more to what I want to do than what Texas has, and I kind of want to go there now, but if I do I'd have to basically start from the bottom again, and my grandmother won't help pay for 4 more years of college, and I also really want to take 2D and 3D animation with Phil Snyder.....but those are really the only things keeping me. I mean, I already learned how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver/Muse, and Premiere Pro, and I could use that along with whatever I learned there...but I really don't want to spend 4 more years in school. The safer bet is to stay in Texas, but it just sucks, and now I'm conflicted.
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  9. Iskandar
    And I can't even use it till Saturday. Also, I seriously hope nothing happens to it while I'm at work tomorrow, because I will never be able to graduate if it happens. Seriously, they'll keep you from graduating with your degree until you pay for any loss or damages to the video gear while you have it on your watch. That's the scariest thing ever.

    Desktop computer, you are now officially the 2nd most expensive thing in this room for the next 4 days.
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  10. Iskandar
    If so, any interest in helping me out with creating my game? I've got about 2 or 3 hours of content on it right now, but it's a lot of work and I'm starting to get tired of doing every little, minute detail. Plus with school and work I don't have too much time to work on maps and such, so if anyone is able and interested, would you be willing to?
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  11. Iskandar

    Holy crap

    Did Pokemon's latest episode in japan just kill someone? I think it did. If so, I'm not sure we can just call it a kid's show anymore. I mean, Disney kills people all the time, but when you're older and you see it you think "Holy crap, Disney is actually pretty dark"
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  12. Iskandar
    Just got my new SSD and I was all ready to install the thing, then I realized I didn't have a spare SATA cable. I had to have everything but the spare SATA cable. And here I was with my desktop all unplugged and ready to have 240GB of SSD put on. Luckily for me a friend from work uses computers like crazy and has some, so I don't have to spend money, but since I'm gone from noon till 9pm on thursday and work all day fridays, and have to take the car in to get its bumper corrected and a online writing lab scheduled on's going to be a while before I get that precious piece of equipment installed.
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  13. Iskandar
    So I ask Phil Snyder a couple questions concerning one of our projects for class, and also asked if he could look at a video I made on the weekened using Adobe to see if I was doing okay with Premier Pro and After Effects. I actually made it to show in my Content Strategy class since I don't really have an official portfolio, and I did have to cut it at 1 minute or so with a 3 minute song, but I had other stuff to do.

    Either way, I asked him if he could look at it and see what he thought, and trust me, it's embarrassing asking someone to do that. Anyways, he watched it and actually said it was pretty good and said he thinks I'll do well in his video production class. Best moment of my day, if not my year so far. Now I just have to make sure I don't disappoint.
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  14. Iskandar
    You've been working on a project for months and never could figure out how to continue, and then you go back one day just for fun, mess around with it, and finally figure out what to do and everything seems like it's a piece of cake now.

    Well, not sure about you, but I'm feeling that way with RPG Maker VX Ace now that I mostly understand how to work with the events and make cutscenes
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  15. Iskandar
    I've been messing around with Premier Pro and After Effects for the hell of it to make a video for class on thursday to show off, since I don't really have a set portfolio yet, and I was doing well in After Effects once I understood how to work with some of it, but for some reason I can't seem to get a stupid .png to work. I was going to use a shattered image in a part of the video, and followed a tutorial on youtube to make it work, and I had the transparent background all good on the photoshop file when I saved it, but whenever I open the file anywhere else, it's completely back to normal like I never edited it. Except when I open the .png in photoshop again to check, it has the transparent background. What gives adobe?
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  16. Iskandar
    Tried to download the CoM cutscenes from the archive, and I noticed there's a problem with them. Unlike the others though where the zip link wasn't working, none of the actual videos seem to work for some reason. I download either to mp4 or .avi and everything I try to use it with comes up with saying the file is corrupted or something. And the watch link for all of them seem to lead back to the home page of this site too.
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  17. Iskandar
    I was going through our cutscene archive to download all the KH videos so I could have them on my desktop, and it seems like the link for the zip files in most of the pages don't seem to work on the cutscenes. I managed to download the zip for 365/2 HD scenes, but I couldn't get anything when I clicked the KH zip, KHII zip, DDD zip, or the BBS zips. I don't know if it's a bad link, or what, but yeah, only the Days HD zip seems to work, at least for me.

    Also, on the subject of videos, how come we never got the KH HD remix scenes for coded and the BBS and CoM HD scenes?
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  18. Iskandar
    I was playing with some brushes I got and ended up making something else in photoshop. I kind of was just messing around, so I'm not sure how I did some of it, like getting the clouds to only appear right under the moon. I mean, I know I had a layer that had overlay as a blending option, but that's about it. I really can not understand those blending options until I pick them. Critiques?

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  19. Iskandar
    So I was bored and looked on youtube on how to do glowing threads and ended up making a simple wallpaper on photoshop. I mostly followed a single video, and while I did pretty much follow it to the letter, I tried adding a few variations of mine to it. It's not much, but do you guys think it looks nice? If you could add or change anything, maybe what would it be?

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  20. Iskandar
    I am thinking of going to see Kingsglaive again tomorrow just because I enjoyed it the first time....and to understand it more after seeing it once. Plus, I enjoy the film that much. Though I really shouldn't spend money. Guess that's why I keep my putnam money separate from my budget for reasons like this. Guess I should be glad that the price is cheaper. I spent $9.50 the first time, but looks like a ticket for sunday is $6.50. At least it's cheaper. Though I'm stuck in the same seating....oh well.

    Not like I'm doing anything at home besides watching season 3 of Castle.
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