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  1. lexamus
    Well I've been thinking about this and what if Ven is a doll made from Vanitas. I mean every person has Darkness and Light inside them(with the exception of the Princesses of Light). But what if Vanitas managed to transfer all his light into a doll and make Ven. Then after that concentrate the darkness inside him. This could explain why MX told Terra to go find Vanitas because "he had messed up the balance".I started thinking this when I saw ven wrapped around a towel. His blank stare did not look human/normal.
    Post Ur thoughts on this theory here :D

    Edit: Oh I forgot to add this : Also MX asks Vanitas "How is Ventus" and Vanitas says that he's going to make him stronger. This would make sense if this happened during the time period Ven was being created.
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  2. lexamus
    Sephiroth vs. Chuck Norris

    One VS One.

    Man VS Man

    One-winged Angel (Almost God-like) VS err...CHUCK NORRIS


    (srry Sephiroth but I'm betting for Chuck Norris)
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  3. lexamus
    I found this video on youtube and it talked about obama being controlled by bankers...sounds very weird...

    watch the video please...

    Is this video telling the truth?
    Should we believe in this video?
    do u think this video is fake?
    do you believe in Obama?
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  4. lexamus
    I have a question.....why are there three keyblades? I mean....I thought there was only 1 keyblade...but U see...Mickey's Keyblade, Sora's Keyblade, and Way to Dawn....are Riku's and Mickey's keyblades even real?
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  5. lexamus
    well I was checking this video and noticed Xemnas typing the passwords to enter the room of sleep...I noticed xemnas inputed 6 passwords...and then I asked myself what could they be? and then I remembered the 6 original members of Org. were I checked their original names and the number of X's and they fit...
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  6. lexamus
    xehanort is not dead...isn't he still in riku's heart?
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  7. lexamus
    what type would U be and why :3

    Personally I would be the monkey heartless....they're awsome and have a lot of agility...and bananas!!!
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  8. lexamus
    Story: The gods were bored with the battles in their dimension. So, they decided to bring back foes from the past by using the power from the chaos emeralds.The power of the gods and the chaos emeralds fused together making everyone in both dimensions immortal. At first, both groups were happy....but news came to them that them that the first to collect the emeralds will win total immortality while the other would become mortal and die at the hands of the immortal. Sonic,Eggman,Doom and others decided to work together to protect their dimension. Sub-Zero and the others decided to terminate Sonic's dimension and to stop the gods with the power of the chaos emeralds. Sub-Zero stood at the division of both dimensions. "WE CHALLENGE YOU TO MORTAL KOMBAT!!"he shouted. Sonic smiled and said,"You don't know who your messing with pal". The race for the chaos emeralds began.

    -no godmodding
    -PG-13 romance
    -follow orange's rules
    -more rules coming soon.....

    Sonic:Sonic the Hedgehog
    Metal Sonic:Lexamus

    Liu Kang:
    Shao Kan:
    Kung Lao:
    Jhonny Cage:

    If U want a character that is not in the list plz post the character U want
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  9. lexamus
    Story:A woman dressed in white cloak walks down a hallway.A card appears in her hand.She smiles.

    Sora finds Kairi lying on the floor in the secret hiding place. "Kairi!!Wake Up!!"he says. Kairi slowly dissapears leaving a blank card behind."What's this?"says Sora.

    Zack enters the place where Aerith plants her flowers(Sorry I forgot the name of the place)."Aerith I'm back!"says Zack. He finds a blank card lying on the flower patch.

    Sora runs to the small island where the 3 friends met to watch the sunset."Riku!!Kairi's gone!!"says Sora.Riku stares at Sora"I know" he says.Sora shows Riku the blank card."This is a the.....door..."says Riku.A door appears before them."C'mon....We'll go together.."said Riku.Both pass through the door.

    1)Choose 1 character from FF,Disney,or KH
    2)U travell through FF,Disney,or KH worlds...making Ur own story with other people
    3)Choose a side...defend the worlds or Destroy them..
    4)U can only travel from world to world by "doors"(including villians)
    5)U MAY NOT ENTER LOCKED WORLDS.......they will eventually unlock themselves but I decide!!Alright!!
    6)AND finally HAVE FUN!!.....

    Destiny Islands
    Traverse Town
    Olympic Collessium
    Deep Jungle
    Halloween Town(Locked)
    Hollow Bastion (Locked)
    The End of the World(Locked)
    Twilight Town
    Virtual Twilight Town(Locked)
    Radiant Garden
    Land of Dragons
    Beast's Castle
    Disney Castle(Locked)
    Port Royal
    Pride Lands
    100 Acre Woods(Locked)
    Space Paranoids(Locked)
    The World That Never Was(Locked)
    Shinra Company(Locked)
    The World of Memories(Locked)
    The Temple of the Forgotten(Locked)

    KH chars:
    KH1 Sora-Lexamus
    KH1 Riku-Lexamus
    Roxas-Roxas 95
    Ansem KH1-Lexamus

    FF chars:
    Sephiroth-King of Darkness

    Disney chars:
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  10. lexamus

    Sunny Destiny

    Sunny Destiny Season 2: The Sword and the Serpent

    Solar city has become battlefield... Matt comes to Solar City to investigate a villian named Lord Kratos. Lord Kratos was rumoured to be the leader of Organization X,an organization that caused pain to the people and to the earth itself....they serve,they battle,they don't think,they don't have X is marked in their helmets. What does the sign mean? No one knows...Org. X began to take more and more territory. To stop them, special Soldiers named the Solar Troopers were created. Matt joined the Solar Troopers, with the goal of stopping this war. But. more secrets twist this sad story....a experiment...a goal....and a dark essence that Matt can't control. In the End Matt will find his destiny....his Sunny Destiny....Will U be part of this story?

    -characters must choose a side of the battle Org. X or Solar trooppers
    -No killing other Roleplayers( U may kill uncontrolled characters like soldiers or troopers)
    -U must post atleast once a week
    -I guess that's all for now.....

    Good or Evil:

    Main Chars:
    Name: Matt
    Age: 16
    Personality: Friendly, calm, tries to make fun of stuff.
    Good or Evil: Good
    Power: Uses light attacks
    Weapon: A sword that has strange writing on it
    Bio: A traveller.....He decides to keep his past a secret.

    Personality:very cheerful
    Good or Evil:Good
    Power: Illusion
    Weapon:Cards, Golden axe that has a saphire crystal on it
    Bio:Mark's brother...He was adopted by a family, but returned to Solar City to look for his brother

    Good or Evil:Good


    Name: Miku
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: she lives for the thrill/dangers of life
    Good or Evil: Good
    Power: she can summon dark beasts
    Weapon: her own self-made scythe that can turn into a katana [she can also make other weapon though]
    Bio: She's been living in that city for the past 5 years now, she ran away from her family with her brother's order since her parents were up to no good. She never saw her her brother since then and believes he can see him again once the war is over.
    Username: Death Twister

    Name: Robbie
    Age: 15
    Personality: He is a mute who forgot how to talk.
    Good or Evil: Good
    Power: Levitation and healing of self and allies
    Weapon: Blue sythe
    Bio: He is trying to stop Organization X.

    Name: Kagura
    Age: 15
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: A not so serious girl. She usually listens to music than talk to people.
    Good or Evil: Good
    Power: She is extremely fast
    Weapon: Whip and her strong fists :D
    Bio: Kagura is an orphan who left the orphanage hoping she could undestand what life is about. Instead, she became a girl roaming around the streets, who barely sleeps. This happened at the age of 13
    Username: Emika

    Name: Seto.
    Age: 15.
    Appearence: A young warrior with buzzed black hair. Has a scar over his forehead. Wears black clothing.
    Personality: A calm and collected warrior.
    Good or Evil: Good.
    Power: Lightning
    Weapon: A battle damaged sword.
    Bio: Seto is a warrior who fights for a mysterious reason. No one knows his motive. But he will always protect the good and innocent.
    Username: GREE06.

    Name: Mai
    Age: 20
    Personality: Sadistic and loves torturing people
    Good or Evil: Evil
    Power: She can create pain in others.
    Weapon: Shuriken
    Bio: She is trying to inflict pain, no matter what

    Name:Lord Kratos
    Appearence:[​IMG]He has a sun sign in his forehead.
    Personality:Bad tmper, and he does not allow failure.
    Good or Evil:Evil
    Power: ?????
    Bio:A weapon creator....he is rumored to be on Org. X side.

    Personality:Prefers to kill his enemies with his bare hands, A total maniac
    Good or Evil:Evil
    Power:Ability to summon dark spirits
    Weapon:Claws of Destruction
    Bio:He works for the Chaos Empire....He hungers fur blood......

    Name: Devil Matt
    Good or Evil?:Evil
    Bio:Matt's Dark essence.....he is a monster that wants everything to dissappear...he seeks the destruction of humanity...

    Name: Marku
    Age: ????
    Personality: ????
    Good or Evil: ????
    Power: Possesion and influance. Absorbs other peoples powers, leaving them with none.
    Weapon: Broad sword
    Bio: Will be explained through the story. He is Miku's older Brother.
    Username: Riku1186
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  11. lexamus
    I was looking through square-enix website and I found this....
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  12. lexamus
    Lexamus' RPG Battle Arena!!!!

    This is the Ultimate RPG Battle Arena!!!!!

    2,4,or 6 people fight!!!!
    U have these options:
    Attack: Attack- -20 HP
    Magic: Fire- -40 HP
    Blizzard- -40 HP
    Thunder- -40 HP
    Cure- +100 HP
    Protect- The selected is protected of 1 attack
    Items: Potion- +40 HP
    Ether- +40 MP
    Pheonix Down- A partner is revived
    Limit: U can choose the name of Ur limit- -200 HP

    Rules: -I control lvling up and stuff
    -Everyone starts with 300 HP 200Mp 23 Speed and Limit Bar 0
    -U can only limit if U wait for 7 turns and If MP is at least 100
    -Each magic attack drains 10 MP
    -Limits drain all MP....
    -U also have to include pictures during Ur battles to show what attacks Ur using....
    -when Ur Battling U must show Ur current stats like this...
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  13. lexamus


    Does anybody know where I can update javascript or something?

    because when I play runescape in HD everything goes slooooooooooowwwwww.......
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  14. lexamus
    Story:Samuel,Matt and 8 other scientists planned in building the ENIGMA program. It would evolve science into the next level. Unfortunately the program fused with a virus creating a special program called.......ENIGMA CORRUPTION.....Or ENIGMA for short. The lab exploded and 6 scientists died. Soon, ENIGMA took control of every computer. Nuclear bombs detonated , airplanes crashed, and machines turned Bad. General Samuel and his troops have freed U from a computer controlled Prison. Join Samuel and the rebellion to stop this war and to save the future.......Ur future!!!!!!

    -Keep everything PG-13
    -no magical swords or anything (lightsabers are acceptable)
    -moderate cuzzing...If I think its strong I'll have to tell U to edit
    -Ranks depend on when U join
    -If U join subscribe to the thread
    -There are 3 Generals, 5 seargents, and the rest are soldiers.....
    -Ur character must look future-ish


    Name: General Samuel
    Age: about 30 years old
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Calm, he gets angry easily
    Weapons: The Atomic Oblitorater
    Bio:He was 1 of the 10 scientists to create ENIGMA. ENIGMA was a project that would help humanity. After ENIGMA rebelled 6 scientists died.Samuel promised that he would destroy ENIGMA.
    Username: Lexamus

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  15. lexamus
    Hey what's up
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