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  1. sora n roxas rock
    Ok so yes its to do with kingdom Hearts but this is the back story so it cross' over with some of the story (it involves all of the kh characters)

    mini Story
    There are 6 elements that are there to protect the Keyblade Barers. This is the first time in the history of the 6 elements that all 6 of them are around at the same time.

    The 6 elemtents

    Age: 16
    Sibling: Riku (Twin sister)
    Power: Darkness
    Element power: power over hearts
    Element: Heart
    Weapon: Claymore (that is black with a heart shape on it and spikes)
    Connection to (key barer/connected to key barer): Riku

    Age: 16
    Sibling: Sora
    Power: Key blade
    Element Power: power over peoples light (is able to make someone Dark turn to Light)
    Element: Star
    Weapon: 4 lances (different to Xaldin’s)
    Connection to (key barer/connected to key barer): Sora

    Age: 15
    Sibling: Kairi (Twin brother)
    Power: magic
    Element Power: Memories of the other 6 Elements
    Element: Moon
    Weapon: 8 Shuriken (the small ones)
    Connection to (key barer/connected to key barer): Kairi

    Age: 15
    Sibling: Zexion
    Power: Illusion and Blue Fire
    Element Power: Sorrow (Sees into people’s sad times and makes them reply it)
    Element: Raindrop
    Weapon: A Chackram and 4 Kunai
    Connection to (key barer/connected to key barer): Roxas

    Age: 16
    Sibling: Demyx
    Power: Water and Red Water
    Element Power: Fear (Sees into people’s worst times (that scared them) and makes them reply it)
    Element: Thunderbolt
    Weapon: A water type looking Scythe
    Connection to (key barer/connected to key barer): King Mickey

    Age: 15
    Sibling: Larxene
    Power: Electricity
    Element Power: Love (can change who a person loves and cares about)
    Element: Cloud
    Weapon: 2 Katana
    Connection to (key barer/connected to key barer): Naminé


    3 Characters each


    Relitive (optional):

    Rikka: Sora n roxas rock
    Apperence: [​IMG]


    Apperence: [​IMG]

    Kayleigh: Sora n roxas rock
    Apperence: [​IMG]



    Original Kingdom Hearts Characters
    Kairi: Sora n Roxas rock

    Zexion: SoraNRikuNKairi
    Axel: Overload
    Demyx: SoraNRikuNKairi

    Cloud: King Of Darkness
    Sephiroth: King Of Darkness

    Name: Xert
    Age: 30
    Apperance: where a black orgaization robe has brown hair and grey eyes
    Power: magic and some powers over the mind
    Relitive (optional): none
    Weapon: he pulls them from portals
    Bio: he's stayed in the shadows waiting for the right time and has now has come to light ruleing over the nobodies and his own somebody solders
    Other: The armor on his Somebody solgers is an namo bot based armor which forms around them. The armor helment has a small computer that can help in battle. at the lower arms has chainsaw like blades for combat and climeing. room for two two handed wepons on the back. and four one handed wepons on the front and uper leg. the wrist has options from flam thrower, grapling hook, shoot gun burst or a flare. and at the lower legs anouther set of chainsaw like blades.

    Name: Colexin
    Age: 17
    Power: Can Create Time Vortex's, Invisible Walls, And Can See Things That Will Happen In The Future, As Well As Able To See Anywhere She Likes, Making It Easier For Her To See Where Anyone Is, Aswell As Know Who Is Winning Certain Battles.
    Relitive: She Is Dating Zexion (That Allowed?), and Is Demyx's Second Cousin.
    Weapon: Soul Of Ice. It's A Specially Designed Weapon, and Looks Like The Part Of Marluxia's Scythe That Joins The Scythe to The Stick It's on....>.<
    Bio: She can be kind when she wants to be, and can feel through her soul. Not having a heart takes its toll, so when she gets angry, there is no stopping her, for her mind takes over and she can't listen to her soul's conciense.
    Other: She also control's Water and Illusion with an Amulet Given to her by Demyx&Zexion.

    Name: Xeol
    Age: 17
    gender: male
    Apperance: wears an organization hood,has green eyes,has brown hair the front is cut to the eye brows and the back length is medium and the sides thats by the ears stops at his coller bone. He wears a dog tag thats engraved with his somebody name and love ufrom his girlfriend before he lost his heart
    power: he is able to create and controll fog
    Relitive: may be related to larxene and may be the cousine of Luxord
    Bio: he is nice and he loves to play tricks on people when he feels like it. He likes to tell jokes. He likes to make bets on things. Also he gets emo when he thinks about the words thats on his dog tag that says i love u with the intials J.S
    weapon: foged memories, Its a silver dager that is very sharp that he recieved when he became a nobody
    other: likes to mess around in vexens lab

    Name: Arixia
    Age: 15
    Apperance: girl pink hair/animewallpaper18.jpg [big pic ._.]
    Power: Earth - most especially thorns and vines and a bit of songtress/ dark dancer magics
    Relitive (optional): apparentally she is Marluxia's younger sister [O_o] and was also discovered as the cousin of Zexion and somehow relative of Larxene
    Weapon: A mic she uses that extends as an electrical wip
    Bio: She doesn't remember anything from her past except that her true self was a songtress/dark dnacer [like Yuna in that form of hers] She doesn't really enjoy being with her older brother and likes being with Zexion as a cousin. She's playful and won't stand still for a dull moment. Rather active for a nobody, she enjoys battles and tricks. But she's still young and can't really handle stuff sometimes.
    Other: she doesn't like wearing the organization cloak, she finds it unconfortable.

    Avatar URL;

    Nobody URL;

    Name: Brexen
    <Organisation 13 Name> the Eternal Nothingness
    Being: Nobody
    <Organisation 13 Rank> 0
    <Controller of> Swades (Nobody, see image.)

    Weapon:Power of Chaos Keyblade
    <Keychain Yes/No> Yes (It's worn around his neck)

    Element:Chaos (Light, Darkness & Nothingness Combined)

    Quick Bio:
    First Nobody in Existance,
    Member of the Chasers
    True Leader of Organisation 13
    Keyblade Master
    Leader/Founder of Outsiders 'known as Beings of Chaos'.

    Name: rexejon
    Age: 16
    Apperance: [​IMG]
    Power: lava, fire, earth
    Relitive (optional): axel's little brother
    Weapon: doule katana's
    Bio: when seprated with his older brother he was trained by ninja's and samurai's, he also was trained by different predators and learned by himself how to use his powers
    Other: he is a little bit different then axel, he is more serious then axel

    Hiya may I join please?

    Name: Lynix
    Age: 17
    Apperance: [​IMG]
    Power: Ice
    Relitive (optional): She is related to Aerith
    Weapon: She doesnt use one instead she turns her hands into huge ice claws
    Bio: She lives on the streets since she belives her sister is dead and hasent even seen her so she dosent know what she look's like but know's she has one.
    Other: She's afraid of fire and being with in a group of people for so long.

    any other caracter you want adding just ask
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  2. sora n roxas rock
    I donno Who's better Sometimes they are the same.
    Some people say Guys are better then Girls
    Some people Say girls are better then Guys
    And some people say they are the same?
    Whats your oppinion?
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    Free Collars

    Sorry but this thread is closed as no one is talking on it
    I'm really bored.This is an Rp about a Manga I've resntly read called Free Collars Kingdom (a group of abandond cats that have a mark around their neck where their collars used to be) and they are humanoid cats to them but to humans look like cats. In the rp there are more Gang's of free collars who have to look after their territory from the big cat gang called Skull cats.

    Any character is aloud in from any anime/manga


    * PG 13 Romance and Violance
    * No power play
    * Up to 3 characters
    * No killing without permission of the character
    * Have fun ^^

    Played by:
    Breed (not really needed):
    Pic (human form):
    Pic (Cat form optinal):


    Played by: Sora N Roxas Rock
    Name/Nickname: Ocean
    Age: 21
    Breed (not really needed): Marine Coon Cat
    Pic (human form + cat form): [​IMG]
    Bio: She's lived on the street for 2 years and has been a free collar for both of them years. Her owner was Kairi but she ran away as Kairi went missing for a while and Kairi's parents did not like Ocean.
    Weapon/power: Elemental bows and arrows

    Played by: Sora n Roxas Rock
    Name/Nickname: Rain
    Age: 13
    Breed (not really needed): tabby
    Pic :[​IMG]
    Bio: he has always been a stry cat. he only became part of the free collars for a month. he keeps his past a secret.
    Weapon/power: Fire Kauni

    Played by:246walkalone
    real name: abby nickname:tator tot (because in cat form she has fur color like a tator tot)
    Age: 17
    Breed (not really needed): i don't know
    Pic (human form): [​IMG]
    Bio: she has been in the streets for only 2 months and she is very scared and she is almost to the point of starving until she finds a dumpster and eats out of it
    Weapon: two guns
    Other:nothing really

    Played by:axelforever
    Age:16(cat years) 21(human years)
    Breed (not really needed): Chartreux
    Pic (human form):[​IMG]
    Bio:Moon used to be Riku's pet but after he vanished she ran away soon met the free collars, still wears her collar for Moon is not entirely sure about truly joining the free collars
    Weapon/power: dimand infused quater staff

    Breed (not really needed):demon fox/dog/pokemon
    Pic (human form): [​IMG]
    Bio:was asleep in a cepter owned by his master sir aron, who sealed him away in the cepter so he could save the kingdom.he was freed by ash, and saved the kingdom again himself, and was sent here for his good deeds.
    Other:get in my way and ill bite you...or something
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    Well I was bored and I thaught of this so I'll tell yah what it's about (Im not really that good at making starting storys sorry)

    It's Christmas in the World that never was (as the title says XD) and most of the orginization can't wait XD

    Other KH Characters can be in just ask and i'll add them =D (don't have to be form kh)

    aelita from code lyko- naminestwinsister


    Zexion- Flamedancer
    Axel- Last of the Organization
    Demyx- hitna3510
    Larxene- lanihead7
    Roxas- sora is cute

    Kairi- lanihead7
    Namine- lanihead7
    Sora- sora is cute

    (There is a maximum of 3 characters)

    Played by:
    No: (if your part of org 13)


    Played by: sora n roxas rock
    Name: Rixa
    Age: 16
    Apperance: [​IMG]
    Power: Heart
    Weapon: Dark and light heartblade
    Bio: Riku's twin sister, she got kidnaped by malificent when she was little and then Zexion found her wondering the nobody world (her true nobody changed into a heartless at the last second some how) so she became the 14th member
    No (if your part of org 13): No 14
    Side: Dark and Light (like Riku)

    Played by: Sora n roxas rock
    Name: Zexa
    Age: 15
    Apperance: Zexa
    Power: Mind
    Weapon: None
    Bio: She is Ienzo's little sisters nobody
    No (if your part of org 13): No 15

    Played by: overload
    Name: rexejon
    Age: 16
    Apperance: black hair black clothes red eyes
    Power: darkness
    Weapon: katana's
    Bio: a nobody who doesn't know why he joined the orginazation
    Other: he is a troublesome boy
    No: 16
    Side: he doesn't know

    Played by: Luna561
    Name: Alex
    Age: 16
    Power: Darkness
    Weapon: book
    Bio: He's cold dark.
    Other: He is Zexion's son
    No: 17
    Side: dark and a little light

    Played by: amberdslovick
    Name: Bexmar
    Age: 19
    Power: Telekenisis
    Weapon: Flags
    Bio: A little hyper sometimes, but as long as she doesn't get too much sugar, she's fine. Doesn't like to fight, but when nessecary, she can kick butt.
    No: 18
    Side: Not dark, but she's not goody goody light person either

    Name: Sharix
    Age: 15
    Apperance: [​IMG]
    Power: darkness
    Weapon: 2 long swords
    Bio: Saix's daughter
    Other: she loves to draw and read books
    No: 18
    Side: dark and sometimes light

    Played by: darkheart418
    Name: Kikimori
    Age: unknown
    Apperance: [​IMG]
    Power: light beams and can change battle feilds
    Weapon: her magic staff and stuffed bunny (for changing battle fields)
    Bio: she is very playful, but can be quite naughty
    Other: -
    No: 20
    Side: dark

    Name: Dexen
    Age: 11
    Apperance: Blond hair, brown eyes, white skin
    Power: Water/Ice
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow
    Bio: Nobody with no clue to her past.
    Other: She likes Roxas, and is a double agent at times
    No: 15
    Side: Good
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  5. sora n roxas rock
    well just a random Orginization RPG do what ever you want.



    Larxene- sora and roxas rock
    Axel- Roxma (??)
    Roxas- SORA! (??)
    Demyx- Catch the Rain (??)
    Zexion- Nymph of Destiny (??)
    Xemnas- tummer73
    Saix- hitna3510
    Xigbar- funny3510
    Lexaeus- guadoslayer (??)

    If you want a Original Character addin just ask just post to join



    Age: 15
    Appearance: brown layer hair and bleuygreen eyes
    Discription: she lost her family at 5 years old, born a fighter, loves to draw and she is usually shy
    Power: darkness
    Weapon: 2 long swords

    Discription:She is very freindly but boys think she is so cute they hit on her,she uses that to her advantage cuase the boys like her in a mini skirt,shes very smart though,she loves gir and paupu fruit things.
    Power:light,and agilty,and super jump,and some others
    Weapon:a bow and arrow and fenir
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  6. sora n roxas rock

    KH play zone

    so really all you do is ask me what character you wants 2 be out of KH 1 n KH2 including FF characters and talk mess around anything you want 2 do.


    NO RULES!!!!!!!

    and thats the only rule.

    Members / Characters

    Sora- SORA!
    Roxas- sora n roxas rock
    Riku- ShadowofRiku
    Kairi- darkheart418
    Namine- he's-got-a-heart
    Olette- SORA!
    King micky-
    otha disney characters (tell me if you want one adding
    because there are too many)
    Zexion- riku sora kairi own
    Saix- Black Phenix
    Axel- guadoslayer
    Demyx- sora and roxas rock
    Marluxia- Nexit@h XIV
    Larxene- Nymph of Destiny
    Aerith- Catch The Rain
    Cid- swordser2
    Cloud- Mighty-Matt91
    Rikku- sora and roxas rock
    Yuna- Yuffie 4eva
    Sephiroth- darkelven123
    Yuffie- swordser2
    Vincent- Roxma

    any other FF characters that you want added just ask and i'll add them.

    so hope you have fun doin what ever :).
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