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    I dare you

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    At my school the head mistress says we're enviromentally friendly...We recycle, THEY HIRE PEOPLE TO CUT DOWN TREES, they encourage us to put littr in the bin, THEY REPLACE GRASS WITH ASTRO-TURF!

    So thats how "Enviromentally friendly" my school is
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    Okay so the story is that the organization regenerated and ended up in the world of nickelodeon which opeed up a pathway for Sora and everyone to use. They visit the place but all end up in different place...As did the organization.

    -No god-modding
    -no cussing(Do you really think spongebob would swear?)
    -Try to act in character.
    -No romancefor nick characters unless they're already meant to be in love.
    -PG:13 romance
    -No violence
    -No killing off organization members WITOUT the owner of the characters permission
    -Three characters max.


    Spongebob Squarepants - Day~Dream
    Patrick Star - timexhasxgone
    Mr. Krabbs - Mr. Krabbs
    Squidward Tentracles -timexhasxgone
    Sandy Cheeks - timexhasxgone
    Mrs. Puff -
    Sheldon Plankton -
    Karren(Planktons computer wife) -
    (KH character) -
    (organization member) - Demyx - Day~Dream

    Ned Bigby -
    Simon Cook (Cookie) -
    Jennifer Mozely (Moze) -
    Gordy - robert the yogurt
    Vice principle krubbs -
    Seth -
    Suzy Crabgrass -
    Evelyn -
    Sweeny -
    Lisa Zemo -
    Coconut head -
    Martin Querly -
    (KH character) -
    (Organization member) -

    Timmy turner - SoraNRikuNKairi
    Mum -
    Dad -
    Vicky - Day~Dream
    Cosmo - robert the yogurt
    Wanda - SoraNRikuNKairi
    Mama cosma -
    Jorgon -
    Anti Cosmo -
    Anti Wanda -
    Chester -
    A.J. -
    (Organization member) - Zexion (Random civilian) - SoraNRikuNKairi

    If I've mssed any T.v. shows or characters that you would like please tell me and I'll add 'em.
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    My story

    Chapter 1 - The begining​

    "Okay" I said to myself looking in the mirror. Eyes - Both light brown mixed with green. Hair - Brown as always. School uniform - New and good looking. Honey - Looks fine and is just a human. I ate breakfast but still had too much time, so, I tidied the already spotless house. After a while there was nothing I could do so I left and took a walk in the forest. It was a nice sunny day for it. "I'm perfectly normal, I just moved to a normal town with normal people and a normal school." That's what I'd liked to have said and it was a few short hours of freedom. I saw her after about 10 minutes of walking in the forest. She was a blur then she stopped and stared for a few seonds, then, was just a blur again. She was beautiful, no, not beautiful...Perfect fit more nicely. The next day I went to the same spot again and wandered around for a few hours looking for her when I realized I had ten minutes left 'till school. "What the duck?!" I screamed at some invisible person. I ran as fast as I could before I saw her again on a swing.
    "I think you should skip today" She said "I have superb hearing and a couple of boys are waiting for you. Something about flushing your head down a toilet, if I remember rightly." She said in a very musical voice. A little high pitched but still, music to my ears. I sighed then I was confused
    "Sorry but...Do I know you?" I asked nervously. She just swang higher and higher and jumped off at the highest point reachable (Just before the swing went of the bar) I just stood open mouthed. She cussed then murmered about pretending it didn't happen "No you don't Honey. I'm Alice. now you do." She giggled to herself "But why are you calling me Honey you don't even know -" She put a finger to my lips so quickly I didn't see it happen. "I didn't mean it the way that girls say it to everyone they know. I eant you name. Honey...Honey Dracula. People wander around with garlic to annoy you." Alice Stated. "But of course thats just myth. A real vampire wouldn't be affected by garlic or crucifix's they just pretended to do so to make people leave them alone. Turning into bat's though...God knows who started that about us." Alice rambled on
    "Us?" I asked. Alice cussed again "Now you have to come home with me or I have to drink your blood. Your lucky I love you." She said
    "Super...I only meant don't you mean them not us but now I get to stay in vampire-ville" I said.
    "Yay! Your coming with me!" She danced around for a while and then picked me up and ran...Very fast. And before I knew it I was outside an extremely white mansion. I read the sign out loud "Fox residence."
    "Oh thats my parents names...They aren't my birth parents. I never did remember my last name." Alice thought for a minute.
    "Listen Alice! Right now I'm not sure weather I'd prefer death to living under the same roof as you. I do not feel like dressing up doll's and drinking blood!" I shouted at her. Her bottom lip started quivering. "I was going to give you whatever you wanted food-wise and my parents have plenty of money to get you whatever entertainment you desire! And-and-and...." She ran inside to cry her heart out.
    "Me and my big mouth" I muttered and walked inside. The walls were white, the floor was white, he furniture was white, alot of decorations were white. "My favourite colour" I murmered and started searching for Alice. I finally saw her in the last room I checked. She was crying in the corner. I began to sneak up on her in hop of cheering her up. "Go away...I smell your blood I know your there." Alice murmered through her tears.
    "Oh come on. You make a slip and give me the option of dying or staying in your house forever. How were you expecting me to react?" I asked walking closer.
    "I won't be killing you mum and dad will probably kill me for letting the secret out and then kill you." She mumbled "Just run away and they might not bother tracking you down." I stepped closer and when I was in range.
    "Just one thing I want to know before I make any decisions." I grinned. "Do vampires get ticklish?" She looked at me.
    "Ooooohhhhh no" She said and for another hour the tickle monster did it's work.
    "So you'll stay?" She asked, she looked really nervous.
    "Yes I think I will...But only if you get me human food...Not essential human fluids. Unless...Your not turning me into a vampire...Are you?" I asked.
    "Done! And of course not...unless thats what you want" She said and skipped outside with a load of money hanging out of her pocket. I explored my new home while she was out. I finally knew my way perfectly. I was in a bedroom when I suddenly felt breathing on the back of my neck. Goose bumps rose and a shiver came down my spine. I turned around slowly and saw Alice taking steps towards me with a strange look in her eye. "Pay back time." She announced then pounced and pinned me to the bed. I closed my eyes not wishing it to end this way. The next second I burst out laughing. I opened my eyes to see Alice tickling me. She kept going until I fainted from lack of breath.
    I woke up some time later I felt somebody cradling me. My vision was still a blur "Hello? Who's there?"I asked. I heardd an excited sqeak and then m,y breath left my body again. "Can't...breath" I murmered. The grip instantly loosened "Sorry! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I forgot you needed to breath!"
    "Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy hey hey hey. Cool it. I'm fine now just a bit exaughsted. Its not your fault. But you do need to learn to play gentle. If you go crazy I could die." I told her this then gave her a huge hug as hard as I could. She just laughed.
    "Don't waste your energy hun. You aint sqeezing me to nothingness just yet." She laughed and set me down. Well you need more rest as do I. And yes vampires sleep...Just not in coffins. Tomorrows a new day. Good night!" She said and sung a few lullabys ignoring my protests then ended up singing herself to sleep. I sighed and allowed myself some sleep. "A new day" I murmered.
    I woke up the next day only to find myself confused. "Where am I again?" I asked myself and heard a snore from the corner of the room. I looked and saw a girl. "Alice." I murmered. I got up and decided to see if she had brought some food yet. Yes. I found a bowl, some coco pops and some milk. I sat at the table and ate quickly. I was now eager to do something more. "I know I'll go for a walk...Except of course I'm not aloud outside the house. I paced outside the front door for a while and pondered what to do. The front door started to open. Since Alice was asleep still I ran into a cupboard and closed the door but only so much that I could still see. Two very pale people walked in. They looked very pretty apart from what they were wearing... Blood stained clothes...And they were laughing. My heart started racing. I felt dizzy they were pretty. Both had black hair and a kind of gold coloured eyes. The woman sniffed at something
    "Do you smell that dear?" She asked the man. The man sniffed aswell
    "Why yes it appears dear old Alice left us a snack." The man sniffed and using his nose made his way towards the kitchen then back out. "I'd assume the snack's in here." The man announced opening the door revealing me.
    "Wait! Alice brought me here! She said I was lucky she loved me or she'd have to suck my blood. I SWEAR she was worried when I fainted she apparently never left my side." I explained.
    "Oh really?" The woman said "ALICE!" She shouted.
    "Alice is sleeping. I'll take you to her." I said and ran to the room in which we had slept. The man and the woman stepped in right behind me. The woman looked like she was getting ready to shout again. I put my hand over her mouth. "Its not polite to wake somebody like that" I murmered and walked over to Alice and shook her gently and and whispered her name. She slowly opened her eyes. slowly "Hey Honey" She muttered
    "Um Alice I was trying to let you sleep but a man and a woman seem to think you invited me here as a snack." I explained to her. He was out of the chair so quickly I didn't see it again. She was standing between me and her parents. "What were you saying about treating the residents of this house with respect?" she asked then surprised me by kissing me. "I love Honey and I beleive you two know what happens when a vampire falls in love?" Alice asked
    "Th-they love them for eternity and not even the strongest power can break that?" The woman said nervously.
    "That's right. Remember Honey is here because I love him not because I thought you'd be hungry after a week long hunting trip." Alice said and gave an additional snarl and left the room. The man and woman stood perfectly still for a few minutes then advanced upon me...Again.
    "I'm sorry Honey but...Our hunting trip didn't go so well...I just hope that we survive after this" The man sighed.
    "Ahah!" Alice re-entered grinning. "I knew you two would do this. I don't hurt people as you know...But I can't let my own parents eat my boyfriend sooooooo...I'm afraid either you two go to the holiday island or we will." Alice said.
    "Fair fair enough...Pack your bags hun. You may come back when he's either dead, a vampire or unless we say otherwise." The woman said as Alice turned "Oh and Alice...We'd prefer it if we didn't wait a hundred or so years." Alice just muttered something inaudible under her breath and left the room and reurned with two suitcases. "The clothes for us and your food." She explained and turned a computer on. She searched some websites and finally found a cheap boat and brought it.
    The next day the boat arrived. "It might be a long trip hunny" Alice said and made the finishing touches to the boat to make it transportable. I just yawned and got in the car
    "Maybe I'll sleep through the car trip and find something to keep me entertained on the boat."
    "Not happening...Vampire or not roing is a two man job" She grinned.
    "I love rowing" I said to make her happy. I'd tried it before and hated it. But if Alice cried again her parents may use it to their advantage. She got in and started driving. The trip was just begining.

    I'm not totally DONE with this chapter but I just want to know what you guys think so far. I wanna know what could use editing.
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    1. What do you call a Chav in a box?

    2. What do you call a Chav in a filing cabinet?

    3. What do you call a Chav in a box with a lock on it?

    4. What do you call an Eskimo Chav?

    5. Why are Chavs like slinkies?
    They have no real use but it's great to watch one fall down a flight of

    6. What do you call a Chavette in a white tracksuit?
    The bride.

    7. You're in your car and you see a Chav on a bike, why should you try
    not to hit him?
    It might be your bike.

    8. What's the difference between a Chav and a coconut?
    One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut.

    9. What's the first question at a Chav quiz night?
    What you lookin' at?"

    10. How do you get 100 Chavs into a phone box?
    Paint three stripes on it.

    11. Two Chavs in a car without any music. Who's driving?
    The police

    12. What do you call a chav with 9 GCSE's?
    A liar.

    13. What do you say to a chav with a job?
    Can I have a big mac please

    14. What do you say to a chav in a suit?
    Will the defendant please stand

    15. What do u call a knife in chav-ville?
    Exhibit A

    16. Why is 3 chavs going over a cliff in a Nova a shame?
    A Nova seats 4

    17. What do you call a 30 year old chavette?

    18. How many chavs does it take to change a lightbulb?
    One, they'll screw anything.

    19. What do you call 100 chavs at the bottom of a river?
    A start.

    20. How many chavs does it take to clean a floor?
    None, "That's some uvver bleeders job innit."

    21. Why did the chav take a shower?
    He didn't mean to, he just forgot to close the Nova's window in the carwash

    22. Why did the Chav cross the road?
    To start a fight with a random stranger for no reason whatsoever.

    23. What do you call a Chav at college?
    The cleaner.

    24. A bus full of Chavs were driving through Wales. As they were approaching Llanfgogogferrinfourasoch they started arguing about the pronunciation of the town's name. They argued back and forth until they stopped for lunch. As they stood at the counter, one Chav asked the blonde employee, "Before we order,
    could you settle an argument for us?
    Would you please pronounce where we are... very slowly?"
    The blonde girl leaned over the counter and said,

    25. Two chavs jump off beachy head, who wins?

    ADDITIONAL! 26. What do you call a fat chav in a box?
    Innit just.
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    The organization had a plan to gather more hearts(The events of KH2 and COM never happened.) They had a built a room even THEY couldn't get out of. All they had to do was test and make sure the door was only openable from outside. The organization left the door open and walked inside and they all attacked the walls and then Demyx wandered if the door was breakable so he made a water clone attack the door. The clone shut the door and the organization were trapped inside no way out as Xemnas had the keys but the lock was on the other side Naminé was there to make sure that she didn't escape. Sora however had discovered a new world in his gummi ship he had Donald, Goofy, Riku and the king with him. Suddenly they started shining and they found themselves in the world that never was. They fought their way through all the heartless and nobody looking for an escape rout. They saw a door and heard muffled voices talking. They took that as trapped people so Sora used his keyblade to open the door and they stepped inside. This made the organization jump in surprise then the surprise was replaced with horror as the door shut behind Sora and the others. All the keybearers tryed to open the door at once and instead they just got knocked flying by an unseen force and kocked against the wall "Great we're trapped with the bad guys!" Sora pointed out noticing what had happened. and with a final bright flash in the room Kairi was on the floor unconcious. But nobody knew about a final adjustment made by Xigbar. The room would change every now and then. One day it may be huge the next the size of a closet or maybe sometimes food would appear...The only thing that wasn't added to the change thing was an exit.

    Sora: nobodynerd100
    Demyx: robert the yogurt (Me XD)
    Vexen: nobodynerd100

    Romance PG 13
    Violence PG 13
    If you must Cuss use *'s
    No godmodding
    No death without a)The owner of the characters permission b) My permission
    PM me to join.
    When asking to join please say poppy toodles. Just so I know you've read the rules.

    We start when we get Sora, Riku and Kairi.
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    Okay this is a fun game where you say something then the next person says the first thing that comes to mind and the person after says what comes to their mind after reading the post above...Okay so I'll start.

    Chocolate milk!
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    [link removed] This my website...I maded it myself. If anybodys interested in joining please do. The main point of it is for fun!
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    I won

    Hey everybody I won a copetition called the big green poetry machine! MY poem will get published in a book called A world of difference - Verses from South West England. This is the poem.

    What we are doing?
    Green grass, thousands of trees.
    This is what our enviroment used to be.
    But look at what it has become.
    From green grass to sewage.
    From thousands of trees to cold stone buildings.
    From a powerful sheild called the ozone layer to melting ice caps.
    From millions of whales to an endangered species.
    Animals magically turn from friends to food.
    From sunshine to rainy days.
    From clean to toxic air.
    Green grass, thousands of trees.
    This is what our enviroment used to be.
    But look at what it has become.
    We are destroying it.
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    Hey everyone has anyone noticed that on one of the gambler nobodys cards there is a PHOTO of some guy? Does anybody know WHO he is?
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    Questions in the title if it IS possible can somebody make one from 0:25 to 0:30 of this vid
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    Guess what I just read on the news!

    Baby And Child Stabbed To Death
    A 21-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a three-month-old baby and a three-year-old child were stabbed to death

    (Click here for full sotry)
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    size: About the size of the sig I have now
    text:Believe and you can win.
    sub-text:robert is a yogurt
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    Sora, Riku and Kairi had just got back to their island after defeating Xemnas but they found the bottle with the kings note. There is a bright light and Sora finds himself in a huge room with himself in his old clothes and Donald and Goofy, talking to an organization member. Then he say another Sora in his old clothes watching "Where...Are we?" Sora asked Riku and Kairi "In the past"Riku answered. And noticed the rest of organization were there and they were looking at Sora "What is this?" Xemnas shouted. "It wasn't our fault. We're just as confused as you." Sora said. The organization member talking to the old Sora turned and gasped "Oh! Your superiorness what are you doing here?" He asked and gave the Sora he was talking to the traverse town card and warped away to warn the others. The kh2 Sora sighed "We can't take on all of them AND more!

    Replica Riku-
    Demyx-robert the yogurt
    Jack Sparrow-
    Jack Skellington-

    If there is ANYBODY there you wan to be but isn't on the list let me know

    1-No god-modding/power playing
    2-Romance is fine but keep it to PG 13 please
    3-PM me if you want to join
    4-When you request to join please write "I lost the game"
    5-Have fun
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    Hey everyone I know I post a load of advice wherever I can but I was wandering...Could anybody help me? I get bullyed loads at school but its gone from punches and kicks then, next thing I know...People are trying to murder me but all of the 4 times something or other has either happened to them or to me to keep me alive. I am getting sick and I don't really have much interest in dying...Oh and sticking up for myself and telling people is ruled out. The people I have told have done nothing. And everytime I try to stick up for myself it just gets them annoyed and more likely to kill me I don't know what to do...Help me...Please?
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    Half hearted

    This is 5 AFTER, the events of kh2. Sora and Kairi are 20. The organization is DEAD! Dead awesom that is, they find a way out from the realm of the destroyed and let all the darkness and nothingness out. Now they are stronger than ever. Sora and Kairi had had kids that were born just before the organization escaped 2 years ago and the heartless attacked and tried to steal the babys hearts but they're light from the keyblade and being the son and daughter of the princess of hearts they drove the darkness away just by being there. But the heartless managed to take half of their hearts so the kids each had half a heart. They now look like half humans but half anti form. NOW we are 8 years after the events of kh2(The kids are now 5) And Sora and Riku and the other denizens of light have made a deal with the organization. In order to make the kids hearts whole again kingdom hearts must be completed. So Sora agreed with the organization that if they promised to make the kids whole they would help kingdom hearts be complete. So now Sora is training the children to destroy heartless! But will their heartless side teach them to destroy the denizens of light?

    1.No powereplaying/Godmodding
    2.No killing without permission from the target you planning on killing and permission from me
    3.Please only join if your planning on stayiong with it
    4.Only two characters each to avoid complication maybe three characters if your DESPERATE to use three.
    5.PLease enjoy the rp.

    Isaac(The male of Sora's kids)-robert the yogurt
    ???????(The female of Sora's kids Please name her)-

    I have only listed the people we need to start the rp you can be ANYONE from kh or kh2. Even the bad guys cuz the organization released them.
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    This is the first rp I've made so please be nice. Um OK so the story goes like this. There are a group of aliens that go down to earth in their little spaceship. The problem is they are small but big enough to be noticed like small dogs except they looked cute and a little girl found them and took them home. They tried using their advanced weaponry but it so small ythey couldn't even scratch her. The little girl took them into her house then started talking about taking care of them. One of them said thanks and the little girl just shouted "YOU CAN TALK?!" So they said yes and they were shown to her brother and mother (She doesn't have a dad) She was allowed to keep them but knowing they were aliensthey had to be watched closely but the little girl and her brother had to go to school and her mother worked during the day. But the aliens are hiding something they have plans to take over earth. But they're laying low merely because they are enjoying the hospitality of the little girl and her family offer. They even start to think about giving up on world domination until their boss was ordered to see what was taking so long...Will he be as relaxed the sergeant and his crew about world domination? I don't know He won't be my character! But he does have a crush on the little girl. The giurl also showed her friends the aliens.

    Okay we need rules right? Okay here they are.

    1.No godmodding or powerplaying.
    2.PG.13 romance
    3.No swearing. If you really must * it
    4.Don't add to much gore to desriptions blood i'm fine with but it'll probably be annoying if you add the guts in so...Please don't
    5.Only a maximum of three characters each.
    6Have fun and knock yourself out with your characters! (Not really)

    Characters form (Earthling):

    Do they know about the aliens?(Yes or no):
    Relation to the little girl or boy(Family, friends, aquaintances or they have no relation):

    Characters form (Aliens):

    Rank (Civilian, Private, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Corporal, liutennant or big boss):
    Speciality (Weaponry, trickery, Information gathering, ect, ect.):

    Little girl:
    Little girls brother:
    Little girls mother:
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little girls friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Little boys friend(One of 10):
    Alien(Big boss)The only one:
    Alien(Corporal)One of two
    Alien(Corporal)One of two
    Alien(First sergeant):The only one:
    Alien(Sergeant)The only one)
    Alien(Private) One of 6:
    Alien(Private) One of 6:
    Alien(Private) One of 6:
    Rank (Civilian, Private, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Corporal, liutennant or big boss):Private
    Speciality (Weaponry, trickery, Information gathering, ect, ect.):Serving the sergeant
    Alien(Private) One of 6:
    Alien(Private) One of 6:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Civillian)One of 10:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:
    Alien(Relative)One of 20:

    I promise to add the names once you've posted them I am giving you freedom to choose your names! EDIT: If you want to join and its past page 1 pm me your forms please
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    Hey i'm new

    Hello people of kh-vids! I'm new so at the moment i'm just pressing things and exploring. It would be nice to have friends, but, just as a warning...I am majorly random, and, as some people say, trampish and ******ed. Well I hope I get no enemys. And just to say what I came to say...HI GUYS!
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