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    I am leaving KH-vids forever, not comming back, seeing as I have only been on three times in the past 3 or 4 months. I have a new Role-playing site that I have joined, if anyone wants to check it out, it is Halo, so no KH in it, sorry.
    This is not goodbye, I will remember this site, and all my friends here always.
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    The Great War

    Organization XIII has been restored to life by a strange being of darkness. A new world has been formed. Organization XIII is now operating from their newly constructed 'World That Always Was'. Now they plan to get revenge on Sora and company.​

    The plan of Organization XIII was nearly complete, they had assembled a massive fleet of nobody and heartless warships, and were ready to launch a suprise attack against Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden, and Disney Castle. But something went wrong.​

    Axel betrayed them, rushing to Destiny Islands to warn the only remaining freind he had, Roxas. Now a great war is on the horizon, the forces of light have alligned themselves against the darkness, and the greatest battle since the Keyblade War is already raging.​

    1. No Goddmodding (making your character unbeatable, immortal, Ect.)​
    2. No Powerplay (killing, hurting, capturing, Ect. an other person's character without their permission. so, instead of saying: Sora stabbed Xemnas, say: Sora stabbed at Xemnas)​
    3. Use quotation marks when your character talks ("")​
    4. no **'s for actions.​
    5. don't make major plot changes without my permission​
    6. don't make your characters all-knowing (like Org. XIII is launching an attack at port royal, then you have your character rush there before there is any warning about the attack)​
    7. no using portals/corridors of darkness (you have to use gummi ships to get around)​
    8. Read all of this post​
    9. send me a PM instead of posting your OC forms here, (same goes for asking for a character from the list)​
    10. type "no godmodding" into your PM to me.​
    11. OC's can't have keyblades​
    12. don't go to any worlds that are not on my world list​
    13. I would perfer it if everyone who makes an OC form would take at least one character from the list.​
    Character List

    Sora's Group
    • Sora- Alpha Sonix​
    • Riku- Key Master Sora​
    • Kairi- Roxas81334​
    • Roxas- Hercules​
    • Namine- Me​
    • Axel- me​
    • The King​
    • Donald​
    • Goofy​
    • Leon​
    • Yuffie- Heartless Angel​
    • Aerith​
    • Cloud​
    • Sid​
    • Tifa​
    The Darkness
    • Xemnas​
    • Xigbar​
    • Xaldin​
    • Vexen​
    • Lexaeus​
    • Zexion- Luna Cat (user no longer exists, if you come back, then can you please send me a pm?)​
    • Saiix​
    • Deymx​
    • Luxord​
    • Marluxia​
    • Larxene​
    • Xion​
    • Sepiroth​
    World list

    (I will add more Worlds later, when I do, the allies from those worlds will become avaliable on the list)​

    (worlds labled 'Neutral' have no military presence on them)​

    • Destiny Islands- Controled by Sora's group
    • Radiant Garden- Controled by Sora's Group​
    • Disney Castle- Controled by Sora's group​
    • The World That Always Was- Controled by The Darkness​
    • The World That Never Was (ruins)- Controled by The Darkness​
    • The End of the World(ruins)- Controled by The Darkness​
    • Traverse Town- neutral​
    • Twilight Town- Neutral​
    • Wonderland- Neutral​
    OC form

    Main OC:

    Faction: (Sora's group or The Darkness)
    Race: (Human, Heartless, or Nobody)
    Apearence: (picture or very detailed description)
    Gummi Ship: (optional, if you want to have one)

    Special OC's:

    Task Force 16: (an elite force of specialized soldiers, none of them have any powers)
    Name: (first and last please)
    Callsign: (one word, quick and easy to say, may describe some aspect of their personality or role in the team)
    Special Weapon: (everyone carries an assault rifle, but this is a special weapon, such as a sniper rifle, that they are trained to use with extreme skill)
    Skill: (a combat-related skill that they exel in, such as sniping)
    History: (at least two sentences)

    Commando Unit 13: (an elite force of nobody soldiers, none of them have any powers)
    ID number: (most nobodies don't have names, instead, they have a four-character long ID number, with two letters, and two numbers)
    Callsign: (one word, quick and easy to say, may describe some aspect of their personality or role in the team)
    Special Weapon: (everyone carries an assault rifle, but this is a special weapon, such as a sniper rifle, that they are trained to use with extreme skill)
    Skill: (a combat-related skill that they exel in, such as sniping)

    My OC's
    Task Force 16
    Username: 9Kairi9hearts
    Name: Peter Johnson
    Callsign: Wish
    Special Weapon: Multi-rifle, (has both semi-automatic and automatic settings, and a sniper scope attatched, makes it good for a variety of situations. 30 rounds per clip)
    Skill: Ground combat, (is just overall good at ground combat, from sniping to jumping out into the middle of the fray)
    History: He and his freind, Mark 'Rapid' Conis, grew up in a small world near radiant garden. He and Mark joined up with their world's local defense force (like Traverse Town's TDU). After an attack by Heartless, Peter and Mark were the only survivors, proving that they were both lucky, and talented in combat. About a year after escaping the destruction of their world, they joined up with the space marines in the army of Radiant Garden, where they were a part of the team that went into the enemy ship with Riku and Axel.

    Task Force 16
    Username: 9Kairi9hearts
    Name: Mark Conis
    Callsign: Rapid
    Special Weapon: Energy Sword (think Halo, if you've never played halo, and still want to know, then look it up)
    Skill: Fencing and Piloting (he may not be the best with a gun, but he can best almost any opponent with a sword, and is one of the best pilots in the army)
    History: He and his freind, Peter 'Wish' Johnson, grew up in a small world near radiant garden. He and Peter joined up with their world's local defense force (like Traverse Town's TDU). After an attack by Heartless, Peter and Mark were the only survivors, proving that they were both lucky, and talented in combat. About a year after escaping the destruction of their world, they joined up with the space marines in the army of Radiant Garden, where they were a part of the team that went into the enemy ship with Riku and Axel.

    Commando Unit 13
    Username: 9Kairi9hearts
    ID number: TZ-22
    Callsign: Scope
    Special Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    Skill: Sniping

    Accepted OC's

    Username: heartless_angel​

    Name: Mya​

    Age: 17​

    Faction: (Sora's group or The Darkness) Sora's Group​

    Race: (Human, Heartless, or Nobody) Human​

    Gender: Female​

    Powers/abilities: Control over light and some low to mid level magic​

    Apearence: (picture or very detailed description)

    Bio: Was born and raised in Twilight Town and wanted to do something about the Nobody and Heartless threat. She trained herself to be a warrior of the side if light. Her parents tried stopping her, but she refused to listen to them. ​

    Weakness: Vurnerable to dark magic and skills ​

    Gummi Ship: (optional, if you want to have one) N/A​

    Other: Very cheerful person and always on the lookout for help. ​

    Note: Everyone read this please entire sheet.

    Name: Etain (The name meaning is: A fairy) another name she goes by is Ancient Fairy Dragon.

    Age: 18
    Faction: Sora's group
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Powers/abilities: Able to transform into her regular human from, Ancient Fairy Dragon, or Latias.
    Ancient Fairy Dragon form:
    Latias form:
    Apearence: Brown eyes, long brown heir, brown eyes, orange vest, blue and white striped shirt, black pants, and orange tennis shoes
    Bio: When Etain was little she received a blue-green colored orb from her parents even though she didn't know what to do with it she kept the orb. When she was eighteen she a Latias knocked at her window. Etain let the Latias inside it began opening all of the dresser doors until it found the orb. The Latias told Etain that she needed to go to the spirit world to see a monster known as Ancient Fairy Dragon. She could do this by sleeping. That night Etain did as instructed and feel asleep thinking about the spirit world. Entain and Latias met with the Fairy Dragon. Ancient Fairy Dragon and Latias explained that she was to bond with the orb as well as Ancient Fairy Dragon and Latias and so it was done. Etain became the one and only human to be able to transform into Ancient Fairy Dragon, Latias, or her regular human form.
    Weakness: Any kind of dark/shadow type related moves.
    Other: Is from New Domino City (Yugioh 5Ds), text color is orange, Etain has a twin brother named Heru (his human name), his Lati name is Spock (yes named after the Vulcan off of Star Trek, and his other name is Winged Dragon of Ra. Ra for short.

    Note: As I said above please read this entire sheet everyone because I don't want anyone to make me or themselves look like an idiot thank you for reading.

    Username: Alpha Sonix
    Name: Hunter X (Real name unknown)
    Age: 20
    Faction: The Darkness
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Powers/abilities: Dark/Light attacks combined with healing and defensive spells.
    Bio: Much is not known about his past except for the fact that he is from Radiant Garden and seems interested in the Keyblade. Being a top bounty hunter, he is assigned by Xemnas to assassinate the Keyblade Wielders by all means.
    Weakness: The power of Nothingness.
    Gummi Ship: The Dreadnought
    Other: Wields two double edged blades(Ragnarok and Excalibur).

    Name: Kradix (pronouced Krad-is)
    Faction: The darkness
    Race: Nobody
    Gender: Male
    Powers/abilities: Dark magic
    Apearence: He has shaggy black hair and dark purple eyes, he looks like he could break if you touch him, but is stronger then he lets on. His skin looks very pale (almost like a ghostly white) due to his dark hair and dark colored clothes. He normally wears a black long sleeved button up silk shirt with a dark gray tank top underneath, and wears black jeans, a black beanie, and a pair of black tennis shoes. He has a necklace with a small purple gem on it. His eyes also change colors every now and then, some times they are dark purple, sometimes they are Dark Blue and/or Royal blue. Also sometimes his eyes can be two different colors.
    Bio: He doesn't remember anything from his past life, and doesn't remeber how he became a nobody. He doesn't know where he was born at. He is very cold towards people, but sometimes he can be nice and talkitive, but is mainly a person who keeps to himself and doesn't even make a sound when he walks. He can easily sneak up on people, but chooses not to, since it isn't 'fun' to him. He likes to be left alone, and loves to tease and/or trick people. He loves to play mind games and confusing people.
    Weakness: Fire and anything to do with powers that involves light
    Gummi Ship: N/A
    Other: Doesn't say what he thinks and is very loyal and obedient, (kinda sounds like a dog huh?)

    Name: Dark Niwa
    Faction: Sora's group
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Powers/abilities: Dark magic, and can turn into a black hawk.
    Apearence: Has purple hair and eyes, his stare is piercing when he is angry or annoyed, he has pale skin that looks pale due to his hair and eyes. He usually wears a black and white striped v-cut shirt, a black jacket, a plain black baseball cap, and blue jeans. He looks weak but is strong in hand to hand combat. He carries aroung a gun in his jacket's inside pocket for protection.
    Bio: He was born on Destiny Islands and lived there for 10 years, he then moved to Traverse Town and lived there for 3 years, but moved and currently lives by himself in Twilight Town. He is interested in Heatless and Nobodies, he knows that he has a Nobody, but doesn't know what his name is and where he is. He is quiet and has a mysterious aura, and doesn't talk much about his family and past. He seems cold, since he is so quiet, but is truthfully very nice and kind hearted, and always tends to his friends needs before his. If he knows someone well enough, he'll act childish around them and will be quite talkitive. He hates showing his emotions, even when he acts childish, so he almost always has a serious facial expression.
    Weakness: Light, Fire
    Gummi Ship: N/A
    Other: Kradix is his nobody. He is also known as the rebel of his family that he ran away from, and he has quite a witty mouth and mind. Had a younger brother and two younger sisters who are twins.

    Name: Daisuke Niwa
    Age: 17
    Faction: Sora's group
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Powers/abilities: Fire, and he can turn into a hawk like his older brother but he turns into a red one.
    Apearence: He has red hair and eyes, he has slightly tan skin and is very muscular, but isn't that buff looking, but he is bigger than his older brother, but is shorter. He usually wears an orange or blue tee-shirt with blue jeans.
    Bio: He was born and lived in Destiny Islands for 15 years of his life, but two years ago, he started his hunt for his brother, and is currently in Traverse Town, looking for him. His younger sisters Risa and Rina are still back at Destiny Islands with their mother and father.
    Weakness: Water
    Gummi Ship: The Seeker
    Other: Unlike his older brother, he is horrible at hand to hand combat, and he is easily brusied.

    Name: Risa Niwa
    Age: 16
    Faction: Sora's group
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Powers/abilities: Water
    Apearence: She has long brown hair and eyes, she is slightly tan like Daisuke, and is very, pretty, she has big round eyes. She normally wears a Royal blue dress, and sometimes wears blue jeans and a purple tee shirt, and Royal blue jacket.
    Bio: She is the prissy sister, she likes fighting, but hates being dirty, which makes her siblings angry with her. She was left at Destiny Islands with her younger twin sister Rina. They both wished to go with their older brother and help him look for Dark, but was forced to stay home with their mother and father. She is very outgoing, and isn't afraid of anything, (but dirt and her older brother Dark who can be moody sometimes).
    Weakness: Hand to Hand combat and earth (you just flick dirt on her and she'll freak out)
    Gummi Ship: N/A
    Other: She is Daisuke and Dark's younger sister, and Rina's twin.

    Username: Roxas81334
    Name: Rina Niwa
    Faction: Sora's group
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Powers/abilities: Wind and Earth
    Apearence: She has shoulder length red hair, and brown eyes. She is the tomboy of the twins, and wears blue jeans, a light blue tee-shirt, and black jacket. She has slightly pale skin, but isn't even close to being as pale as Dark.
    Bio: She was born on Destiny Island, and still lives there unlike her older brothers, she is witty, but shy. She trained hand to hand combat with Dark when she was little, but when he left she trained with Daisuke and now trains with Risa. She was the closest to Dark, and when he left in the middle of the night without saying good-bye to her, she was crushed. She really wanted to go help Daisuke find him, but Daisuke also left in the middle of the night two years ago, exactly like Dark, but he left eight years ago.
    Weakness: Water, Dark magic
    Gummi Ship: N/A
    Other: She is Daisuke and Dark's younger sister, and Risa's twin
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    This thread is to ask about your favorite three spells in Kingdom Hearts 1, and why you liked them.
    (the ones you kept in your shortcut menu.)

    My favorites were:
    #1: Cure
    I liked cure because it meant that I did not have to stock up on potions, it was always on my shortcut menu, and it got a lot of use durring bosses.

    #2: Gravity
    I liked gravity because it halved an enemies HP, (unless it was a boss) I found that this spell was great for enimies that had large amounts of HP, (like large bodies, defenders, and other heartless with lots of HP) one thing that this spell isn't good for is fighting the enemies with less HP, like shadows, or soldiers.
    I never played in the coloseum without this in my shortcut menu.

    #3: Fire
    I like fire because it was a homing attack, so you could hit most enemies with it, it is perfect to fight flying enemies with, (unless they are fire-resistant) This is a good all-around spell, from bosses to blue raphsodies, this is a good spell. (either this, or thunder was normaly taking up the third spot in my shortcut menu.)
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    It has been nine years since the events of Kingdom Hearts two, Sora and Kairi are now 24 years old, Riku is 25. Sora, Riku, Kairi, and King Mickey have created a facility where expirenced Keybladers teach new Keybearers the art of using keyblades, for physical combat, magic, and other uses. It has been several years since the formation of this 'Keyblade Acadamy', and the ranks of keybladers have grown, now they have nearly 50 keyblade knights, and almost 100 learners. (along with the five masters, Sora, Riku, Kairi, and King Mickey)​

    The Acadamy is on destiny islands, built into the rocky hill/mountain that has the waterfall, and the secret place, as well as a couple buildings on the beach. There the Learners are taught about not only the uses of the keyblade, but the values of a Keyblade knight, Honor, Valor, Integrity, and Peace.​

    A new threat has risen up, a dark figure has been teaching 'easy' keyblading, completely dropping the values of a keyblade knight, and speedily showing people who dedicate themselves to him the basics of keyblading, for a price. His servants must give up their hearts if they wish to learn. This has a hidden purpose behind it, not only does it make them submissve to him, (as he can control heartless) most of them also leave behind keyblading nobodies, most of which go to this dark teacher, due to their memories of him.​

    That practice has allowed the dark master to speed up the production of his forces, he now has an army of dark keybladers, both heartless, and nobodies. The Dark Master's next goal is to destroy the keybladers of light, therefore eliminating all opposition to his powerful army.​

    1. No goddmodding​
    2. No Powerplay​
    3. Max 5 characters (if you ask me I may let you have more)​
    4. Keep romance PG-13 (this does mean no french kissing)​
    5. Read all of the rules​
    6. respect the 20 words per post rule (it can be split between OOC's and BIC's, or just one of them)​
    7. read this whole post​
    8. Play the characters like they really act (talking characters from the list here)​
    9. if you want a character from the list, PM me​
    10. please, try to be literate when you post, I'm not gonna kick you out for a little misspelling or bad grammar, but if you consistently misuse the english language, you are going to be first warned, then kicked.​
    11. No **'s for action​
    12. Use quotes("") when speaking.​
    13. No spamming, don't talk about stuff not related to the RP in this​
    14. If you read all the rules, then type the word key into your first post​
    15. Please, don't copy other people's OC characters (as in slightly changing their history, appearence, or other elements, We don't need every single OC character to be a kind hearted, brave, orphan story)​
    16. please, try not to use the colors grey or white if you are using colors to describe the actions of you characters, it makes it really hard to see for some people.​
    17. try to post at least once a week or three times a week if you have a character from the list (notify me if you can't be on for some reason)​
    18. don't everyone put their OC form in Knights, their needs to be some apprinteces too​
    19. Have fun, and remember to read all of this post​
    Character List

    The characters that are on this list can be played if you PM me. (please note that some characters will probably get far less combat And/or action than others)​

    • Sora
    • Riku​
    • Kairi- Hercules​
    • King Mickey​
    • Donald​
    • Queen Minnie ​
    • type ​
    • blade into ​
    • your ​
    • first post​
    • Goofy​
    • Roxas- Hercules​
    • Namine- ​
    • Leon​
    • Cloud Strife​
    • Yuffie- Heartless Angel​
    • Aerith​
    • Tifa Lockheart ​
    • Sepiroth- American Sepiroth​
    The Keyblade Acadamy:

    Rakings and OC forms for this Group

    The Keyblade acadamy has a distinct rankings system, here are the rankings and their descriptions:​

    (note, you can be a keybearing nobody on the Keyblade Acadamy side, just put in Other that they are, and why they went to the acadamy instead of the dark master, please, only a few people do this, or I will remove it as an option)​

    Keyblade Masters:​

    The top of the list, they have mastered all uses of the keyblade, they can only have one aprintce due to the fact that they have other duties to attend to. (no OC's in this)​

    Keyblade Knights:​

    They are the Keybladers who are no longer apprinteces, their age is usally between 17 and 26, their are four types of keyblade knights,​

    Keyblade Knights: Are generic keybladers, don't specalize in any one area of combat. ​

    Keyblade Guardians: Specialize in the way of physical combat, can weild two keyblades​

    Keyblade Magicians: Specialize in the way of magic​

    Keyblade specialists: Generic knights that master a weapon other than the keyblade​

    Keyblade Knights can have up to three aprentices that they teach the ways of the keyblade to, or they don't need one if they don't want one.​

    Keyblade Aprentices:​

    Are still learning the art of using the keyblade, generaly are between the ages of 13 and 16.​

    Keyblade Aprentices need to have a master, (usally a Keyblade Knight of some kind) (if you want to be an aprentice, you need a master, so specify who you want to be your master, or I will pick for you, (you may not get who you want, so sorry)​

    Keyblade Knight OC form:​


    Name: (first and last please)​

    Age: (17-26)​

    Gender: (male or Female)​

    Default Keyblade(s): (what keyblade you keyblade is if there is no keychain attached, Eg. Sora's kingdom key)​


    Type: (knight, guardian, Magican, or Specialist)​

    Relations: (please don't say you are related to someone else's OC without permission)​

    Spells Known: (all Knights know Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure, specify if you know a different one, like Gravity, or a spell element you can make reasonable)​

    Element Mastered: (only one element, this one the character has almost full control of, with no loss of magic, (note that extreme amounts of use will cause your character to be exhausted)​

    Appearance: (picture or very detailed description)​

    Other: (if specialist, state here)​

    Keyblade Aprentice OC Form:​


    Name: (first and last please)​

    Age: (between 13 and 16)​

    Gender: (male or female)​

    Default Keyblade: (what keyblade you keyblade is if there is no keychain attached, Eg. Sora's kingdom key)​


    Master: (the master you would like your aprentice to have, may not get who you want)​

    Relations: (please don't say you are related to someone else's OC without permission)​

    Spells Known: (basic spells only: fire, blizzard, thunder, and Cure,)​

    Appearance: (picture or very detailed description)​


    The Dark Army

    Rankings and OC forms for this group

    Dark master: There is only ever one dark master, the current one has not yet revealed it's identity. (no OC's for this, I am playing him)​

    Generals: There are only two Generals, both of them are neither heartless nor nobody, they were handpicked by the dark master to serve him in commanding his army, (one of them is Sepiroth, the other is an open OC spot)​

    Keybearing Nobodies: These nobodies are much more powerful than other nobodies, as they have the ability to use the keyblade, there are four types of Keybearing Nobodies:​

    Dusk Key: the standard Keybearing nobody, they are jacks of all trades, they wear a dusk jumpsuit, but without the hood.​

    Berserker Key: Nobodies that exel in combat, they wear a suit that appears similar to a brawler, but has it's head replaced with their head, can use two keyblades.​

    Sorcerer Key: they exel in magic, they normaly wear the robes of a sorcerer nobody.​

    Specialist Key: they have mastered the use of a weapon besides their keyblade.​

    Keybearing Nobodies each have two Keybearing heartless under their command.​

    (if you have read this far, PM me the words you need to type into your first post)​

    Keybearing Heartless:​

    Keybearing heartless are heartless that can use the keyblade, they have no human form, and instead are humaniod versions of any type of heartless imagineable.​

    General OC form:​


    Name: (last only)​

    Gender: (may leave blank if the general has a hidden identiy)​

    Weapon: (can be a keyblade, doesn't have to be though)​



    Appearance: (picture or Detailed description)​


    Keybearing Nobody OC form:​


    Name: (first only)​

    Gender: (male or female)​

    Default Keyblade(s): (what keyblade you keyblade is if there is no keychain attached, Eg. Xion's kingdom key)​


    Type: (dusk, Berserker, Sorcerer, or specialist)​

    Spells: (all nobodies know fire, thunder, blizzard, and cure, other spells like gravity must be listed here)​

    Element: (an element that they control completly, note that extream uses of it will cause them to be exhausted, or even fade away)​

    Appearence: (picture or detailed description)​

    Other: (if specialist, state weapon here)​

    Keybearing heartless OC form:​


    Name: (one word, something simple, like Rock, or Star)​

    Default Keyblade: (I think you get the idea by now)​

    Heartless type: (the type of heartless that they are a humaniod of, the powers of that heartless are present in the character, note that giant heartless will be brought down to size)​

    Personality: ​

    Nobody: (the heartless's nobody it is assigned to serve, you can request a certain one, but you might not always get it)​

    Accepted OC forms

    The name says it all.​


    Username: 9kairi9hearts​
    Name: Eventus Servant
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Default Keyblade(s): Trial by Fire
    Personality: He is a stoic person, and tends to stay away from people, though he is actualy a good natured person
    Type: Knight
    Relations: ???
    Spells Known: only basic
    Element Mastered: fire

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: he has a shadowed past, he declines to state much about it, though he has confided in master Riku

    Username: Heartless_angel
    Name: (first and last please) Mya Strown
    Age: (17-26) 19
    Gender: (male or Female) Female
    Default Keyblade(s): (what keyblade you keyblade is if there is no keychain attached, Eg. Sora's kingdom key) Oathkeeper and Lionheart
    Personality: Very cheerful and spirited. Loves to help people out and teach.
    Type: (knight, guardian, Magican, or Specialist) Guardian
    Relations: (please don't say you are related to someone else's OC without permission) Unknown
    Spells Known: (all Knights know Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Cure, specify if you know a different one, like Gravity, or a spell element you can make reasonable) Curaga and reflectaga
    Element Mastered: (only one element, this one the character has almost full control of, with no loss of magic, (note that extreme amounts of use will cause your character to be exhausted) Light
    Appearance: (picture or very detailed description)

    Username: Coyote Starrk
    Name: Grey Haze
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Default Keyblade: Earth Shaker(Terra's default)
    Personality: Quiet and calm. He's rather light-hearted and rarely changes his mood, even in heated combat. Like many other keybladers, he puts others before himself.
    Type: Guardian
    Relations: Distantly related to the keyblade master known as "Terra" but the two barely knew of each other.
    Spells Known: Aeroga and Quake
    Element Mastered: Earth
    Appearance: (The picture is rather small)
    Other: N/A


    Username: Aura
    Name: Nalani Bennett
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Default Keyblade: Follow the Wind
    Personality: Can sometimes be a bit pushy, impatient, and slightly stubborn, but is normally relaxed. She can come off as a bit shy at first, but opens up fairly quickly. She's always working as hard as she can to master her abilities.
    Master: Grey Haze
    Relations: None.
    Spells Known: Fire and Cure.
    Other: N/A​

    Username: 9Kairi9hearts
    Name: Pondera
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Default Keyblade: Yin Yang
    Personality: A girl with a personality disorder, she has MPD (multiple personality disorder) her normal personality is that of a happy, shy girl, who respects her morals, and will do anything to help her freinds. But her other personality, is that of an evil, sadistic, tratiorus person, who has no respect for honor, or the other values of a keyblade knight.
    Master: Kairi
    Relations: none
    Spells Known: blizzard and fire
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: She was aprenticed to Kairi because she wanted to learn how to use the keyblade, but needed someone up high to watch over her, in case her other personality comes out.

    Username: Protecter212
    Name: Michiru Higarashi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Default Keyblade: Guiding Light
    Personality: Understanding, stubborn and confident
    Master: Eventus Servant
    Relations: Mother
    Spells Known: Fire and Cure
    Other: N/A

    The Dark Master:

    username: 9Kairi9hearts
    Abilities: Completley controls darkness, he can summon up to four keyblades at once
    other: not much is known about the dark master, he is always wearing an organization coat when he appears, even to his own army, when he appears outside of the dark realm, it seems like space itself is bending around him, he has many unknown abilites and powers.


    username: Coyote Starrk
    Name: Serin
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Wields a blade that can be infused with the powers of several elements.
    Powers: Teleportation, inhuman physical strength and speed, can draw in elemental attacks(fire, lightning, ice, air, and light) for use to enhance his sword.
    Personality: Vicious and ill-tempered. Serin may seem like a maniac desperate to rush into a fight headfirst but behind his attitude, he is cautious and calculating.
    Other: None.


    Username: 9Kairi9hearts
    Name: Malum​
    Gender: Male
    Default Keyblade(s): Kingdom Key D (riku/ansem's keyblade made from the hearts of the princesses)
    Personality: evil, maliceful,
    Type: Dusk
    Spells: Dark fire, basic spells

    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Other: declines to state his past, he will do anything to kill as many keybearers of the light as possible, is highly trusted by the dark master.


    Username: Coyote Starrk
    Name: Fade
    Default Keyblade: Guardian Soul
    Heartless type: Neoshadow
    Personality: Silent, unhesitant, merciless, and focused. Fade rarely speaks and lets actions make up for Fade’s lack of words.
    Nobody: Malum​

    Username: 9Kairi9hearts
    Name: Black
    Default Keyblade: Oblivion
    Heartless type: Invisible​
    Personality: simple minded when it comes to thinking, but one of the most skilled keyblading heartless, it understands strategy fairly well, though never ask Black to count anything, it will take an extreamly long time for Black to figure out that one is at the begining.
    Nobody: Malum
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jul 19, 2010, 398 replies, in forum: Retirement Home
  5. 9Kairi9hearts

    KHV dieing?

    I have only recently joined this site, and I have heard a lot about how the site used to be so much better then this, and I was wondering if anyone else thinks that the site may be dieing off?

    (if this is spam, I am sorry, I just wanted this to be posted somewhere that people will stay on topic, if it is spam, then please, by all means, move it, I just wanted an Intelligent discussion about this)
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jul 16, 2010, 130 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  6. 9Kairi9hearts
    So I made a Thread for this web series in the Spam Zone, but it got off topic and spamed, (people decided to talk about which of the main game systems, Wii, Xbox360, and Playstation3) so I want a thread where people will actualy stick to the topic.

    This thread is made to discus your favorite episodes and characters for this series, please, explain why you like something, so that it will not be considered spam.
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jul 4, 2010, 0 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  7. 9Kairi9hearts

    Red Vs Blue

    So I know it is a popular web series, and I found out that two of my RP buddies like it, (we started making RvB references durring Role playing cause one of the character's was named Church) so I was wondering how many of you actualy have seen it, liked it, and have a favorite episode?

    (I love the PSA: Planning to Fail)
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jul 4, 2010, 49 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  8. 9Kairi9hearts
    I have heard somewhere that the average lifespan of a "Great" country or nation is aproximatly 200 years, the country itself may last longer then this, but it's years of being "the best" are usualy about that long, and america is widely considered to be one of the best countries, but it has passed the 200 year mark, and we are now in a reseision, with a president that realy isn't doing that great of a job. So if you have any insight onto this, I would like to hear it.
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jun 30, 2010, 22 replies, in forum: Debate Corner
  9. 9Kairi9hearts
    This thread is where you can advertise anything you what, RP's, Fan fictions, other threads on this site for the most part though.

    Moshimoshi/ultima queen of hearts: Twilight Night:
    Where there are only three active people, and one of them is stuck :)

    If you were part of this RP. please talk to Midnight star, she has a better idea of what is going on than I do

    Here's the link:

    9kairi9hearts RP: Organization Afterlife, where Organization XIII is dead, and they stay that way, but they have a super-cool afterlife to play around with, from killing eachother, over and over again, to making random youtube videos pop up from nowhere.

    Currently short on members of Org. 13

    Here is the Link:

    Creativity Corner

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  10. 9Kairi9hearts
    Ok, so how many of you like it when you see a you tube video making fun of Org. XIII? I'm pretty sure that is a lot of you, so I invented a game.
    Someone posts up a KH amv link, and someone else has to answer them with their own video that they think is better.

    Here is a starter:
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jun 27, 2010, 3 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  11. 9Kairi9hearts

    Organization XIII is dead, and they now find themselves in a strange afterlife. Here there are strange things they never could have dreamed of. Since this world they now live on is nothing, it never was anything, they can edit the world around them with a thought, anything from changing the color of their room, to creating and entire castle from nothingness, all in the blink of an eye.​

    But, over the years, they have gotten bored with peace, and they made a startling discovery. It started with Larxene, she was ticked off at Deymx one day, and killed him, and he disitagrated into darkness like they had done so before. But he came back to life.​

    Now they have invented a game, where they pick two or more "captains" and they pick teams, just like any other sport. They then create a battlefeild, where they summon armies of nobodies, and fight to the death, they have wars that sometimes go on for years, and at the end, they all come back to life, only to do it all over again.​

    Accepted OC forms
    Name: Alchlemist
    Appearence: looks like dusk dressed in a lab coat, with blue markings on it's head, and it weilds a small version of vexen's sheild.
    Powers and Ablilities: can freeze things with the sheild, and launches ice spikes to attack with.
    Member: Vexen

    Name: Brawler
    Appearance: looks like a big gorrila, and has one arm that is bigger then the other, is completly white.
    Powers and abilities: can smash things with it's big arm, and grab small things, like weapons with it's smaller arm, it's big arm can also throw things.
    Member: Lexaeus

    Name(type): La Vie

    Appearance(doesn't have to be a pic): A golden, translucent stag with opaque green vines around its leg.

    Abilities and powers: La Vie can use underground roots and thorns to grab the enemy and has immense speed, strength and stamina. However, they are blind and use the ground for any feeling.

    Org. Member(the leader of this type): Marluxia

    Name: Dasher​

    Appearence: looks like a four-armed dusk, but more feminine looking, it has two strong arms, and two smaller arms.​

    Powers and Abilities: can dash around the battlefeild if hit with electricity, each of it's small arms can weild two weaker versions of Larxene's Kunai.​

    Org. Member: Larxene​

    Name: Ghost​

    Appearence: Looks Just like Namine, exept for the fact that their bodies are completly white.​

    Abilities and Powers: They can become inivisible, and can walk through solid objects when they aren't invisible.​

    Member: Namine​

    Name: Shades

    Appearance: Much like a naga (half humanoid/half serpent) there body is ash black and they have long razor sharp claws, there is a gag over their mouth and they lack eyes though they can still see perfectly.

    Abilities and powers: Control over shadows to strike at foes from afar, close range attack would be constriction and claws

    Org. Member: Zexion (No. 6)

    List of Nobodies for Org members
    • Xemnas- Sorcerer​
    • Xigbar- Sniper​
    • Xaldin- Dragon​
    • Vexen-Alchemist​
    • Lexaeus-Brawler​
    • Zexion-Shades​
    • Saiix- Berserker​
    • Axel- Assasin​
    • Deymx- Dancer​
    • Luxord- Gambler​
    • Murlaxa- La Vie​
    • Larxene- Dasher​
    • Roxas- Samuraii​
    • Namine- Ghost​

    1. No goddmoding or powerplay.
    2. read all the rules.​
    3. have at least two sentences per post, unless you are asking a question or something like that.​
    4. type: "Let's RP" into your first post.​
    5. If you pick an Organization member that doesn't have their own type of nobody servants, (due to being from COM) then you have to come up with your own type of lesser Nobody. There is a Nobody OC form.​
    6. No OC's in this, only characters from the list.​
    7. If you pick a Member of org. 13 that needs an oc form, and you don't post one, then I will make one for you.​
    8. If you have any questions, then PM me​

    These are the different types of battles that the Organization does, I will update these over time, (note, if your character is captain of team A, then you will get to pick one of these, or make your own game)​

    • Each team starts at their base
    • the goal is to kill the entire other team
    • there is no re-spawning in this, the dead members will show up in the lobby, and can do whatever they want, aside from re-joining the battle.

    Two flag capture the flag:
    • Each team has a flag, and the idea is to capture the other team's flag, and bring it back to yours.
    • if a member of Org. XIII (or Namine) dies, they instantly re-spawn at their "base" (that is where the flag is)
    • they can't move their own flag, only the enimies.
    • No long-range teleporting (in a battle, it is okay to teleport behind the enemy, if they have that power, but not going strait to the base)
    One flag Capture the flag​
    • The same as 2 flag CTF, exept for the fact that their is only one flag, in the middle of the map, which the teams fight for.​
    • same rules about respawning and teleporting​
    • The base is the same place where your team's flag would be for 2 flag CTF​

    Maps are the areas that the battles (or other types of games) will take place in, each map has to have at least two 'Base points' (where each team will start) The base points can have multiple uses depending on what game the organization is playing.

    Classic twilight town:
    • Is exactly like twilight town in KH2 (the trains don't work though)​
    • One team starts in the sandlot​
    • The other team starts at the clock tower (also known as the train station)​
    • If there is a third team, then they start at Sunset hill, but to get there, they need to use the tunnels, not the train station​
    • if there are four teams, then the fourth team will start at the usual spot​

    classic world that Never was:
    • is exactaly like the world that never was in KH2
    • one team starts at the top of the castle (where Xemnas was worshiping kingdom hearts)
    • the other team starts at the skyscraper of memories (where Roxas appears to sora the first time, also where Roxas and Riku fought)
    • If there is a third team, then they start where Sora, Kairi, and Riku met up, (it overlooks Xigbar's battle area)

    Xemnas- Adamboy7​

    Xigbar- Cicandakiller (temp re-assigned to Hellkitten)​

    Xaldin- Temporarily assigned to KH2man13​

    Vexen- Cicandakiller (Temp re-assigned to )​

    Lexaeus-Cicandakiller (Temp re-assigned to )​

    Zexion-Cicandakiller (Temp re-assigned to )​




    Luxord- Temporarily assigned to KH2man13​

    Murlaxa- Hellkitten​


    Roxas- 9kairi9hearts​

    Namine-MandyxRiku4ever(temporarily re-assigned to: Hellkitten)​

    I know that Namine isn't a member of organization XIII, but she was a nobody, and this is the Nobody afterlife.

    Nobody OC form

    (only for Members that don't have their own type of lesser nobody already)
    (I will help you make one if you need help, just PM me)​


    Appearance(doesn't have to be a pic):​

    Abilities and powers:​

    Org. Member(the leader of this type):​

    Here is a list of Organization members, if your character doesn't have a listed lesser nobody on here, then you need to make one:

    EDIT: I have changed the wording in a few places to make it clearer, I will also make the OC form for anyone who doesn't want to bother with it.​
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jun 25, 2010, 148 replies, in forum: Retirement Home
  12. 9Kairi9hearts
    Chapter One:
    Sora jumped back from Xemnas, Riku and the King next to him, “how many times has Xemnas come back from the dead now?” he asked.

    Riku laughed, and pointed his keyblade at Xemnas, “I think we are on seven or eight,” he said.

    The King said nothing, and leaped at Xemnas, keyblade reverse-gripped in his hands. Sora and Riku followed him, each using their own fighting styles.

    Xemnas shot a wave of black and white thorns from his hands, “this time I will finally end you, now that Organization XIII has fully harnessed the Power of Kingdom hearts!”

    Xemnas swept his arms back, standing over the white castle world that was directly below a gigantic red heart floating in the black sky, lighting flashing all around. Fighting was breaking out all over the newly made “World that Always Was.” Kairi and Namine were fighting Laxerine, each wielding flowery keyblades, red for Kairi, white for Namine. Roxas and Xion were battling as well, Roxas with Oathkeeper and Oblivion, Xion with a Kingdom Key. Yuffie was in combat with Zexion, and Leon was fighting Saiix.

    Cloud was exchanging blows with Lexanus. Donald and Goofy were battling Deymx. Sid was flying around in a gummi ship, blasting away at Xaldin, who was ridding on a massive dragon nobody. Tifa was beating up Luxord, and Aerith was fighting Vexen. Axel was engaged in heated combat with Murlaxa. And a legion of all of Sora's friends and allies battled Xigbar, along with a massive army of Heartless and Nobodies of all sorts.

    Xemnas grinned, “your insignificant attack will not destroy me this time, and Kingdom Hearts has seen fit to restore me for an eleventh time,” he said.

    The King stopped, “but you've only been revived ni-” he was cut off by a laser sword hitting him.

    “KING!” Sora and Riku cried out, as Mickey flew through the air, and hit the ground, hard.

    Riku ran over to the King, but Sora continued to fight Xemnas. Sora slashing with the Ultima Weapon, Xemnas using his laser-swords and twilight powers


    Roxas brought up Oathkeeper and Oblivion, blocking Xion's keyblade, “Xion, stop! I don't want to hurt you!” he said.

    Xion's face was filled with rage, “HURT ME?! YOU ALREADY HURT ME! WHAT IS WITH YOU AND THAT BLONDE CHICK?!” she screamed, sending a ball of fire from the tip of her Kingdom Key.

    Roxas deftly back-flipped out of the way, “Xion, please, you died, and Namine-” he was cut off.

    “I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! YOU'RE ALWAYS LIKE, NAMINE THIS, NAMINE THAT! I'M TIRED OF IT!” Xion yelled in rage, bringing her keyblade up to slash at Roxas's face.

    Roxas leaned backwards, avoiding the keyblade, “Xion, you have to listen to me, Xemnas is manipulating you! Just like he did when we fought in twilight town!” he yelled.

    “I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!” Xion replied, and charged in with her Kingdom Key.


    Murlaxa was angry, real angry, “I thought I was the treacherous one! Not you!” he shouted to Axel.

    “Yeah, you missed my glory days of traitorism, I actually helped the keyblade master!” he yelled back, “and I still am!”

    “I can see that,” Murlaxa muttered.


    Simba leaped at a Twilight thorn, clawing at it's eyes, and Tarzan was stabbing at it's foot with his spear. Mulan ran through a crowd of Samurai nobodies, slashing with her sword. Aladdin, Auron, and Jack Sparrow were back to back, trying to fend off Xigbar with their swords, while he blasted his arrow guns at them.

    Hercules was busy rolling a Darkside up into a ball, and Stitch ran through the battlefield, blasting away with his guns, shooting countless nobodies and heartless. The beast tackled a Behemoth heartless, grappling with it's horn.

    Jack Skellington used his claws to destroy countless heartless, but more continued to rise up from the shadows. Peter Pan flew around the battlefield, and struck at flying warp-snipers, who were shooting at the battlers below.


    Cloud jumped back a few feet, dodging Lexanus's blow with the Tomahawk, they were battling on a platform that jutted out from the main castle, only a bridge keeping it from falling into the darkness below. Lexanus charged forward, dashing accrossed the platform, and smashing his Tomahawk into the ground where Cloud had been a second ago. “Not going to get me that easy,” Cloud said from above him, and brought his sword down to meet the Tomahawk.


    Kairi blocked the flying kunai with her keyblade, while Namine ran forward and slashed her keyblade at a Laxerine clone, which dispersed into sparks, but another one rose up in it's place. Kairi and Namine slashed and fought to their hardest, destroying Laxerine clones with every slash of their blades, but the real Laxerine kept making more, and they were getting tired. A kunai flew out of one of the Laxerine clones, lightly scratching along Namine's face, leaving a cut accrossed her cheek.

    Namine put her hand over her cheek, “Kairi, we aren't going to win if she keeps this up, we have to think of something else!” she said.

    Kairi back-flipped out of the way of a kunai, and landed back-to-back with Namine, “oh, really, and what do you have planned?” she asked.

    Namine continued to fight, “uh... you have a point there,” she said.


    Goofy fell over backwards, he had been hit by a flying water form, “gosh! Deymx, don't you think if you didn't hit people so much, that they might appreciate your singing?” he said.

    Deymx ignored him, and played another tune, “dance water, dance!” he shouted, and one hundred forms rose up and attacked Donald and Goofy, while he began to count off seconds. “sixty, fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven...”

    Donald shot a blast of thunder, destroying some of the forms, “why did we have to fight him?” he wondered aloud.


    Leon rushed in, meeting Saiix's attack with a block from the gun-blade. A screech of metal on metal, or more precisely, gun-blade on claymore, split the battlefield. “You're good, but not good enough,” Leon said, as he and Saiix grappled with their weapons in a deadlock.

    Saiix just looked calmly at him, “you are a fool for resisting us, we have already freed Kingdom Hearts from it's prison, and it now is absorbing power, soon we will not only have our hearts, but be the rulers of the universe,” he said.

    Leon groaned, “quit it with the monolog!" he yelled, swiping the gun-blade at Saiix's head.


    In cyberspace, another battle was raging, Tron, along with digital copies of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Leon's gang were infiltrating the computer system of The World That Always Was, though the stealth part of their mission had failed, they were still trying to shut down the power drain from Kingdom Hearts into the main power supply. If they could do that, then the entire fortress would begin to self destruct.

    Tron jumped back, the data clones were not exactly smart, but neither were the cyber-guards they were fighting. “Defense formation A-31B!” he shouted, sending a pre-programed battle order to the data clones, and they immediately began to defend him.

    Tron began to hack down the firewalls of the computer mainframe.


    Chuck Norris watched the High-def TV, while he beat up several ninjas with one hand holding a cheeseburger he was eating. The TV was showing one of his favorite commercials, one with him in it!
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jun 23, 2010, 3 replies, in forum: Archives
  13. 9Kairi9hearts
    I was pondering this, does anyone have a clear answer to this question?
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Jun 4, 2010, 14 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  14. 9Kairi9hearts
    The Genservant Chronicles
    The great warrior of fire, The lost wanderer of fate, Genservant has had many adventures, some new, some old, but they all need telling, from his part in the legendary war of the nobodies, to the simple defeat of a stray monster here or there, This is his story.

    Genservant's Beginning
    A long time ago, much longer than anyone could remember, an experiment was performed on what would happen to a person when their soul was split, there were eight subjects in all, seven women, and one man. After the procedure only one of the subjects stabilized, the seven others were scattered to millions of pieces, seven of those pieces manifested themselves in young children, all of them girls. But that is for another story.
    As for the man, he was split into three distinct people, one that manifested his bravery and honor, one that kept his ferocity in battle, and one that formed as a complete opposite in every physical way. Two of them were given names relating to who they had become, the first one kept the name of the original subject, then they were placed in stasis pods, where they have slept peaceful in darkness since their origins.
    Little did the scientists behind these experiments know that a cataclysmic event would rock the universe, as the door to a magical realm known only as Kingdom Hearts was opened. This caused the three to be shot forward in time, many years later Genservant opened his eyes, and looked out upon the nothingness that was his new home, and he waited, unsure of who he was, having only a name, and a sword. How could he have known what his destiny would bring him too?
    This is the beginning, before Genservant's great adventures, at this time he is a simple boy with power over fire, and a lost past to search through. Books usually start in the beginning, as does Genservant's story.
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, May 25, 2010, 2 replies, in forum: Archives
  15. 9Kairi9hearts

    The Epic War

    The stability of the universe is fading, and massive portals have been opening up, and sucking entire worlds into a new dimension, mostly made up of nothingness, it has been a refuge to dead nobodies for centuries, the entire orginization 13 was reborn here, and they made a kingdom out of the lesser nobodies. But now, with all of the instability, this dimension has become a battleground, with armies from not only the kingdom hearts universe, but many others, have been sucked here, along with small peices of their worlds. They are all fighting, trying to claim this new land for themselves, with the nobodies caught up in the middle.​

    No goddmodding
    No Powerplay
    include all elements I ask for in the OC forms
    unless you can give a good reason not to
    Follow the 20 word per post rule
    Put the word Afganistand into
    your first post to show you
    have read this
    three strikes and you are out​

    Quick note:
    in this RP you don't control just one character,
    you control the whole group you bring in with the OC Form​

    OC form:
    Group name:
    Originated: (the movie, game, book, ect. that this group comes from)
    Characters: (yes, I do mean plural you will control a group of people per OC)
    Soldier: (the basic type of soldier/servants this group uses EX: nobodies have the dusks)
    Leader: (the character that is the head of your group)
    Leader pic:
    Soldier pic:
    History: (how your group got into the new dimension)

    Sample OC:​

    Group name: Nobodies
    Originated: Kingdom Hearts series
    Characters: Laxerine, Demyx, Saiix, Xigbar, Xaldin, Axel, Xion, Zexion, Lexanus, Vexen, Xemnas, Murlaxa, Luxord
    Soldier: Dusk nobodies
    Leader: Xemnas
    Leader pic:
    Soldier pic:
    History: when they died, the nobodies came here.
    Other: Each orginisation Member has their own special powers​
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  16. 9Kairi9hearts
    What is your favorite Gummi ship? Name and design is what I am looking for.

    Example: My favorite is called Twilight's Curse, with a black and white design, and it looks similar to the Highwind, exept for the fact that it has a few extra wings, a different cockpit, and a lot more weaponds.
    Thread by: 9Kairi9hearts, Apr 24, 2010, 15 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  17. 9Kairi9hearts

    The Unified

    The story:
    It is two years after the events of Kingdom hearts 2.
    The Unified, a group of darkness to the purest extent, it's members count is in the thousands, and they are made up of not only Nobodies, but Heartless, and other, even more sinister forms of darkness as well. They are on a mission to capture all of the world hearts, and use them to re-create members of Org. XIII.
    Leon and the other denizens of Radiant Garden have formed an army to face this new, more powerful threat.​

    no godmoding
    keep romance in PG 13
    either PM me if you want a character, or fill out an OC form
    PM me if you have a question​

    OC form:
    Side: (Radiant Garden, Unified, neutral)
    Home world:

    Radiant Garden:
    Riku- rikuroxas99
    The King-
    Yuffie-Ego Imperium


    Example OCs:
    Name: Mallum
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Side: Unified
    Home World: Realm of Darkness
    Other: is a junior member of the Unified, it is his personal assignment of destroying any Keyblade weilder, by any means necasary.​

    Name: Favian
    Age: 24
    Gender: male
    side: Radiant Garden
    Home world: Destiny Islands
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Other: is a gummi Pilot, also likes to carry his favorite pistol with him all the time.​
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  18. 9Kairi9hearts
    I can make images of KH-themed things, if you folow these guidlines:
    1. be polite when asking
    2. be very specific
    3. make shure that you give me credit if you use my images
    4. again, be very specific, or I will make whatever I feel like
    5. only one at a time, no asking for eight or nine at once.
    I can also edit images:
    1. post the image you would like me to edit
    2. be very specific
    3. be polite when asking
    thank you!
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  19. 9Kairi9hearts
    How far does this ocean go?
    How far will it's currents take us?

    How far will this go?
    How far will a silly raft take us?


    How far to the worlds?
    How far will they take us?


    How far does his heart stretch?
    How far can it take us?


    How far away can he get?
    How far will this key take us?


    How far will a bottle reach?
    How far will it's message take us?
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  20. 9Kairi9hearts
    A dark figure walked along the crumbling white corridor, his shoes clicking softly against the metalic floor. "He is awakend my master," said the dark figure, bowing to a screen on the wall.​

    A faint buzzing came from the cracked screen, "yes master, I will deal with him." the dark figure answered.​

    Rising to his feet, the Dark figure walked away from the screen, and then summoned a portal of darkness. "He will not escape me." were the dark figure's last words before walking through the shadowed portal.
    Chapter one
    Nakushita Opened his eyes, but something wasn't right. There was a cracked glass right in front of his face; trying to move, he discovered that he was trapped in a pod of some sort. Then, with a sudden burst of claustraphobia he punched and kicked at the glass until it broke, and he fell out.

    Where am I? he wondered, no, who am I? he corrected himself; having no memory of his life, or where he was. The only thing he knew was that his name was Nakushita.

    Looking around at his surroundings, Nakushita discovered that he was in some sort of control room, with a lot of computers and machinery. Stepping forward on the cold metal floor, he looked around at some of the equipment, it looked like it hadn't been touched in years. Wow this place is freaky, he thought.

    Walking over to a dust-covered screen, he touched it. To his supprise a image popped up, of a row of pods like the one he had been in. "Odd," he said, the first word he had spoken since he had emerged from the pod, his voice supprised him, it was raspy from lack of use.

    Just then a message popped up on the screen, looking at it Nakushita gasped, the message read:
    Heartless embryo pods failing,
    heartless will be released!

    "What the heck is a heartless?" Nakushita said, just as the first pod on the screen let out a huge blast of mist, when it cleared there was a visious looking black creature laying in the pod, then the process repeated itself seven more times, until there were eight open pods with stirring monsters in them.

    Then the first creature opened it's eyes, it's horrible, yellow eyes. Then it shot up so fast that it was a blur, when it settled down again, Nakushita was able to see it clearly, a seven foot tall humanoid monster with twitching antenna and gleaming black claws. Soon, all eight were prowling around their room, then one jerked it's horrible head up, antenna twitching, and leaped at the wall, pounding it with its claws.

    Horrified, Nakushita looked at the wall next to him, which had just dented out. Then he dashed away, towards a door on the opposite side of the room, just as the other creatures started banging away on the wall as well.
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