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  1. heart of twilight

    Best MGS game

    Now that all "metal gear" games have been released, which one was the best? All of them are marvelous of course but which one stood out the most, which one did literally kick the most ass? Being a huge fan of the series I must say that MGS4 was the most spectacular one. It was a rush from the beginning to the end. There was something about the character being an old man that really gave this game a lot more of something. Even though MGS3 was also one hell of a game. "The cobra unit" rocked. But that's just my opinion. Now I want to know what your opinions are.
    Thread by: heart of twilight, Apr 2, 2009, 13 replies, in forum: Gaming
  2. heart of twilight
    Who is in your opinion the best fighter in the Soul calibur series? Mine is Killik bcuz he's ez and fun to play as.
    Thread by: heart of twilight, Sep 8, 2008, 24 replies, in forum: Gaming
  3. heart of twilight
    who would win in a battleroyal. Personally I think that after a hard battle the jedi would be victourius. Mainly because of their lightsabers that should be able to slice through the enemies weapon.
    Thread by: heart of twilight, Sep 5, 2008, 4 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone